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Atkinson Money & Risk Management Bundle

INSTANT DOWNLOAD - MS EXCEL SPREADSHEETS - so you need MS EXCEL to use these Portfolio Tools

"As featured in Daryl Guppy's newsletter 'Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis' and his seminar at the Singapore Stock Exchange in February 2006." 


" A practical, easy to use tool to help you rank your next potential trade or investment'

As an investor or trader, how often do you have a list of a number of stocks or shares that you’re looking at to buy, but find you have only enough funds for one?

What do you do? Split the funds and buy a few, with reduced funds in each?

Or, if you decide to select only one, are you confident that you know which money & risk management criteria you should be using to help filter out the others?

The Atkinson Trade Optimizer © easily and quickly compares & charts the risk and reward outcomes from a number of your potential trades – to assist you in optimizing your selection of which stock(s) to buy with the funds you have available at any time.

It also calculates the corresponding position size(s) applicable, based on your selected risk and target criteria.

Using your chosen parameters, the aim is to filter your list of potential stocks or shares down to the one which appears to offer the best reward, in terms of portfolio growth and for the least overall portfolio risk.

The Atkinson Trade Optimizer © consists of two Excel spreadsheets with a series of macros:

  • Sheet 1 calculates the maximum allowable position size for up to 4 potential trades* at a time.
  • Sheet 2 is very similar and compares the revised projected performances and risk profiles, based on position sizes chosen by you, if required. The maximum allowable outcomes are also shown for completeness.

(* To compare more outcomes then the four shown, simply save the whole spreadsheet as a separate file and enter additional potential trades in this file).

The Atkinson Trade Optimizer © comes with very easy to follow step by step instructions to help you get started (even if you've not used Excel before) and includes a sample data button to get a feel for how it works when you start.



Many investors and traders spend less time planning the risk of individual trades and their overall portfolio for their wealth creation than they do planning their grocery shopping. Many do not plan at all.

Without proper planning you may end up with a portfolio that is a disaster waiting to happen. We know. We've been there & we wouldn't want you to go through the sleepless nights and gut wrenching fear & financial loss that traders we know & ourselves have experienced as a result.

A major reason why we lost our waterfront home in 2000 and more since was not adhering to correct risk & money management rules - so this Atkinson Portfolio Planner © has been created from our hard knock experience and at a very real cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Don't think that spreading your portfolio into several larger positions in 'safe' blue chips is necessarily the way to go either. Overloading in too many positions or too large a position can also put your portfolio seriously at risk.

Is it worth planning your portfolio correctly so that you can sleep at night, knowing that you have a balanced portfolio; are not too exposed in any one trade, volatility grouping or sector and that you have the correct number of open positions - using the money & risk management strategies as taught by some of the world's best trader authors?

Check your portfolio using the easy-to-use Atkinson Portfolio Planner © for your planned allocation of :

 Mix of high, medium and low volatility Stocks
 Mix of Stocks between sectors
 Individual risk of each position as a % of your portfolio
 Maximum % of your portfolio in any one position
 Total risk of your combined portfolio

Enter your requirements & The Atkinson Portfolio Planner © will calculate the above essential factors for you and even flag red alerts if any of your planned or open positions exceed your personal risk profile.

If you have multiple portfolios, simply save the Planner under separate file names and enter data for each of your portfolios.

It's taken a lifetime so far for you to build your capital to what you have right now. Make sure you protect and grow your nest egg with money & risk management in place from today.

Save 20%: Order this combined bundle package of both these unique portfolio tools together now and you will save 20%:

i) The Atkinson Trade Optimizer - to ranking & optimize your next potential trades or investments and

ii) The Atkinson Portfolio Planner - to help you plan and structure your portfolio with risk management

To download your own Bundle of the Atkinson Trade Optimizer © and Atkinson Portfolio Planner ©  and save 20%,  choose whether you want the dollar or pound versions , then click on the appropriate button below.

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Money & Risk Management Bundle

Atkinson Portfolio Planner + Atkinson Trade Optimizer
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