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Conditional Order Trading Strategies - Max Lewis

Take REAL control of your online stock & share trading - use “Conditional Order Trading Strategies” (COTS)

FOREWORD: April 2004 By Wallace Bain: Ph.D., LL.B (Hons), Dip.Pharm, M.P.S., Coroner.

 "There are few people with the in-depth knowledge of financial markets, how they operate and how to invest and trade in them, than Max Lewis.
In my long association with him I have witnessed his superb ability to teach people of all ages and backgrounds not only the essentials of technical analysis but also, most importantly, how to protect capital and survive in the financial markets.
Max has witnessed the explosion of the Internet and the new ways and methods that are now available that previously were not even thought of. Investors and traders need to be right up to date with all the very latest techniques and tools that are now available especially through the Internet.
Max Lewis is the best qualified person I know to take us through the A-Z of computer conditional order strategies and do it in a way that only a master teacher can so that above all the reader can understand it, implement the strategies, build their investments and protect their capital.
Max is forthright, doesn’t pull any punches and you can rely on him to give you an absolutely independent assessment of what is out there and how best to use it.
Over the years I have heard him in various classes exact stinging criticism on brokers and others in the financial industry for the way he and others have been "stroked" with commissions, slippage, buy and sell prices that are always at the high or the low of the day and so on.
This ebook explains simply how you can remove the middleman and be in charge of your own destiny using very effective techniques that are now available.
The stock market is an evolving one and what you can do now is not the same that you could do 3, 5 or even 10 years ago. Internet speed is faster, brokers and exchanges have become electronic and computerised, commissions have decreased significantly so that it is not the factor it used to be in decision making, and slippage can be minimised if not removed all together through using COTS.
You can trade and invest with computer access from anywhere in the world. What was successful previously is unlikely to work as well, if at all today. The typical buy and hold investor now has tools available that allows management of that investment in ways that were never possible. Globalisation has changed the way world markets move.
Max Lewis demonstrates conclusively that if you wish to protect your capital and build your investment in this millennium, and take advantage of this new environment, then you need to change.
In changing you need to be absolutely conversant with the skills and techniques that he so brilliantly sets out in this ebook. Because of these changes -- markets, volatility, and Internet access etc., this book is the most powerful reason for updating that knowledge to ensure your survival.
Because of Max's in-depth knowledge and brilliant teaching style you will find the book not only informative but a necessary bible for protecting your investment capital and growing it. I am certain that the book will heighten your senses for further knowledge and be a turning point in your investment life."
Wallace Bain April 2004 Ph.D., LL.B (Hons), Dip.Pharm., M.P.S., Coroner, Rotorua, NZ
The author
Max Lewis is a retired mechanical engineer, private investor, share trader and mentor whose trading experience spans > 30 years in both international derivatives and shares. Max is a founding director of MetaShare International Pty Ltd - a share trading education company, - and also the creator of “PowerTrade” the (now) patented Computer Conditional Order Strategy (COTS) that has since been sold to Cube Capital Ltd.
Max is a founding member of STANZ (Society of Tech Analysts of New Zealand) and also a member of the ATAA. - (Australian Tech Analysts Association).
What this ebook is all about
Author Max Lewis says:
"This book is written for traders and investors on the ASX who have either been burned in the past and want to re-commence trading, or who have been “hanging in there” not making money and are seeking a better strategy to protect and build their capital.
Readers will discover and learn how to protect capital and increase profits by combining two of the most recently developed share trading strategies - namely:
  • “Computer Conditional Order Strategies” COTS and
  • “Online Broking”.
The book describes COTS and how it empowers traders to take real control of when to buy and sell shares by entering pre-selected trading parameters via their PC.
Once entered, COTS will manage the trades and send orders to market only when the pre-set buy and sell instructions are triggered. Properly managed COTS orders provide a tangible trading edge since they achieve better price fills and quicker sales because the programs are pro-active and trigger as the market is changing rather than after the event.
The ebook is based on my beliefs, experience and research plus the hard lessons learnt through thirty years as a private trader in shares and derivatives."
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