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A)  DIY Learn How to Do-It-Yourself:  Learn how to wisely & safely trade & invest in the USA, Australia & other stock & share markets - with our unique hands-on mentoring-style weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report (first published 2005).

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C)  Find our stock and share market TOOLS: 
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1.  Expert guidance 
from Jim Berg, ASX Presenter & Author of 'The Stock Trading Handbook' and 'Shares to Buy & When' ,

2. Protect your money:  

Jim Berg warned his Report members to ca$h up in Jan 2008 before  the GFC - and again before the large stock market falls in March 2020

3. Proven low cost, High Value, hands-on trading & investing education - to help you solve your stock & share market problems faster .

Our aim is to help you learn how to become a confident stock & share trader or investor in 12 weeks, with Jim Berg’s Expert Help.

4. Learn how to use Jim's Profitable * ‘Weight-of Evidence’ Strategies & unique JB Volatility Indicators
 (as featured in MetaStock) - for the USA, Australian and other stock & share markets - to help you choose:

- WHICH stocks to Buy,

- Money & Risk Management 

- WHEN to Buy and, more importantly,

* When to SELL.   

. You "Learn-by-Doing" step-by-step with Jim Berg's hands-on case studies & notional portfolio examples - all designed to help you quickly build your confidence and skills

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Latest News

" I Protected My Super and Self-Managed 'Trading for Income' Portfolios from Covid-19 Impact by Going to Ca$h "

John and Jim.

A vote of thanks to you both for the education and confidence that 
comes from STE's  program and the value of your weekly letter.

I'm 63 so can ill afford a significant loss in my net value at this point. 

The Good News -- I protected my Super and self-managed 'Trading For Income' Portfolios from Covid-19 impact by going to ca$h on 26 February 2020,  so I've learnt:

1. To Make decisive decisions and take responsibility for those

2.  Step in to go to ca$h when it's right, have the confidence based on 
'Weight-of-Evidence'  reference points to act  - your examples of early intervention thru the notional portfolio training since the GFC have given me a point of reference and confidence

3.   Clearly the big institutions remain hands off so one must have a level of control

4.  Align with those that have integrity and decency - your offer some years back to bring me back into the fold is not forgotten and had a lasting impact on me after some tough times for me.

Now strange times indeed with a lot of white water -- during which however your newsletter remains a constant to me - so again thanks!

Col Briody, Private Investor & Trader, Townsville, QLD May 2020
" Second to None "

I have been a member of Jim and John's 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report for many years and will continue to be a member for the foreseeable future.  

In my opinion the advice given in this weekly Report and its trading education is second to none. 

Thank you for this high quality newsletter.  I only wish I had known about it years before! 

Stephen Dunn, private trader, Melbourne, Vic. May 2020
" Because of your newsletter I did go to cash with most of my money. So a huge thanks!"

Hi Jim and John & the team at STE,

Your knowledge and ability to get us out at the appropriate times is uncanny.

Because of your newsletter I did go to cash with most of my money. So a huge thanks!

Going solo is a necessity to hone and develop ones skills, but staying within a community of like-minded professionals allows one to utilize their knowledge and enhance your learning to become a better trader and investor. 

Many thanks

Adrian Tench, Private Investor, Rivervale, WA , March 2020
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