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10 Secrets to Online Stock Trading

Attention stock traders and investors and anyone even contemplating getting into the market now .....

 This is not like ANY other ebook you've EVER read on How to Survive & Thrive in the Stock Market"

The 6th Edition of '10 Secrets to Online Stock & Share Trading'
From: John Atkinson
Saturday 10.15 am

Dear Friend,

 As the global financial crisis set in, stock markets around the world saw savage free-falls during 2008, resulting in the most severe Bear Market since the Great Depression. Within just months, the value of many retirement / superannuation funds were wiped of most of their gains from recent years.

This has had a severe impact on many baby boomers who are close to retirement and relying on their funds to support them.

Faced with the reality of substantial reduced nest eggs, many have already cancelled ideas of their ‘once in a lifetime’ trip. With cap in hand, others have had to ask their employers if they can keep on working for as long as their health allows, or have been forced to find alternative income sources to make up the shortfalls.

Yet while the stock market ‘ship’ was sinking during 2008, some ‘professional’ brokers and Financial Planners continued to tell their clients to “hold for the long term” and recycled the cliché myth that “Time in the Market is More Important than Timing”...............

Jim Berg Dispels the Myth that Time in the Market is more Important then Timing. 10 Secrets to Profitable Online Stock & Share Trading @ ShareTradingEducation.com
As a direct result, many of their clients have now individually lost in the order of 30-50% + of the value of their retirement funds.
Bottom line for many investors; individually this equates to a reduction of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from the value of their funds. Collectively, the damage is in the millions of dollars per fund and billions globally.


Jim Berg DISPELS The Myth 

However on 22nd December 2007, there was a select group of people who read Expert stock & share trader and Investor Jim Berg's report in his‘Investing and Online Trading’ mentoring style Newsletter.

It featured Jim’s detailed technical analysis of the warning signals ………. weeks AHEAD of the start of these free-falls.

Just two weeks later that same group, his Newsletter Members, read in detail why Jim Berg was closing his newsletter's notional Short Term Trading Portfolio on Monday 7 January 2008.

So while markets tumbled around the world in 2008, Jim’s newsletter portfolio was ‘protected’ - as it had ‘gone to cash’.

Consequently, all the initial ‘capital’ and notional ‘profits’, gained since he started that notional portfolio in mid 2005, remained INTACT during 2008.

Likewise, those Newsletter Members who chose to follow Jim’s lead also went to cash to protect their own portfolios. In the process, they saved themselves from suffering otherwise substantial losses.
Why This Ebook is Unique
This ebook, called "10 Secrets for  Online Stock and Share Trading" covers much of what you need right now - to help make today the turning point of how YOU manage your finances .....
Imagine having a Road Map of Discovery to know exactly where to begin in the stock market - without having to pay thousands of dollars for a 'black box system'.........
Or, if you are already experienced, imagine being able to tap into several key ideas from experienced traders - information which may make all the difference to help your current stock trading or investing performance.
Imagine being able to answer the one question traders and investors ask themselves:
“How can I improve my trading results most effectively?”
..... or being able to retire early -- of being living proof that retirement should be a function of income, not age
... . It truly is possible, but you need to know how.
That's what this e-book can help you get on the right track.
This is not like any other ebook you've ever read on how to survive and thrive in the stock market.
Simply, every section in the book is there because we've been through most of the ups and downs possible in the stock market themselves ourselves - so we know from first hand experience what works and what doesn't.
Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know to help put you on track......
Following on from my first ebook 'The Atkinson-Guppy Articles', in this ebook we continue with a collection of more revealing ideas, including extracts previously published in:
  1. Daryl Guppy’s newsletter 'Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis' (www. guppytraders.com), voted the no 1 Australian trading newsletter by Shares magazine & no 4 in the world by 'US Stocks & Commodities
  2. Our own 'Investing & Online Trading' mentoring style newsletter, co-edited with Jim Berg
  3. Plus an article released as a warning to novices for Alan Hull’s 'ActVest' newsletter (www. alanhull.com), only days before the market corrected.
"Here's A Sneak Preview..."

This ebook is co-authored with Jim Berg, author of 'The Stock Trading Handbook' and co-author of 'How To Write Your Own Stock and Futures Trading Plan'.

Here's a sneak overview at what you'll discover in this  6th Edition of '10 Secrets for Online Stock and Share Trading':

 How to Ride the Roller Coaster of the market - to minimize losses and maximize profits
  Jim Berg dispels the myth 'Time in the market is more important than timing' - read the results of Jim's research of the past 20 years of Crashes and Bear markets - and how he warned our newsletter Members in December 2007 AHEAD of the savage falls in 2008

  3 simple ways to Plan your Portfolio ahead of the game - to ensure your risk exposure is minimised
  A little-known way to Optimize your Potential Trades - to know which one to select when you have a few potential trades to choose from and only funds available for one
  5 Proven steps you must know before you start writing your own Trading Plan
  2 Simple keys to becoming results orientated
  AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to stop being a Jack of all Trades - and become a Master of One.
  4 Proven strategies for knowing how to Time your Exits from the market - to minimize your losses and lock in your profits
  7 Tips and tricks knowing what questions you should be asking yourself - instead of looking for stock tips
  Have you been looking for this for ages? Discover the importance of having a structured Trading Plan -with a set of rules for entries, exits and money management
  How to get over the difficulty of actually taking action when your stops are triggered
  REVEALED! The hidden truth behind how a few traders really profit long term in the market
  Your secret weapon for knowing WHEN to sell your stocks - for short term trading AND long term investing
And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out in "10 Secrets for Online Stock and Share Trading " and can be reading only 5 minutes from now.

What's a Resource Like this Worth to You?
After the largest falls on stock markets globally since the 1930's, two professional Financial Planners have independently told us they are facing massive backlash from their clients, through giving them - what they now admit as - poor advice.
With clients abandoning him, one is now literally faced with closing his doors and changing profession. 
Independently, they have both said that if they had found Jim’s education earlier and had acted on Jim’s warnings prior, they would have saved their clients from losing literally millions of dollars this year.

Donna Richards, another of Jim’s Members, wrote in October 2008:

“ ….The main reason for my thank you is for the amount of money that I haven’t lost, due to following most of your principles. A few friends of mine in the last month have told me how their professional broking advisers have managed to lose them half of their portfolio value and charged them for it!
This was about a month ago so I can only imagine how many more hundreds of thousands have disappeared since. Once again thank you and looking forward to next year’s Boot Camp….".
We know ourselves from first hand 'hard knock' experience that the Stock Market can provide the most expensive self-education course available.
However, you are now in the right place. To have someone do all this research for you would cost you literally thousands of dollars, particularly when you include the cost of lost trading capital.
The tips contained in this Ebook could prove invaluable to you.
Everything is explained in PLAIN English. This means it's dead-easy to read and understand. And it's logically laid out.
Which is why "10 Secrets for Online Stock and Share Trading" is such a bargain
That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth or what it cost us to research. Why would we make it so affordable? Simply because our costs to deliver it to you are so low.
This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading it and discovering all these powerful secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now. So we're able to offer this really useful resource of information to more people.
It's certainly a bargain for you right now while we celebrate the release of this 4th Edition, as the price will be increasing later - so be quick if you want to save money now.
And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

Your 100% Money Back GUARANTEE
As our customer, if you're not happy, it looks bad on us.
So if at any stage in the next 6 months you're not happy with what you discover from "10 Secrets for Online Stock and Share Trading" we don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply send us an email and we'll happily refund your money for this ebook in full (in fact, we'd be embarrassed to keep it).
But... the e-book is yours to keep no matter what, as a "thank you" gift from us!
The co-author of this ebook, renowned educator / author Jim Berg says: "The easiest way to learn to trade is to have someone take you, step by step, through a series of trades. You then learn their complete trading strategy, entry, stops, exits and why and how they act/react to price moves.
My trading is mechanical. I put a lot of thought into creating and testing my system. In the middle of a trade I don’t think about what I am doing, I react to price movements by following the rules ."
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May you trade what you see, not what you feel.
John Atkinson
P.S. Personally, I'm delighted if I get one great idea from a seminar or book that can make the difference.
I GUARANTEE you will discover here more than just one idea you've been looking for -to help you make it happen.
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