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Introducing the ShareTradingEducation.com Team...

Jim Berg – Presenter, Author and Newsletter Co-Editor

Since 2005, Jim Berg has been working with traders & investors in Australia, USA and other markets, helping them implement his world famous JB Volatility Indicators and his latest 'Weight-of-Evidence' profitable strategies. 

As a former professional client advisor and now educator and private investor & trader, Jim’s been involved in global markets for over 35 years.

Jim closed the Portfolio  in his weekly hands-on ‘Investing & Online Trading’ stock market Report in Jan. 2008. I.e. before the GFC.  Members who followed Jim's lead stayed in ca$h and avoided the painful GFC losses.  

Again, Jim closed his Trading & Investing Signals Services in February 2020 - and helped Members avoid the pain of huge losses in the huge March 2020 falls.  Members wrote:

  • ” Your knowledge and ability to get us out at the appropriate times is uncanny”. (Adrian Tench, WA , March 2020).

  • "In my opinion the advice given in this weekly Report and its trading education is second to none. I only wish I had known about it years ago!” (Stephen Dunn, Vic . May 2020).

Jim is passionate about the market and absolutely delights in sharing his sound knowledge and experience to help others become confident traders and investors.

Jim’s other passions are salmon fishing in Alaska at remote locations reached only by float plane and finding spectacular remote lake and mountain spots to relax at with his wife Liz in their motor home.

Jim applies his energy and experience to analyse and adapt to changing market conditions , then coaches others how to  first protect, then grow, their wealth using his proven approach, including:

  1.  How to find WHICH stocks to buy using the ‘Weight-of Evidence’ Stock Selection Tool. As a member, you also receive Jim’s own lists of the latest Australian and USA stocks in rising trends to watch each week.

  2.  How to time WHEN to be in the market or in ca$h, when to buy stocks, shares and ETFs and, most importantly, precisely when to SELL using end of day/ end of week or end of month strategies – without having to be glued to a screen all day.

Did you know that many individuals jump enthusiastically into the market without taking the time to study first  - and end up going backwards as a result?  Unfortunately many traders and investors get it completely inside out. They buy high and sell low,  or hold on to falling stocks– and it costs them dearly – both emotionally and financially.

Jim Berg believes it’s critical to learn how to trade and invest successfully with ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ behind you, then to test and measure…… before you  sink a dollar of  your hard earned cash into the market. 

Jim says;  “ The easiest way to learn to trade and invest is to find a mentor and have them take you, step by step, through a series of trades.  When you apply the strategies we outline in the program, you’ll have more breathing room in your life, less stress and a lot more time for the people and things that matter. “ 

Whether  you’re 18 or 80, a beginner looking to get started , or a seasoned trader or investor  looking to improve your skills and results, then  Jim’s aim is to help you short cut the process - so you can learn how to confidently trade and invest in the Australian, USA and other markets in 12 weeks.

John Atkinson – Author and Newsletter Co-Editor

 John will be your first contact when you've got questions about our website or products. We believe there’s no such thing as a silly question, so feel free to contact us for anything you need more clarification.

You can rely on John to make sure your queries will be answered promptly - usually within 24 hours.

John achieved a first Class Honors Degree in Civil Engineering from Surrey University in 1975.He then worked as a Civil Engineer in England, South Africa and Australia.

As complete novices, he and his wife Angela listened to a broker’s advice to hang on to falling stocks in the tech stock crash of 2000 ….. they lost their Sydney Harbour waterfront home and were set back over 20 years financially.

John and Jim provide ‘good cop-bad cop’ style education - Having experienced the school of hard knocks,  John now teaches traders how to avoid the pitfalls of the stock market through our weekly report  and his ebooks.

John is the Editor of the 'Investing and Online Trading' mentoring-style Report, author of 'The Atkinson-Guppy Articles',,  creator of The 'Atkinson Porttolio Planner', and 'Trade Optimizer', co-Author of  'How to Write Your Own Trading & Investing Plan' and 'The Stock Market Wizards of Aus'.

John  also presents on our 'How to Start Trading and Investing' and 'Money and Risk Management'  in his Stock Market DVDS.

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