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Jim Berg's 'Trading & Investing Strategies' stock & share market Course & HD Videos for Users of JB Premium Charts & other programs

Read below for details on Expert stock & share trader and Investor Jim Berg's 'Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts' Home Study Course for JB Premium Charts Plus HD Videos.

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Dear friend,

This page is primarily for those who already own my JB Premium Charts.

(Please note: This Home Study course is also suitable for those traders using another program which includes my JB Volatility Indicators e.g. Amibroker, Bullcharts, IC Investor, Market Analyst, Stockdoctor etc. (In which case: ignore the first part of the Manual which outlines how to set up JB Premium Charts - and skip to the remaining bulk of the Course, which refers to exactly how I trade using these Indicators).

"Your financial independence is at the heart if everything we teach".

My mission is to help you become a better trader and investor using my:

1. Common sense ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ approach

2. World famous JB Volatility Indicators & 

3. Profitable strategies - developed and tested over 30 years.

If you are ready to take the next step - to discover how I trade and invest in the stock market - then I invite you to upgrade now to my Home Study Course 'Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts, together with HD Videos,  filmed at my latest 2 day Trading Academy and email support:


1. Home Study Manual

A few minutes from now you will be able to download your copy of my entire Home Study Course Manual and several supplementary files with even more details, all designed to help you discover:

 How to get started or how to Improve Your Current Performance

Why its important to understand the cruelty of the market and learn how to "Survive before you Thrive"

How to protect your hard earned capital and profits

How I combine fundamental and technical analysis - to help increase the probability of success

How to use ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ to filter watch lists and determine WHICH Stocks to Buy

How to create a workable Trading Plan with a set of documented and tested Trading Rules

How to Manage Money & Risk

 How I use End of Day (EOD) charts for short term trades, typically lasting a few days to a few weeks (i.e not intraday trading)

How I use my JB Volatility Entry signals – to know WHEN to buy Stocks

How I manage my own SMSF retirement funds using weekly charts and exit signals

How to Manage Open Trades & understand when to switch from Initial to Trailing Stop

 WHEN to Sell Stocks - to Minimize Losses and to Lock in Your Profits

 Become up to date - know how to handle the market at any time

How to Control Your Emotions and become focused and disciplined

How to generate more winning trades than losing ones & to create larger profits than losses

And much, much more

Performance Caution: Direct investing in the stock market can result in financial loss. The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com's ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. 

2. Jim Berg 'Live' HD Videos

In addition, you will receive several hours of HD Videos of  my  'Live' hands-on presentation at my last Trading Academy 2 day workshop
(in May 2016).

In these videos, I lay out, step- by-step, how I trade and invest in the stock market.

You also receive copies of :

A) My Trading Academy Handouts

B) My Trading Academy Calculators

C)  Our Jumbo Checklist  which comprehensively pulls together and summarises my Rules for Entry, Trade Management and Exits 

so you can fully interact with these Videos over and over - in the comfort of your own home – until you fully understand all the details of my common sense ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ strategies.  

We’ve saved the best till last. 

To celebrate the 800th Edition of our 'Investing & Online Trading Report':

Order now and you will also receive:

3 months Bonus email support 

- direct from Jim Berg  - to help you solve your trading problems .

If there's anything you do not understand in Jim's Home Study Course 'Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts' or the HD Videos, then simply email Jim with your queries.

Absolutely Priceless Value - Yours as a special  Bonus Today! 


Please Note: While the images shown in this Course and HD Videos depict example shares from the ASX market, my common sense approach and principles may also be used by traders and investors to trade and invest in stock markets around the world.

This is NOT “dump a bunch of info on you and wish you all the best”. We have intentionally designed this learning experience for you - to help you shortcut the process.

When you apply the strategies we outline in the program, you’ll have more breathing room in your life, less stress and a lot more time for the people and things that matter.


To Order your Home Study Course now, click on your choice of 1 or 6 easy payments  below.

May you trade with ‘Weight-of-Evidence’,


Jim Berg,
Author of 'Shares to Buy and When'

P.S. No matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader/investor, my Home Study Course can be the solution you’ve been looking for to help you get started wisely….. through to confidently trading for a living…. and all points in between. 

Let me do all the tedious research for you and guide you through the maze of the stock market, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself, with too many unnecessary and potentially very costly mistakes.

Jim Berg's Home Study 'Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts'

Jim Berg's Home Study 'Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts'
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