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Is Fear Keeping You Poor?

To all stock traders and investors, business owners & all others who have ever been stopped in their tracks .........

"Your Antidote For Fear"

  MP3 Audio and Workbook Package

"At last … an easy way to understand what's holding you back and why, empower yourself & transform your Fear into Performance from what you Discover!"

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Here's a 'must have' tool you need today to Conquer Fear in your life .... The single and BIGGEST blockade that most of us have to triumph over is Fear!

Fear of losing your money in the Stock Market or in your Business. Fear of change. Fear of making decisions. Fear of rejection. Fear of what others think. Fear of conflicts and arguments. The big one, Fear of failure - and even Fear of success!

It's this fear (and all its flow-ons, like worry, nervousness, and self-doubt) that freezes you, and halts you dead in your tracks from succeeding.

This special Audio and Workbook package will give YOU a practical step-by-step plan to overcome your own fears and totally SMASH your restrictive beliefs.

It will set you free to get on building and achieving the lifestyle you really want!

From the desk of Catherine Taylor

CEO, Powerhouse Coaching and Consulting

Monday 11 am 

Dear friend

Whether you're a stock trader or investor “scared to pull the trigger”, a business owner or Manager scared of pulling off the next deal, or any other person in the community with a Fear that’s holding you back from accomplishing what you deserve in life, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

A stock broker recently wrote:

“…….Most (if not all) of the clients who called us remarked that they were so concerned about their portfolio that they have been unable to sleep. All they want is to stop thinking about their market-linked investments so they can finally get some rest…..

When the markets are in a panic it is easy to get sucked into the hysteria, regardless of your actual exposure.

In these times of extreme volatility we must do all we can to steel ourselves against the fear and panic caused by mass hysteria.....

If we do not, we very frequently make decisions that prove costly over the short and long term. The biggest risk in investing in financial markets is making the wrong decision at these times……”

“I love your work Catherine! You created a safe space for my dreams to grow and to handle some of my fears that have stopped me reaching for my dreams”

Kieran Carrigan, Engineer, Paddington

Brian Tracy wrote:

"..The fear of failure is the single greatest obstacle to success in adult life. Taken to its extreme, we become totally pre-occupied with not making a mistake, with seeking for security above all other considerations.

The experience of the fear of failure is in the words of "I can't", "I can't." We feel it in the front of the body, starting at the solar plexus and moving up to the rapid beating of the heart, rapid breathing and a tight throat. We also experience this fear in the bladder and in the irresistible need to run to the bathroom.."

By now you will have realized that Fear is the greatest inhibitor and thief of:

    • Your dreams and aspirations
    • Financial freedom and business success
    • Open, honest and harmonious relationships
    • Self-Mastery

Inaction, indecision, procrastination, stress, anxiety, worry, drama, self-doubt… these are all expressions of Fear.

In the presence of Fear
there is an absence
of You and your Power

Let’s face it - Fear can stop us all dead in our tracks from the life we desire.

Left uncontrolled, Fear can completely freeze you from taking the actions you know you must take – to lead you closer to the success you aspire to.

As you are reading this letter, I know that you want more out of life, yet right now you’ve also got things that are slowing you down - or maybe even stopping you dead in YOUR tracks from living the life you want?I know how potent the material is that you are about to listen to and read. I have used it personally and with thousands of people over the past two decades.

I have educated, coached and led many of them through the process of controlling their Fears, so they could go on to successfully achieve their dreams.

Now it’s your turn.


First, a Few Words About Me

With over two decades experience in both private practice and the corporate sector as an expert in Communication and Business Growth Strategies, I am often invited as an International Keynote Speaker in the field of Personal Empowerment, Processing and Coaching.

In that time, I’ve worked with many well known names such as Mikhail Gorbachev; General Norman Schwarzkopf; Robert Kiyosaki, Financial Educator and New York Times Best Selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”; Blair Singer, Best Selling Author of “Sales Dogs” and Alan Walter, Author of “The Secrets To Power Wealth and Happiness”.   My corporate clients have included Qantas, Telstra, TNT, BHP Coal, ANZ Bank, Dairy Farmers Association, American Express, Peppers Resorts, Commonwealth Bank and Optus.

I have also coached countless stock traders and investors, business owners and individuals personally and through my seminar and online coaching sessions.   My personal quest is to be all I can be and to provide the knowledge and tools to support others who have the same pursuit to be the best they can be too. This enables me to deliver the ‘hard’ topics with ease in what has been described as an “…. entertaining, lively and non-judgmental manner.”

Believe me, if I hadn’t started handling my Fears over 20 years ago, I would still be living a half-baked life, I would not be utilising my personal power, skills and abilities and I sure as heck wouldn’t be experiencing the level of success that I have today.

I acknowledge your commitment to yourself in taking a key step in overcoming some of the fears that may currently be stealing your personal power, your self esteem and your dreams.   I now live a life that is a far cry from anything that I could have ever imagined 20 years ago. At that time I had slowly begun the process of overcoming my Fears with the ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ kind of help.  

It was tough and, in the early days, had it not been for my husband Rod and his pushing, coercing and genuine care, I would have never seen the fact that I was living scared. 

“…I realised my truth around “being safe”. My use of the word “safe” was a justification for staying within my cosy comfort zone.

I knew everything about my comfort zone; there were no unknowns; I knew the boundaries of my box; I could predict what’s going to happen; I could be in control

For me, ‘safe’ was my covert way for agreeing with the status quo that being average or mediocre was acceptable, so I had downsized my goals and dreams…”

Carmel George, Investor, Ascot

“Powerful, passionate delivery on an area that we would often prefer to avoid”

Trudy Scott, Business Owner, Samford

In those days I was comfortable with a 9 to 5 job and with the people and places that I knew. Whenever I dared venture into new environments, I literally held Rod’s hand and stood behind his shoulder and let him do the talking with anyone knew that we encountered. I was shy, submissive and I dared not have any dreams or goals of my own.

Now, 20 plus years on, after much of my own personal work and an enormous amount of study and research, I do work that I absolutely adore that takes me across the globe, educating, coaching and processing thousands of people.

I have gone from a young woman who was terrified to speaking with someone I didn’t know to addressing up to 5000 people. Not bad hey?! I’ve included the story about this event as it is a beautiful demonstration of the power of just one of the strategies and tools that you can use to help you overcome fear.

It is my strong desire here to give you compelling knowledge and strategies that you too can use to overcome the Fears and resistance you may currently be experiencing.

Here are Your Options

There are so many fears that we can encounter in our life, including:

     1. Being Fearful of Making a mistake or being a failure

     2. Fear of doing some ‘wrong’

     3. Fear of making a fool of ourself

     4. Fear of being hurt

     5. Fear of losing people we care about

     6. Fear of losing some of our possessions and/or money

…….. and so the list goes on! 

This is why Fear can be tricky to handle - because we can look at something and we think we are looking right down the barrel at what we need to deal with. Guess what – it’s so often not the case!

Who has time to personally sit down with you and help you understand what mental blocks are you holding back and explain step-by step how you can conquer your Fears from beginning to end?

Professional Coaches and Therapists charge you per hour. How much are you willing to pay him or her for their time?

Not to mention the scheduled commitments, traveling back and forth to sessions, trying to fit everything into your current workload...the list goes on.

That's why I've decided to make it super-easy for you to learn the key aspects that can make all the difference to your life - by piling them ALL into an exclusive MP3 Audio and Workbook package.

"Your Antidote for Fear"

Now listen up: I will teach you a comprehensive, hands-on approach, as used by many of my clients over the past 20 years. It shows you the techniques you need right now, and has you starting to combat your own Fears in no time!

No matter what age you are or which country you live in you no longer need to be gripped by inaction when the next big challenge comes along - or waste money on sometimes questionable counselling sessions again.

You will save time, money and aggravation by learning in your own home at your own leisure with text and sound to accelerate your understanding and get you moving towards conquering Fear - so you can move on to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Whether you're:

  • A stock trader or investor “scared to pull the trigger”
  • A business owner or Manager scared of pulling off the next deal or 
  • Any other person in the community with a Fear that’s holding you back from accomplishing what you deserve in life……. 

…… in a few short hours, you'll discover the antidote techniques you need to TRULY develop your own potential!

“Catherine, your Fear package is the very best I’ve come across to help me overcome my fear as a stock trader.

On many occasions in the past I was totally gripped by fear and sat there watching prices drop, completely frozen and unable to take action. As a result, my losses at that time mounted to literally tens of thousands of dollars, unnecessarily wiped off in front of my eyes.

I nearly quit altogether. However, your Fear package arrived at the right time. It is the first resource I’ve ever found that completely helped me understand my emotions and mental blocks that were holding me back.

Even better, it then gave me a series of simple, yet powerful, action steps I could follow to overcome my problem.

It was like having a coach sitting right beside me, guiding my thoughts. The turn around in my ability to handle fear and subsequent performance as a result has been incredible. Thank you!”

Geoffrey Barnes, Wisconsin, USA

"I have realized many of the fears that have been limiting my ability to achieve my goals in my life and you have given me great tools on how to work on clearing away these fears. Great work Catherine."

Shannon Borello, Trader, Brisbane

What Makes this Fear Package
BEST Way To Learn?

  • No more, what we call, seminar ‘Ascension-crash’ type hype – which typically builds up attendees but leaves them without a specific action plan
  • No more expensive counseling costs per hour
  • No traveling to sessions and scheduled commitments
  • No thick ‘psych’ books you'll probably never read
  • No prior theory needed - just a goal to move on from where you are now in your life
  • No waiting for anything to arrive in the mail, so no extra postage and handling costs either

What you will get is:

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comStep-by-step teaching at your PC or MP3 player - whenever it suits you, consisting of

  • An MP3 Audio of my very popular e-workshop ‘Is Fear Keeping You Poor? PLUS
  • The transcripts of the Audio, with even more added, to form a comprehensive 55 Page Workbook ………….

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com. …. All bursting with pure dynamite proven information to help kick-start your success in finally conquering your Fears and to taking you to a higher level FAST

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com FULL money back guarantee if you're not satisfied within 6 months

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comSpecial introductory price PLUS early bird incentives

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comEasy to follow text PLUS digital sound that is easy to download and play instantly!

Get An Inside Look At What You Will Learn...

Inside this MP3 Audio and Workbook package you will discover the key secrets for combating Fear that other people only wished they knew about.

Sure, you could scrounge up enough information from several web sites and books to get a head full of data - , but you’ll find that just feeding your mind isn’t enough to combat your Fear, so you can go on to achieve what you truly want. 

Since you are no doubt a busy person looking to be rich in many areas, I have kept the strategies in this Audio and Workbook short and to the point. I will give you more than enough information to make you effective – sort of like an executive briefing. 

It's one thing to listen and read -- but until you actually start acting on the step-by-step Action Plan to conquer Fear yourself -- you will never experience the thrill of developing your own true talent and really surprise yourself as to what YOU are capable of achieving!

As an owner of this exclusively unique Fear package, you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to these exciting techniques, which you can start to master in a matter of a few days.

Heck - You can even start changing your life within the next 5 minutes!!!

You Get The Inside Scoop As You Discover...

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Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comHow to build your courage muscle

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comHow you can continue to work with the materials to bring in greater centeredness and Presence – no ‘brute’ force here, just You and your Power.

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com22 Ways to Handle Your Fear

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comPulling it All Together – The key secrets for creating your Action Plan quickly, easily and efficiently

Your 2 Free Bonuses

Seek private professional one-on-one coaching and you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars an hour.
Attend a specific seminar on how to effectively handle your Fears - and you will be required to spend a small fortune.
However this low cost, high value Audio and Workbook package is specifically designed for you to understand, embrace and lift the burden of Fear.
Order this package now and you'll also receive these 2 Free Bonuses, with my compliments:


 Free Bonus #1: MP3 AUDIO -
‘Setting Yourself Up For Trading Success’

Do you consciously set yourself up for success in trading, business or life on a daily basis? 

This comprehensive MP3 Audio of my ‘Set-Ups’ e-seminar will give you what you need to put you in the driver’s seat - so you are in the best possible position to optimize your performance throughout the course of each and every day.


Free Bonus #2: WORKBOOK -
‘Setting Yourself Up For Trading Success’

Order today and I’ll also kick in the Transcripts of the Audio above - as an effective Workbook you can use to set yourself up for success.

Here’s just some what you will get:

  • Being committed vs. being serious
  • How to differentiate between Targets and Goals
  • Handling past Failed Goals
  • Know your goals so you can create achievable targets daily
  • Set yourself up for success on a daily basis 

Total Bonus  – Yours FREE Today with your order of ‘Is Fear Keeping You Poor

“Awesome delivery, very real content, not airy-fairy. It was the first time I honestly inspected my fears and could do something about them. Thank you!”

John Cullinane, Albany Creek

"Hi Catherine,

Who I am today is a totally different person to the one who first came across your work on Fear. Even as an action-orientated achiever, I was directionless in some areas.

Now I can handle Fear and stress as they come up and you have enabled me to far more easily take the actions necessary to move me towards my dreams.

I am now achieving the goals and realizing some of my mightiest dreams that I once thought were beyond my reach.

Your work has been a godsend.Thank you."

Arina Aoina, CEO, Perth, WA

Let Me Make You A Solid Guarantee

Quite simply, you are covered by my unconditional 6 Months no questions asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Order my Workbook and Audio. Study them over, pull them apart, and put them under the microscope.

If you are not completely satisfied with the contents, I'll refund your money in full. After all, if you're not happy, I don't want your money. 


And, you can keep the entire pack including the $100 worth of bonus gifts, as my way of saying "thank you" for giving my program a try.

Here's How You Can Get Started Today

I am totally confident that you will gain the most for conquering your Fear and improving your life from the knowledge, strategies and tools I cover in this package.

So absorb and actively engage in what you are about to discover here. To get the best results:

1. Educate yourself with this package, then

2. Review the material enclosed often. Work through the Action Steps consistently and listen to the Audio a number of times on your computer or MP3 player when you’re on the move. As a result, you will begin to stop robbing yourself of your Power and your dreams.

3. Be committed to your dreams and your goals. From today, commit to investing the time, energy and resources into yourself - so you can live the life you desire. You will start to feel, and see the measurable changes as you move towards your goals.

With that said, let’s help you discover your Antidote to Fear now.

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Catherine Taylor
CEO, Powerhouse Coaching and Consulting


P.S. If you truly want to begin conquering your Fear so that you can get into a greater level of action, achieve more in less time, feel ‘bigger’, handle those uncomfortable situations in your life or just to be able to sleep easy at night, I invite you to join us.

P.P.S. A personal note: I am so excited at the changes that the material in this program has brought to me personally and the people I have worked with that I am both committed to and passionate about sharing these discoveries with you. Even if you just get the ability to recognise when fear has paid you a visit and you can catch it early, you are on your way to getting on top of the game.

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'Is Fear Keeping You Poor?' - Catherine Taylor

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