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Here, you'll find the education & tools to learn how to trade & invest in stocks, shares & Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the USA, Australian & other markets - with Expert Help from Jim Berg, ASX speaker, author & educator with 30+ years investing experience.

Your Financial Independence is at the Heart of Everything We Teach


Are you: 

1) A Beginner - looking for a credible and proven way on how to get started safely and wisely in the share market? 


2) An Experienced  stock trader or investor - looking to improve your current performance? 

  Five Key Reasons Why Jim Berg Can Help You

solve your problems and become a better stock / share market trader and investor:  


1.  Expert guidance 
from Jim Berg, ASX presenter & Author of 'The Stock Trading Handbook', 'Shares to Buy & When'  

2. Protect your money:  
Jim Berg warned his Report members to ca$h up in Jan 2008 BEFORE  the GFC - and again since. Those members who followed Jim's lead did NOT lose Millions of dollars between them.

3. Proven low cost, High Value, hands-on trading & investing education  
to help you solve your stock & share market problems faster -- and learn how to confidently trade & invest.

4. Learn how to use Jim's Profitable * ‘Weight-of Evidence’ Strategies & unique JB Volatility Indicators
developed over 30+ years for the USA, Australian and other stock & share markets to help you choose:

* WHICH stocks to Buy,

*  WHEN to Buy and, more importantly,

* When to SELL.   

. You "Learn-by-Doing" with Jim Berg's weekly hands-on exercises & notional portfolio examples - all designed to help you build your confidence and skills


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2. If you would like us to do all the analysis of the Australian share and ETF market for you, with: 

a) Jim Berg's daily  Investing Signals & Trading Signals 

b) Our  new 'Super 10 ETF Portfolio' Signals Service

"...continues to give me consistently profitable trading results"

I have been a subscriber to the 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report  for a long time and truly believe the Berg method is one of the best around.

It is a rule based method, with the philosophy to restrict losses and let profits run, which continues to give me consistently profitable trading results.

The report is an excellent publication and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the share market, especially newcomers.”

Bill Langford, Private Trader,Kenmore, QLD Feb 2017

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"Your Master Class Course is truly the right thing at the right time"

Dear John, 

It has been a tonic talking to you ...thank you for your time and patience. 

As discussed, there are only 2 groups of educators I really trust in the market and the Berg-Atkinson team is one of them.

Your great strength is that you are so thorough and so conservative. It’s a must in the share market. 

Your Master Class Course is truly the right thing at the right time. 

Having viewed and reviewed your (free) Masterclass Webinar ‘7 Key Steps to survive & thrive in the market  concerning the benefits  -  indeed one could say necessity -  of subscribing to this excellent offer, your presentation dictates that I take advantage of this opportunity to assist in my becoming a much better informed investor. And more financially productive.  

I look forward to re-acquainting myself  with the disciplines of this most appreciated and valuable resource, being aware of its success and your well - earned reputation as being of the highest integrity in the industry. 

If ever there is a time for investors to hold their breath and re-examine their protocols, now is that time. 

Sincerely, Donald Swain, Private Investor, Melbourne, September 2017
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