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In this special Master Class stock & share market package you receive:

1.  Your access to Jim Berg’s 12 E-Classes:
   one a week for the next 12 weeks (usually $808)                  

2.  Latest 2 months archive of Jim’s mentoring-style 'Investing & Online Trading' Report  ($100 value)               

3.  Next 3 months* of Jim’s weekly mentoring-style Report  (usually $150 )  

4.  Jim Berg's Stock Selection Tool and Game-Changer Templates (usually $398)                               

5..  Guide: 'How to Write Your Own Trading Plan‘  (usually $198)    

6.  JB Premium Charts (including Jim’s world famous JB Volatility Indicators) and 6 months Data*  (usually $399)

7.  Video 'Introduction to the Market & Jim Berg's approach' ( $147 value)

8.  12 weeks Email Support (priceless)

Bonus #1: Video: 'Money & Risk Management' ($147 value)

Bonus #2 Video: ' An Evening with Jim Berg - How to Trade & Invest ($125 value)

That's a total value of well over $2,500*     

Click the 'Add to Cart' button below now to order your Masterclass package today with your choice 1 or 3 easy payments and $ave $1,500 + i.e.  you $ave over 60%.                                    


* Please Note:
1.  At the end of 3 months, your Membership to Jim Berg's weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report will renew at $49.95/m. There is no lock-in contract, so you can cancel at any time.

2.  ASX Stock Price Data is provided by default. If you prefer to have USA Data + US History Data instead, please add a note in your order template to request USA Data.

3.  Your data will not be automatically renewed, so our supplier will send you a courtesy email in 6 months' time to invite you to renew (currently $396 pa for Australian data).
"Your Master Class Course is truly the right thing at the right time"

Dear John, 

It has been a tonic talking to you ...thank you for your time and patience. 

As discussed, there are only 2 groups of educators I really trust in the market and the Berg-Atkinson team is one of them.

Your great strength is that you are so thorough and so conservative. It’s a must in the share market. 

Your Master Class Course is truly the right thing at the right time. 

Having viewed and reviewed your (free) Webinar concerning the benefits  -  indeed one could say necessity -  of subscribing to this excellent offer, your presentation dictates that I take advantage of this opportunity to assist in my becoming a much better informed investor. And more financially productive.  

I look forward to re-acquainting myself  with the disciplines of this most appreciated and valuable resource, being aware of its success and your well - earned reputation as being of the highest integrity in the industry. 

If ever there is a time for investors to hold their breath and re-examine their protocols, now is that time. 

Sincerely, Donald Swain, Private Investor, Melbourne, September 2017

MasterClass Package

Masterclass Package (*Total value $2,500 ++)

USD $672.06
3 easy payments of
USD $249.88 (inc. GST)


P.S Information on its own will NOT change your life

You can Google any topic you like and often find some fairly reliable information. To make a difference,

Implementation is the key. 

It's what YOU DO with what you learn which makes expert Jim Berg’s stock & share trading and investing education so VALUABLE.

Jim's focus is to help you implement and get it done....... step-by-step with his unique hands-on 'Weight-of-Evidence'  approach

so to start your journey with Jim Berg today, simply click the 'Add to Cart' button above now.

Jim Berg's Masterclass Stock & Share Market Course

Price: USD $672.06*
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