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BullCharts is an innovative charting and technical analysis system for the stock, share, options or warrants markets. It provides a feature rich and powerful set of tools, while still remaining intuitive, easy to use and clear in presentation. Key features include intraday or end of day charts, 300+ built-in indicators & line studies and BullScript - a tool to write your own custom indicators.

Base your own system on the trading and investment strategies of some of the world's best traders and investors - including Jim Berg, Nicholas Darvas, WD Gann, Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull, Leon Wilson & Stan Weinstein - using BullCharts built-in scans and indicators.

Bull Charts are so convinced of their product that they are offering you a 14 day money back guarantee as a visitor to this sharetradingeducation.com site. If you do not consider this stock, share and derivatives market charting software to be the best you've ever used or seen within 14 days of purchase, they will refund your money in full..


BullCharts is a powerful new real-time and end of day charting application. BullCharts provides the power you need, and combines it with the reliability you expect. Trading can be rewarding with access to the right tools. With BullCharts, you will find one of the most comprehensive range of tools to support your own trading strategy.

BullCharts includes the following features:

  • 265+ Technical Indicators and line studies
  • A scripting tool to create custom indicators and signals
  • The ability to monitor indicators and signals in real-time.
  • Advanced usability, which makes BullCharts extremely easy to use
  • Centralised and decentralised data options, which allows use of our adjusted data, or data from your own source

Easy to use

BullCharts has been designed to be powerful yet easy to use. A great deal of time has been spent in ensuring that every feature works in an intuitive manner that can be learned and understood in a couple of minutes.

In BullCharts, indicators are very customisable, but the default way that each indicator operates is how most people are likely to use the tool.

When you click the zoom cursor on a chart, zooming occurs at the point you clicked. Many other charting packages will zoom about any arbitrary point meaning you can easily become disoriented, or have to resort to the zoom then drag approach. BullCharts has been designed to avoid these problems.


BullCharts provides  215 + built-in indicators. While no one individual is likely to ever need every one of these indicators, we provide these so that the indicator that you use is readily available - whatever it may be.

Indicators are highly customisable - with fully adjustable parameters. You can adjust the numeric inputs, the colours, line styles, and any horizontal reference lines with each indicator.

While being powerful, our indicators are smart, making them easy to use. For example a Moving Average knows to place itself on the price axis, while a Stochastic Oscillator knows it would be more meaningful if displayed on its own scale.

Line Studies

There are 50 built-in line study tools in BullCharts. Our innovative line study menus mean you can quickly access every study, while still being able to see meaningful names for each study - rather than just an icon like other programs. Yet another feature to save you time and make life easier.

General purpose studies such as lines are provided for you to draw levels of support and resistance, as well as trends. In addition, many studies are provided to help you implement a specific trading strategy, such as Gann, Fibonacci, count back, and regression tools.

Intraday Charts

BullCharts is the only Australian made charting package that allows you to examine what is happening within a trading day, giving you a competitive edge over other traders. You can view charts with intervals of 1, 2, 5, 15, or 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, and apply the indicators and line studies to these charts.

BullCharts also dynamically updates the current price for the last bar on your chart as that stock trades!. For example, if you were viewing a daily chart of Telstra at 1:37pm on Friday, you would see a bar on your chart for Friday with the high, low and last price as of 1:37pm. As more trades occur you will see that bar move.

With other charting systems you need to wait until after the market closes before you can perform your analysis, meaning you can't make your move until the next day. With BullCharts, you can seize opportunities as they arise.

Long Range Charts

BullCharts provides the tools needed by investor to analyse a security over a long period of time.

At the click of a button, BullCharts will generate weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly charts based on your daily data .

When you purchase BullCharts, you will also receive historical end of day data for ASX equities going back to 1985.

Chart Types

BullCharts includes a wide variety of linear-time and non-linear chart types, including:

  • OHLC Bars
  • HLC Bars
  • Candlesticks
  • Line
  • Point & Figure
  • Gann Swing
  • Gann Swing (Line)
  • Gann Swing (Overlay)
  • Kagi
  • Renko
  • Three Line Break
  • Equivolume
  • Candlevolume
  • Stepped
  • Points
  • Pretzel

Tools for Strategies

BullCharts is designed to provide the tools needed for you to implement your trading strategy.

It is for this reason that the large range of  indicators and line studies have been included. We have reviewed a large number of strategies published in many technical analysis books and provided the tools needed to use these strategies.

One such example is the countback lines, described in Trading Tactics by Daryl Guppy, which may be used to determine an appropriate stop price.

Crisp Printing

We know that many investors like to be able to print the charts that they have created, either for a hard-copy reference of why they decided to place an order, or to pin up on a wall for easy reference.

Attention to detail has been given to the way that BullCharts prints, to ensure that crisp, sharp images are printed both on colour and black and white printers. Important details such as the company name and the period being viewed are also printed with the chart for easy reference.


Finding stocks that match your investment strategy is simple, with the included BullScan market scan engine. BullCharts comes with 75+ scans taken from the works of well-known authors, or you can create your own scans with the easy-to-use Criteria Editor.

  • Easily sort and group scans by name, category or author
  • Adjust the importance of individual criteria
  • Easy to use criteria builder, with access to  all the built-in BullCharts indicators, or make your own scan criteria with Bullscript.
  • Don't miss opportunities if a low-priority criteria is missed: securities are assigned a score
  • Easy to open a chart or other report by right-clicking on a symbol
  • Can easily print results, or export them to CSV for use in Excel
  • Once a scan is complete, you can quickly resort the results by a different column without having to re-run the scan


BullCharts introduces a powerful, yet easy to use, scripting language called BullScript, which can be used to build custom indicators.

A BullScript can be as simple as CLOSE*VOLUME, or it can incorporate any of the 200 built-in functions to perform sophisticated calculations.

Many traders publish their indicators on the Internet. To facilitate this, BullScript provide attributes, which can describe semantic information about the script, such as description, citation and category. You can also use attributes such as color, line style and target to control how your indicator will be displayed. 

Most of the 215+ indicators that come with BullCharts are actually written in BullScript, and you can even see and copy the formulae for those indicators.

Upon receipt of your Order, your Bullcharts software will be sent to your registered address within days.

Click here to order your own personal copy and start plotting your charts with a 14 day money back guarantee.

BullCharts is available in a number of different configurations to suit different trading styles. The pricing for each configuration is as follows:


Base packageA$795 once-off
Base + End Of Day daily dataA$795 + A$352 per annum
Base + EOD + Live Intraday Data (Equities only)A$795 + A$148.50 per month
Base + EOD + Live Intraday Data (Equities & Options)A$795 + A$158.50 per month
Price: USD $535.89*
* Foreign currency conversions are given as guidance only and are not binding. Only the price and currency confirmed by your own bank at time of payment are guaranteed.
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Bull Charts : Base + End of Day daily data: $795 + $352 pa

Price: USD $773.17*
* Foreign currency conversions are given as guidance only and are not binding. Only the price and currency confirmed by your own bank at time of payment are guaranteed.
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Bull Charts: Base + EOD + Live Intraday Data (Equities Only): $795 + $148.50 per month

Price: USD $635.99*
* Foreign currency conversions are given as guidance only and are not binding. Only the price and currency confirmed by your own bank at time of payment are guaranteed.
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Bull Charts: Base + EOD + Live Intraday Data (Equities & Options): $795 + $158.50 per month

Price: USD $642.73*
* Foreign currency conversions are given as guidance only and are not binding. Only the price and currency confirmed by your own bank at time of payment are guaranteed.
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