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"...continues to give me consistently profitable trading results"

I have been a subscriber to the 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report  for a long time and truly believe the Berg method is one of the best around.

It is a rule based method, with the philosophy to restrict losses and let profits run, which continues to give me consistently profitable trading results.

The report is an excellent publication and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the share market, especially newcomers.”

Bill Langford, Private Trader,Kenmore, QLD Feb 2017

The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. Please seek  independent financial advice before you decide if this is appropriate for you. Refer also to the full Customer Caution Notice in our Terms and Conditions 

" really appreciate your calls "

Hi John and Jim, 

Just want to thank you both for your work on your last newsletter in particular.  Seeing your logs for most of this year certainly hit home, especially as I was one of those who elected to keep trading. 

Although I tightened my stops, of course I would have been better just not attempting to trade through the downswings, especially October/November. 

Anyway, really appreciate your calls - as I gain more experience, I will pay more attention to them! 

Best to all,

Tanya Mandelberg, Private Trader, Sydney, Nov 2016

The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. Please seek  independent financial advice before you decide if this is appropriate for you. Refer also to the full Customer Caution Notice in our Terms and Conditions 

"Many years of benefit and satisfaction"

" I have benefitted greatly from the wealth of information and for the education I have received from Jim's system and your weekly Report over many years. 

I have found Jim’s system to be brilliant and as long as I followed 'the rules’ rigidly it's provided many years of benefit and satisfaction.
I will remain grateful for having discovered your web site and for the education I have received over the years.
Thank you for the persistent hard work that has gone into making this web site so successful and helpful."
Stephen Crew, private trader, Perth, WA, December 2016
A former District Court Judge and Order of Australia Member writes:

Thank you John and Jim, 

Markets of all kinds trend.They go up. They go down. They go sideways They flow freely and they frequently surprise. As a wise American trader once said it is like standing at the waters edge , watching the waves coming in and going out again. No-one can predict the start or the end of any trend. Until it takes place and and becomes a matter of record where it  can be seen it is always an unknown quantity. 

In the past your Signals Service has alerted me to profitable up trends in the companies it has selected.They have also stopped me out at the right time too. 

Although the ASX is still technically in a bull market my dual simple moving averages lines are moving closer and closer to crossover time and I was not surprised when you told us to ignore the signals for trading purposes and just paper trade for the duration.

Foolishly I ignored this warning a bit back and bought two parcels ......and watched with baited breath while they tracked sideways.

Thankfully the announcement of your new 10% Hard Stop loss brought me to my senses. I sold at once on reading the last newsletter and at a profit. Had I waited for the new stop to work, it would have resulted in a loss. 

To me the preservation of capital is all important, even more important than profits.

Once its gone my trading days are over and self-esteem too. 

Thanks for this timely warning. I promise not to rise to the bait again until the time is right.

Yours, KN

Kingsley Newman, Private Investor & Trader, Adelaide, SA, October 2016

Performance Caution: Direct investing in the stock market can result in financial loss. The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com's ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. 

"...we get to learn and apply an actual system that really works .."

" Hi Jim,

I have been interested in this area for a long time and had heard of you a number of years ago.

I only wish I had been more proactive and made that particular choice back then. It would have cost me far less and I believe I would have been much further down the road.

However those things are in the past, learn from it and move on. I am very impressed with all that I have read to date and I will be signing up for the Metastock Home Study course in the next few days.

I like your KISS approach to matters and the fact that we get to learn and apply an actual system that really works rather than at a beginner level trying to make up some system that may or may not work

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge."

Stephen L, private trader, Ballarat, Vic, June 2016
A former District Court Judge & Order of Australia Member writes:
" Jim, delighted to see you featuring in the latest ASX newsletter.
Very well written if you don't mind me saying so and as usual it is of great use to me in trying to work out where we are at the moment.
The information I get from your weekly reports and yearly training sessions provides the basic rules for me in everything I have done in the stock market for many years now.
I had been with a number of educators before finding you and John, but in every case, much of what they taught simply did not ring true and was sometimes even illogical.
From the moment I came across you and your methods, everything clicked into place. I couldn't survive without your help. It is invaluable.
I greatly admire the way you fine tune the system as the market shifts ground and constantly bless the day I found you. I would have given up ages ago if it was not for your guidance.
My profound thanks to you both"
Kingsley Newman AM, Private Investor, Adelaide, SA, June 2016
"I always leave with extra knowledge and ideas"

" Once again, the workshop was very well presented and enjoyable. 

It is always useful to revise the basics and no matter how much I think
I know, I always leave with extra knowledge and ideas.”
Ross Sellens, retired GP & private trader, Sandy Bay, Tas. May 2016
"Outstanding, Keeping it Very Simple"

" Just been catching up on the E-Class videos. I have found them to be outstanding, keeping it very simple. 

In particular I have found the Pivot Point lecture very good. I was not always confident in this area and this has a made a difference to my interpretation. 

Using the Blue Bar Alert has reduced my time in finding the right stock. 

I have also found the explanation in the section on Stops also very beneficial. Especially the explanation on the 'Adjusted Stop'.
By watching Jim do the explanation on video makes it all that much clearer, than trying to comprehend the explanation in a written document." 
Peter Fox, Private Trader, Grovely, QLD, May 2016
" Somehow, I always seem to come back to a core way of trading, that is Jim Berg based"

I am pleased to have rejoined.  I'm keen to go through the training again as a refresher, along with keeping up with market events through the newsletter.

I have used Jim's methods for years. I like his system, and found it to be a core method of trading for me.

I have learned and worked others systems in my personal trading journey, and somehow, I always seem to come back to a core way of trading, that is Jim Berg based....so now is a good time to do a refresher of his entire work.

Janie Haddleton, Private Trader, Broomehill, WA, April 2016
"I think it is the most consistently profitable system available"

As a general comment on the extra 12 E- Classes, I think they are a good logical process to learn Jim’s method one step at a time. 

I have used Jim’s method for a number of years now.

I think it is the most consistently profitable system available. 

Bill Langford, private trader, Kenmore,Qld, April 2016
"Bite-sized chunks of information presented clearly"

“ We both think the supplementary E-Classes are very good.

They are bite-sized chunks of information presented clearly (and what effort it must have taken!) 

Jim is speaking slowly and clearly. 

If someone were to do the associated reading, the e-classes a few times and practice the tools then they would be able to grasp the essentials of the System.

Thanks for your help!"

Bonita Croft, Private Trader and Investor, Sydney, March 2016
“ Ideal for new members to learn the system in a clear way”

" Jim, re your latest E-Class: It’s very clear and easy to understand and will be very helpful. I'm looking forward to watching the rest and making sure I stay sharp with the system.

It's ideal for new members to learn the system in a clear way.

It's a great tool and summary of how each element of the trading system works. I think it's a great addition to your resources.  

In a word, it's FANTASTIC.

Looking forward to continuing the journey."

Jake Basger, Private Trader, Sydney, March 2016
“All in all this is probably the style of video we will all revisit….”

“ Re E-Class #2. The video is to the point and non ambiguous. The emphasis on a rule based system is paramount, and is articulated well.  Displaying how one can use temporary weakness within a major trend was demonstrated simply enough.

Re-emphasising the specifics in the use of stops is great.

Pointing out that it is the use of probability and not prediction should help those that are searching for a Seer or Guru. Goodness knows that is what I was looking for in the early stages.

All in all this is probably the style of video we will all revisit to assist us to stay grounded and reaffirm the basics. Well done!”

Adrian Tench, Private Trader, Riverdale, WA, March 2016
"...an invaluable tool..."

" Many thanks, your weekly ' Investing & Online Trading'  Stock Market Report has been a great influence on and an invaluable tool in the development of my trading system and style, something I now wish I had done when I first discovered your work back in 2006.

Nice to have a bit of integrity in an industry renowned for the opposite."

H Gregson, Private Trader, Sydney NSW. July 2015
"Top quality learning tool"

" I would  like to compliment the whole team at ShareTradingEducation.com

Your weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' Stock Market Report is a top quality learning tool.

The real time examples are something to be proud of. "

Stephen Dunn, private trader, Victoria, June 2015
“You did a great job of providing clarity when we needed help..”

“ The weekend was very stimulating.... Everything was amazing.

It felt more like I was invited rather than paying to come.

The four of you made us feel as though nothing was too much trouble.

Such attention to detail in every area and lovely friendly family atmosphere.   

You did a great job of providing clarity when we needed help to understand some of the more complicated material, and all questions were answered with kindness and respect. Thank you again for a lovely weekend.” 

Lesley, Brisbane, Queensland, Graduate of Jim Berg’s Trading Academy, May 2015
“It's a pity I did not have the self-confidence and belief to follow your advice when it really mattered.”

" Dear Jim,

Firstly may I apologize for being a pain in the arse during your lectures.

You were by far the best educator on how to invest in the market I have listened to.  It's a pity I did not have the self-confidence and belief to follow your advice when it really mattered.

Up to June 2007 I was travelling pretty well, but made another of my fatal mistakes in life when in December 2007 and got fully invested, right at the time of your indicator to be cautious.

I could not take the losses I was facing right from the start, which would have been the correct thing to do, but held on wishing and hoping all the way to the bottom. I lost most of my capital.

My remaining capital was not enough to live off by being an active trader under your strategy, so I turned to trading shorter term. I tried FX, gold and recently Options in the US. I got burnt by FX and Gold but did very well in Options during 2012 / 2013 until April 2013 when I gave it all back.

Now I only have peanuts for trading capital and am on the pension, ( I got a $4 rise last week and nearly threw  a party to celebrate ). So for some people matters do not always turn out well.

The purpose for this note is to thank you for showing me the right path. Please keep up the good work. You are a good man." 

Harold O., Private Trader, Adelaide, SA, April 2015
"..my confidence and knowledge have grown enormously"

Hi guys,

Let me start off by saying how great the 'Stock of the Week' exercises are.

Not only do they allow me to practice what we are learning, but it also inspires me to try different entry and exit strategies and back test them at the same time,

I haven't found the ultimate foolproof system yet.... but my confidence and knowledge have grown enormously, whilst at the same time learning what does and doesn't work.

I also find the 'Solving Your Trading Problems'  segment another very excellent section of your weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report. Thank you!

Richard Harrison, Private Trader, Hillman, WA, July 2014
“Gems of Wisdom”

“I am a Member of Jim Berg's weekly Report and have done Jim’s MetaStock Home Study Course in the past.   

I have been trying to get to Jim's weekend event for a few years now and in the past something has always cropped up to prevent my attendance.   
I now wish that I had rearranged my priorities. I found that the weekend  really consolidated all that I had learnt (and also a lot that I didn’t think I knew).
In the past I have done other courses and subscribed to other newsletters.  I have found that Jim’s method of trading suits my temperament the best.  The first days step by step demonstration Jim’s methods and John’s talk on money management were extremely enlightening.
The second day of hands on experience running through example after example really gave me confidence on how to apply those methods.  
I had trialled OracleScan in the past but never really understood where I could gain a benefit from it.  Jim really opened my eyes on how to apply it to his methods and I now look at it as an indispensable tool.  
It has shortened the daily routine dramatically and also given me the confidence that I have the fundamental analysis right.
There were certainly a few gems of wisdom that I picked up that I hadn’t heard before. 

It was also good to socialise and pick up a few tips from other traders as well. 

I now feel much more confident in my ability to trade in the future and this weekend will now become a regular event on my calendar.”    

I now feel much more confident in my ability to trade in the future and this weekend will now become a regular event on my calendar.”    
Ross Sellens, Almost retired GP and Private Trader, Tasmania, May 2014
"Better than ever ... another great learning experience"

Hi John & Jim, 

Boot Camp 2014 was better than ever.  The new HANDS-ON session (most of day 2) was a great addition to the program, and was the highlight for me and many other attendees judging by the comments during the breaks. 

The session on ORACLE SCAN was also impressive.  Jim’s new scans and review process made my daily routine very quick.  It actually takes longer to boot up the computer and download the data and open the program than it does to go through Jim’s new review checklist! 

The only way it could be faster is to get the information before I downloaded the data!  Oh – I forgot – the new signal service would actually do that.  

Best yet – and still able to come up with something new and interesting – I know – because this must have been around the 7th boot camp for me. 

Jim always manages to keep pushing the boundaries to make the investment process better – using new technology/programs to make it easier and faster ... but still the SAME system I started using over 10 years ago with Jim’s book – The Share Trader’s Handbook (I still have the “advanced” signed copy!) – which he wrote in 2002. 

Another great learning experience – Thanks: Jim, John, Angela, & Catherine.

...still Trading with Jim Berg's  “Weight-of-Evidence”.

Phillip McGregor, Private Trader, Sydney, May 2014
"I liked Catherine’s easy to understand way of explaining"

 “ I have read work from others on Trading Psychology, but it was mostly extremely complicated and difficult, and left me feeling worn out.

I liked Catherine’s easy to understand way of explaining a very involved and detailed topic (perhaps she talks the same language as me as she is female!) but anyway – she got across points I have heard before, but found difficult to relate to and have it explained in a way that the information can be used.

Thank you Catherine  for your dedicated efforts to assisting traders!“

Janie Haddleton, private trader in Western Australia, April 2014
"It would normally take a few years of research & back- testing to build a trading system and then have confidence to apply in the market."

 “ Since 1989, I’ve been learning continually, studying trading and trading - and really enjoyed Jim’s presentation last night.  

I thought it was also great for new people who came along as it rendered down - the mass of information and techniques that is/are out there - to a trading system that effectively uses the ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ to determine when to trade/invest or not to trade/invest.
It would normally take a few years of research & back- testing to build a trading system and then have confidence to apply in the market.
This is very important for people new to trading/investing. They should not just throw money at the market."
Alexander Josephs, Private Trader, Brisbane ATAA and Seminar Attendee, March 2014
"...some spectacular failures on my own by NOT using Jim's system."

 "I would just like to say that Jim's "Weight Of Evidence" trading strategy is brilliant and I don't know why I haven't pursued this in the past (I was a former member). I guess I just wanted to do it my way.

I have had some good successes and also some spectacular failures on my own by NOT using Jim's system. I am still standing, however and propose to trade with Jim's "Weight Of Evidence"  for quite some time to come.

Apart from knowing precisely when to enter and exit a trade another very important factor for me is knowing when not to enter a trade. I have for far too long been chasing trades near the top of a trading range and suffered from poor results as a consequence.

Jim's "Weight Of Evidence" perfectly suits my style and it is very robust yet very simple."

Alex Africh, private trader, Sydney, NSW, February 2014
" ...there are a lot of rogues out there...."

“ I think your price is very fair for what you provide and I appreciate everything Jim, yourself and the team have given to me. 

I think you are one of the most honest providers out there, as are your contributors.   

As you will be well aware there are a lot of rogues out there and if asked I always try and direct people to look at your website."

Steve Andrewes, Full Time Trader, Palmerston North, NZ, February 2014

Thumbs up to the Introduction of Jim Berg’s ‘Stock of the Week’

 Hi John, 

I recently took the $1 trial of your Report and found Jim Berg’s  ‘Weight of Evidence’ approach appealing.  

I decided to upgrade and continue with the Report for two reasons: 

1) Educational exercises, like "How to Filter Expert Picks" 

2) The fact that Jim’s  caution is keeping me out of the market when I shouldn’t be there and saving my valuable trading capital.  

Thumbs up to the introduction of Jim Berg’s ‘Stock of the Week’ exercise which adds extra value & education and confirms to me I made the right decision in continuing my subscription!     

Thanks and regards,

Gary Weiss, SMSF Investor, Sydney, March 2014
Using 'Stock of the Week' Template

 Hi John, 

Have been using this new tool for practice and have found it to be very reaffirming of what I have learned. 

Thanks for devising and supplying same, along with Jim's follow up. I have been feeling quite 'out of the money' since the caution has come on.... and this extra service on your behalf helps me feel that I am getting something useful in the interim....

T'is amazing how quickly you forget the system and how rusty one's skills become when you are not trading!

Thanks again,


Michael Jacovou, Private Trader, Sarsfield, Victoria, March 2014
This is excellent value and quality work.

Re: Jim Berg's home study course 'Trading Strategies for MetaStock'

"This is a comprehensive guide that takes you step by step through a 2 day trading strategies workshop using Metastock software. This is excellent value and quality work.

The workbook is well set out with clear screen shots of the processes under discussion..... The full coding steps for all indicators are included, along with detailed explanation of how the strategies are implemented" 


Daryl Guppy, CEO GuppyTraders.com, Darwin, 2006
Louise Bedford is the author of 'Trading Secrets' & 'Secrets of Candlestick Charting'. (Extract follows from her foreword of Jim Berg's 'Stock Trading Handbook' )

" When I initially started speaking on the share market lecture circuit, I kept hearing about a man called Jim Berg. In this surprisingly small industry, when a true professional cements his presence, it doesn’t take long for the word to travel. All that I ever heard in relation to Jim was positive.

I decided to investigate. As I found out, Jim Berg is a former broker, private trader and lecturer with over 25 years experience in the investment industry. Jim has appeared on CNBC Asia and Market Wrap and has been a guest speaker at the Australian Stock Exchange, the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australian Technical Analysts Association. After hearing all of these rave reports, I finally met the man and we immediately developed a good friendship.

Jim’s obvious credentials complement his passion for training. Not only does he have the knowledge about how to trade effectively, but Jim also has the rare gift of being able to impart trading concepts in ways that have helped both novice and experienced traders alike. Jim was a schoolteacher for eight years before embarking on his career in the stock market, and it is clear that his teaching qualification and former experience have stood him in good stead."

Louise Bedford, Author, Melbourne, 2006
Father and daughter, 14 years old - youngest trader at 2013 Boot Camp!

" John, Just wanted to say both Tara and I really enjoyed the Boot Camp. I feel it’s given us a very good foundation from which to launch our trading adventures. 

Knowing we have your support for a further 12 months and we will be getting a DVD copy of the sessions makes all the difference. 

I’m getting Tara to focus on the weekly strategy while I focus on the daily strategy. She keeps a journal of her observations of the trends and your newsletter comments. 

So thanks to both yourself and Jim once again.” 

Peter Paice, Private Trader, Padbury, WA, June 2013
"Comfortably Consistent Earner ….. an (earning) ‘job for life!"

 “ Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve been through the whole trading ‘gambit’, including large profits and even larger losses, struggling to pick price turning points and associated entry and exit points, top-down and bottom-up analysis including fundamentals, using ever more intricately detailed (“……this is the winner……”!)  indicators and strategies. But with the increasing market volatility, my trading performance deteriorated even further. 

I simplified my strategy to the barest minimum and it seems to have worked such that over the last 9 months or so I have been slowly but inexorably and week by week consistently clawing my way back from net capital losses amounting to more than 50%. 

I have not become your ‘tear away’ market millionaire, just a comfortably consistent earner, currently (and quickly in the current market) clawing back the accumulated losses endured over the last 15 years or so of trying.  Once I ‘pop’ out of the capital loss tunnel into the sunshine of net accumulating profits I’m hoping I’ll be able to ‘soiree into the sunset’, earning a sustaining living as I go! 

I put this turnaround all down to Jim and the imparting of his advice, experience and wisdom at the talks and  seminars I’ve attended and your ‘Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report  in ‘covering the field and its action’, and calming my approach to be less frenetic  (trying to catch turning points etc) and to be more business-like. 

Previous panicked over-reaction is now replaced by ‘patient’ relaxed and considered action on my part. This has resulted in significantly more consistent and sustained net profitability. 

Jim & John and your Share Trading Education.com stock market Report can take responsibility for all of the above, for getting me past my normally ‘analysis to paralysis’ disposition  and ultimately  getting my ‘mind and method’ right for me. 

I thank you sincerely for your interest, contribution, and help in developing me into a regular, daily, self-sustaining, un-stressed market trader. You’ve helped me generate an (earning) ‘job for life’! This was my aim, particularly post my recent ( 2 years) retirement from the business world. 

I recommend you to others I come across who either need or are interested in getting into and becoming involved in trading the market seriously for a living.”

John Cottle, Private Trader, Clifton Springs, February 2013
"I came out confident and committed to the philosophy, system and rules I had learned"

I went into this latest Boot Camp with intrepidation as I was a novice. I came out confident and committed to the philosophy, system and rules I had learned. Thank you for a great weekend. It has certainly opened my mind to what is possible…… there will be three of us attending next year

Wayne Jenner, Cowes, Victoria, May 2013 Boot Camp
"Easy to Understand"

" Boot camp of 2013 has changed the way I look at any stock, the system, rules that Jim Berg has given are easy to understand and the information that you take home to study to help you is amazing.

I am sure that the next 12 months will make my profits greater than ever before by just staying to the rules.

Thank you for a great informative weekend, and I will be there next year along with my partner."

Annie Palmer, private trader, Newcastle, NSW
"Your mentoring-style Stock Market Report is the best value for money publication I have come across in a long time"

"This Report is a time saver. It is helping me to improve my understanding of the stock market and develop my trading strategy through an investment of just 1 hour of my time every week. Thanks!”

Deepak Ganga, Melbourne, August 2012
Thank you for the session in Melbourne today!

Jim and John, As usual there was a lot of information and we got through it at some pace. …..I now get it, I need the detailed rules and a tight system. Yes Jim after all this time I finally get I need "blue bars & trailing stops". Old dogs can be taught new tricks it just takes time.

In summary, thanks for a great day, I have a new plan and method to solve a
number of issues that have been bothering me for a while. I know, it is
back to the cliff face climbing again but the challenge is what makes it
fun. Thank you for your help and inspiration. You will be hearing from me
very soon now am I am finally ready to listen. Regards, JD

John D, Melbourne, Client from 1 Day Workshop 2012
"With no doubt at all I would have lost a lot of money if I wasn't following your system"

"The reason I am now expressing my thanks is because with no doubt at all I would have lost a lot of money if I wasn't following your system.

Without your Stock Market Report & your team helping as a mentor we may have lost more than 50% of our capital in less than 3 months, instead of earning interest on cash.

Once again Jim, John and all the team; thank you so much for sharing your education at so little cost."

Troy Stone, private trader, Portland, August 2011
" ...I've stopped surfing online for answers to my stock market trading problems as this Site and this Report are all you need to educate yourself on how to trade successfully and profitably..."

"I suppose its a personal thing, but I remember reading your Report for the first time. Going through the material felt like talking to a friend who is a successful trader explaining to me exactly what I need to do to learn how to trade.

I love the sheer simplicity of the Report, which teaches me step-by-step how to know:

  • Which stocks and shares to trade
  • When to enter the trade
  • Where to place my stop losses
  • When to get out of the trade

The two portfolios are easy to follow and I like the fact that you provide many updated examples. The articles written by your guests on psychology I find very interesting and your money management articles are essential...it just gels with me.

Thanks for your wonderful support, getting instant replies like I get from you are rare these days. I have seen all the newsletters available in the marketplace and have subscribed to some, however yours is the best. You have a top quality newsletter which is easy to read and study. I would thoroughly recommend it. Yours Sincerely"

Ian J Bourke, Sydney, Nov 2006
"I am now a full time trader and live by my trading alone, thanks to Jim."

In 2002 I began my trading life with Jim Berg. I bought his book,'The Share Trader's Handbook' (signed and now a collector's item!) and enrolled in his course with Metastock.

The following year I did another course with him. Over subsequent years I have followed him to the Traders Expos and confirmed my beliefs in him and his trading teachings. His presentations at the ATAA here in Melbourne have given me added assurance that I am on the right track.

His teaching ability is outstanding, clear, concise, and consistent. These characteristics were confirmed at the weekend.

Over the years, two of my children have done basic courses with Jim and now my daughter in law Stephanie has joined our family "Jim Berg Fan Club". She too learned much from the weekend and I look forward to comparing notes with her.

I am now a full time trader and live by my trading alone thanks to Jim. He has taught me several cardinal rules:

  • Stop loss discipline
  • Let your profits run
  • Develop a Trading Plan (write it down) and back test it with paper trades to a point where you have confidence in you plan so you are able to implement your trade when under stress of falling prices.

Now 75 years old, my most grateful thanks go to Jim and his team for all you have given me and my family over the years. Best wishes to all traders. Stick to the Rules.


Jan C. Private Trader, Point Lonsdale, May 2011
"An open and honest approach"

 “  I thought the video work was of a high standard, and Jim presented very well. ……  I thought the content of the information provided was very good, with full disclosure of the trading system. 

I felt that this conveyed an open and honest approach for anyone to make their own fully informed decisions, as well as the opportunity to either back test  or verify the indicator results from previously published newsletters.

I think (hope?) that less experienced investors would have picked up that this trading system relies on a rising market, and in bear markets, the investor will remain in cash. 

I know that Jim mentioned that his system had an 18 month period (during the GFC) in cash, so hopefully any prospective customers will be aware of this fact?

Overall, a very good educational DVD, and full credit to ShareTradingEducation.com for providing full transparency and detail to Jim's trading system, so that any prospective customer taking up one of the offers should know exactly what they are getting in return for their money, and there are no over-inflated expectations on likely returns.

Thanks for the DVD! ”

Bruce Wood, Private Trader, Sydney, NSW June 2013
" ...I'm impressed. I take a fairly conservative view on money matters. I reckon it's too hard to earn, too easy to lose and too easy to give away to the charlatans and get-rich-quick merchants..."

Your newsletter provides a different - and welcome - perspective on what to the lay person can be a complex, confusing and intimidating market.

The combination of sensible education and real-world experience of what can go wrong - as well as right - is unique."

Phillip Leeds, Sydney, July 2005
" I find your newsletter to be a definitive, step-by-step tutorial to investing successfully in the Stock Market with emotion-free, unintimidated confidence & peace of mind...."

" ...Each Edition just keeps getting better! I think your newsletter is excellent. It offers a wealth of information... I now enter positions with a great deal more confidence and peace of mind (and exit them with a great deal more success!)"

Raymond Spree, Private Trader, East Malvern, 2009
" For me the key factor is the "survive then thrive" approach..."

" ... I am a green beginner at trading who has never directly traded shares before. Firstly word-of-mouth took me to Daryl Guppy's site... from there to your website... As Daryl Guppy had endorsed Jim Berg, I went and trialled your Newsletter & the rest is history.

What I have found most helpful in this newsletter and the site overall is the access to educational materials ... especially the ebooks by Jim & John that are similarly well written, clear & understandable to the layman.

For me the key factor is the "survive then thrive" approach to risk and money management....The Newsletter primarily keeps me focused on the essentials of trading, because there are plenty of distractions to tempt the trader astray (e.g. lots of other sites preying on the weaknesses of traders - greed, inexperience, fear, etc - & promoting "get-rich-quick" schemes or what I call "trading mirages"). Thanks!"


Chris Hartley, Bangkok, Thailand, Nov 2007
"This has been an epiphany for me, even after 12 years as a trader and investor"

 " This DVD has laid out for me Jim's approaches and plans in the clearest manner possible.

There is no ambiguity about time frames , pivot points, entries or exits. 

The rationale is obvious as are the results. There are no extravagant claims and the fact that trading /Investing can have losses is not concealed. We are shown how to minimise losses for they are inescapable. 

Jim is happy to disclose formulae for his special indicators , his system really puts the "black-box" operators out of anybody's consideration.

What is patently clear is that this easy-to-follow method will improve every trader’s results. 

As a news-letter subscriber the DVD has brought home to me facts that eluded me in the written word. No longer am I hesitant about when an uptrend commences, how Pivot Points confirm the trend, and how important and effective Jim's use of Volatility is. 

Every person with a SMSF should use this DVD and review it regularly. Nor can they afford to be without the monthly news-letter. Traders must have it to be successful.

I have previously been using another software package with a unique indicator for intra-day and forex trading. I think I'll now stop intra-day and currency trading, which is only very occasional but very demanding, for a much simpler life!

This has been an epiphany for me, even after 12 years as a trader and investor. And I have never managed to produce as successful a system in spite of using some wonderful tools. Many thanks!"

Donald Swain, Private Investor, Balwyn, (re Jim's DVD Sept 2010)
".. After 28 years in the IT industry, I left my Corporate Management role at Microsoft to 'pursue my own interests'...."

".. I must emphasise that I’m not looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but more of a ‘get comfortable safely’ scheme. So it was very important to me that I find a credible and proven system of trading.

I first spoke to friends, read many trading books, then thoroughly investigated a number of educators and system providers who charge thousands of dollars for their services - and dismissed all for various reasons.

So I was very pleased when a friend recommended your approach to the market. It was particularly helpful to learn your strategies through your ebook and newsletter at a fraction of the cost of what I had been looking at....

...It also gives me confidence when I see that the trades I am picking through your system are often the same as those featured in the Newsletter.

In conclusion .... I have found a system and support environment that suits my needs. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Kevin Burke, Sydney, 2007

" Jim, John & Angela,

".... I am very comfortable with the integrity of ShareTradingEducation.com. 

Just finished reading this week's Edition and wanted to let you know 'great content' ! The newsletter is always good, but a little 'light bulb' went off this morning to remind me how good. The structure/format of the sections is presented in a logical order and reading it from start to finish really builds a strong understanding. 

I particularly like the 'case study' format of the back testing section and pulling together worked examples of Van Tharp and Louise Bedford models. The summary by Daryl Guppy always provides the cherry on top of the iced cake.

Credit to all of you, regards" 

Mike Clarke, Private Trader, Nunawading, 2008
"The Cheapest Good Night's Sleep You'll Ever Find"

by Phillip McGregor 

- Member of the mentoring style

'Investing & Online Trading' Stock Market Newsletter 

I have been lucky enough to spend a career in medium/large companies at middle and senior management levels. With a degree majoring in Economics & Accounting, plus sub majors in Quantitative methods and IT plus a long career with a focus on preparing / implementing business plans – you’d think I had the perfect background for share trading. 

But I’ve found the concepts that are fundamental in share trading - risk/reward, expectancy etc - are counter intuitive to the basic thrust of business – which tends to be about “winning” i.e. high success rate, and then converting small clients into larger, more profitable ones. The type of focus and planning are quite different. 

At least I realized quite early that there was a difference – and commenced the journey to find what it was. 

I started investing in the stock market in May 1992, which was well before Jim released his book The Share Trader’s Handbook in 2002. 

Where were you guys in 1992 when I really needed you?! 

I had to work most of it out myself, or pick things up from various books and piece it together. Still – I have had so much enjoyment in arriving at this point (actually there were some really, really painful learning experiences – usually two or three times a year, when I learned first hand about “drawdowns” – back when I only knew it as – “Oh cr*p – what’s happened – the portfolio just lost 10+%!”) 

But now you have trading plan templates, a full weekly newsletter, and example after example after example from Jim and John of how it should all work.

Over those fifteen years I’ve spent more on charting software packages, data subscriptions and newsletters than most new investors would allocate to their initial trading capital. And I have never regretted a moment of it. I am living proof that someone can start with a little, and with application and willingness to learn (and after making almost every mistake you can) still make money from investing in shares. 

It also means that I recognise outstanding value for money when I see it.

In 2002 I started implementing Jim’s strategies – and have retained his basic entry/exit processes from then on. 

That’s why I thought, after 10 years of going it alone and 5 years of Jim’s wisdom behind me, I’d give you the full tour of my impressions of Jim Berg’s trading system, this newsletter and Jim’s new JB Charting/Data/Home Study/Support Combo, and why I had no hesitation in ordering it last month. 

Trading and trading systems is my ‘hobby’ – as well as how I am gradually moving into semi-retirement – at least from ‘normal’ work – trading/investing is still work – and not some sort of game that pays well as so many ‘newbies’ seem to think. 

In assessing a system I look for: 

a) Simplicity of concept - if you cannot express the basis approach in a few sentences – then it’s likely to be too specialized – or “curve fitted” or “data-mined” – and it will likely have a short life. 

b) A ‘simple’ system is also likely to have few standard indicators – not the new “magic” indicator with an amazing 80% success rate – as again it’s probably only applicable to the test data set. 

c) It should be universal. I’ve seen a few that is only applied to certain shares – or small groups of shares / indices. Again – it’s probably a “data-mine”. Once the conditions change – who knows what can happen. 

d) While every system will inevitably have a bad period – we do have bear markets – and even minor / large market corrections can be quite savage – the system should exit quickly enough that you are protected from the serious downside (plus there are always a few shares that hardly blip). 

e) It should also “recover” relatively quickly. So a bad year should be followed by one or two really good years within one or two years of the “bad” result. 

Jim Berg’s trading system gets big ticks on all fronts.  

Its simplicity is quite elegant, and it takes someone of rare ability to identify the few variables / indicators that really matter – that give a high probability of yielding a system with an above average positive expectancy. 

One of the key reasons I love the current approach of the newsletter – i.e. repeat of the approach to various lists - is that I am a recovering “tink”………..…………. a person addicted to “tinkering” – varying the rules “just this once”

After all – I used to think they’re really guidelines – not actual life or death RULES. 

Like doing 63 in a 60 speed zone. It’s tasting the forbidden fruit. You know you shouldn’t – but when you get it “right” – it feels so good………….. 

But we know it’s a slippery slide to nowhere. It’s not getting it “right”. Getting it “right” was following the system. We got it “wrong”.

 And if it resulted in a better result – then we gambled and we got lucky. And like all gambling – the odds are against you. 

I’ve been through it. Even had to stop trading a few times. Not long – just close out positions and start again. I have it under control most of the time. Usually those deep market retracements – like May 2006 and this Feb/Mar 2007 – or the 2002/2003 bear – that start the old craving. 

Back testing and generating results for “how it would have gone” is fine. You graph the equity curve – you can see the draw-downs (maybe 10%, 15% or even 20+%), and subsequent “new highs” – usually some months later. 

These are just numbers. Months on the graph are just tick marks. 

But when you have a real portfolio of say, $500,000 or $600,000 (or more!) actually invested in the market – then that 15% drop equates to a $90,000 fall on a $600,000 portfolio. 

When you see $90,000 actually wiped off your assets base – you feel Sick

You panic. (John – I know you’ve lived through far worse – but even knowing that doesn’t help when it happens again & again!) 

And even though you’ve been through it before (15 years for me) – you still feel Sick. And how long to recovery?? One month, two months?....... More? ……. Is it another 2002/2003 bear?! 

And sure enough – two, or three or six months later (or more in some extreme cases) a new high arrives; and you realize (again!) that the drawdown was just another “blip” – and “so silly to be so worried”. 

So I look forward to my weekly “Stick-To-The-Plan” reinforcement in the newsletter e.g “ Let’s apply the plan to the 2005 picks, the 2006 picks, the monopolies list…” and so on. 

Jim’s Boot Camp, newsletter and other training are like ‘preventative rehab’

I read and re-read Jim’s book and e-book (the book is smaller and easier to take with me when I travel). 

I read over the “and this is what happened to the list stories”. I like to test out the method during one of the “bad periods” – see how soon before the absolute high you might have got an entry – and then how soon you got out. 

Quite often it’s not that bad. So I sleep better. Keep the craving under control. The system is strong – but I am weak. But I keep working on it. I stay in therapy => preventative rehab. 

I’ve found Jim Berg’s new ‘JB Charting/Data/Home Study/Support Combo’ to be outstanding value for money. 

The charting package contains enough indicators to the do the job – why confuse yourself with more (you’ll only be tempted to fiddle – and lose time and money doing it – I did!). The charts are clear and uncluttered. 

But in the five years since I discovered Jim’s methodology – I can say with some authority, I expected it to be of a high quality. And he exceeded my expectations. 

The JB Premium Data Combo package is without doubt the best I have ever encountered – and I have tried a number of them. It’s quick – it’s easy – and has an impressive array of data sorting – sectors, industry groups… 

Jim’s support notes are impressive as always. I started with the original Metastock Home Study Course. Not much has changed from the original book from 2002. I still have it. I still read it. Trading is about repetition. I need a constant reminder to resist the temptation to fiddle. I love to tinker…….. to improve……… I think I have finally overcome it! 

Now I stick to the same old same old. It’s boring – but it works.

The strategy that came with the Combo is still the same – just lots more examples – especially the tricky parts, such as change in trends. And the short-term strategy has been a welcome addition; as have been all the extra notes.

It’s easy to spot a strong weekly uptrend when it has become established. Identifying a high probability change in trend near the beginning is much harder. So Jim and John have the newsletter to keep showing example after example of trends and entries and exits. Many of these examples have been taken from the newsletter and grouped in the extra notes. 

After fifteen years I can guarantee you will feel elation as your portfolio climbs in value, and you will feel exceedingly upset when it falls (real investors say “in drawdown”). 

I think despair is probably a more apt description of how you actually feel when in “drawdown”. 

I know – I have been through quite a number of market corrections. However, Jim’s basic methodology has remained unchanged. It has been expanded to include more examples for a clearer understanding, but the basic methodology is the same. 

It’s simple. It’s logical. It makes sense even if you have never traded before. I find that very re-assuring – and so should you. 

The other thing I can say with considerable authority is that trading (especially using Jim’s method) is exceedingly boring. Jim’s not boring – far from it. 

Many attendees from Jim’s Boot Camp and other speaking engagements are “regulars”. And they certainly do not keep coming back because the system is difficult to understand, or it’s been updated to the new and improved version – because it has not changed. They come back because its fun. 

It’s nice to meet people with similar interests. And John (who does all the behind the scenes co-ordination) manages to inject something a little different – making each one a unique experience. 

However, whenever I find investing boring, I am happy. Boring is good. 

Boring means everything is going to plan. I look forward to receiving my weekly newsletter, read through the new articles, and recap the investment strategy as each trade or series of trades is reviewed. It’s the “same old, same old”. No change. Boring. But I sleep well. 

Jim’s new Combo is the cheapest good night’s sleep you’ll ever find.  

If you’ve been trading for a while, and experienced market corrections and bear markets (I remember 2002/2003 bear market well – it was also when I discovered Jim’s book) – you’ll understand the importance of having a trading plan:

Þ Of knowing when to sell 

Þ Having a system that tends to keep you out 

Þ But will still keep you in the odd share that bucks the trend – and even I had some in 2002. 

Once you have been through “drawdown”, you’ll understand what I mean about Jim’s Combo being the cheapest good night’s sleep you’ll ever find. 

The reason I got into investing? Or should that be five reasons? 

Five children - two daughters. Eighteenth birthdays, twenty-first birthdays, engagement parties, weddings – grandchildren. 

I was staring at financial ruin!!! How quickly they multiply. Extra daughters and sons (you seem to gain them when your children marry) – and then along come the next generation. It never ends!   

This last year has been exceedingly difficult – as you can see from the photo above and the 

attachment – an extract from our life (my wife Susan and I) – in pictures. This a fairly typical extract - I seem to lurch from one party or special event to another. 

But before you get too excited and think being a stock trader is all play and no work – believe me it isn’t. You’re constantly fighting against the toughest opponent in the world. Yourself. Your own fear. Your elation when your portfolio surges ahead – tempting you to try a little side trade outside the trading plan. It’s only small. It won’t hurt. Yeah – right! 

It only takes one bad trade to start you on the road to addiction. A bad trade is one not according to your plan – it has nothing to do with how the trade turned out. And the addiction is unbelievably difficult to conquer. I know. I am a “tink” addict. I tinker with the system. Fudge the rules. I’m in remission now. But I know I’m only one bad trade away from that slippery slide to uncontrolled discretionary rule breaking. 

Please John and Jim. Keep me safe from myself. Help me stick to my trading plan. Send me another newsletter showing just how robust Jim’s methodology is. It’s almost become like a dare. 

Give Jim a list of shares – any list. And he’ll show how much better it could have been had you followed these simple rules. I love it! I cannot get enough of it! Thanks. 

So “Trade with the weight-of-evidence”. Where have I heard that before?

Phillip McGregor, May 2007.

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