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Profit Without Pain - Daryl Guppy

An Exchange Traded Fund Trading Guide

*This is a compilation of ETF trading articles published in Daryl Guppy's 'Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis'

Every market upturn and downturn brings with it new trading instruments. The speculation tool before the market collapse in 2001 was the covered warrant. The speculative tool for 2006-2008 was the CFD. After the volatility of the 2008 bear market our analysis suggests that the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) will becoming increasingly important in a portfolio.

These are not primarily designed as a trading instrument, but there are trading methods which can be applied which enhance the performance and return from the ETF. An ETF "shadows" or replicates, the performance of a particular market, index, or sector. They're baskets of stocks that enable you to buy or sell a portfolio of securities in a single purchase. You can trade ETFs just as you would an individual stock. You can buy and sell them at intraday prices.

This is a liquid market. The ETF offers investors a diversified way to play economic sectors, global financial trends, market events and other "special situations." For individual investors, ETFs are the amongst most-innovative, and most-powerful investment instrument to hit the financial markets in the last 5 years. CFDs are a traders instrument. ETFs are an active investors instrument. 
There are four key benefits with ETFs:
  1. They offer a risk/reward profile that's much better than either individual stocks
    or other types of mutual funds can offer.
  2. ETFs provide a way to make an investment that often is otherwise out of reach.
  3. They Give you terrific diversification and liquidity, offering significant safety.
  4. ETFs tap into dividends of all index stocks
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