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'Shares to Buy & When' - Jim Berg

'.....111 Stocks to Watch in 2011’

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Jim Berg says: “ Many of the companies in this book will probably be recommended again by ‘experts’ for 2012. This book provides a valuable reference tool from which it is easy to work out the yearly return and compare returns when applying a disciplined trading strategy.”


JANENE MURDOCH, owner of The Educated Investor Bookshop says:

" Few books discuss both disciplines in detail, leaving the final, time-consuming analysis to the individual. I have found that time is the enemy of most of these investors and share traders, so I was delighted to have 'Shares to Buy & When' to recommend.

This book takes all the hard work out of the analysis and gets you on the road to investing in a fraction of the time!

Over the past 12 months it hasn't been easy for traders and investors alike, to make money on the sharemarket. I have had thousands of investors and share traders coming through the doors of my shop wanting information to further their knowledge on how to evaluate shares using both fundamental and technical analysis. 

I was overwhelmed by the huge response to Jim's book. The consistent message from all who read the book, was that Jim took all the hard work out of the analysis, and allowed them to get on with what's important - family, work and the markets.
It is again with great pride that I am associated with this 2011 edition and will become a must-have in all traders and investors libraries."
Jim Berg has been successfully trading the market for over 30 years and has taught thousands of investors and traders since 1996. 

Jim invests in the market when it is going up ....... and switches to cash when it is going down.

For example, Jim closed his newsletter's and his own SMSF portfolios in January 2008, ahead of the GFC -- and saved those of his newsletter Members who followed his lead from NOT losing millions of dollars between them.
Throughout 2010, the All Ordinaries index struggled to make any gains and ended the year down 0.7%. However, there were plenty of winning stocks for those who knew where to find them.........
...... but where do you start looking? There are over 2000+ stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) making it an impossible job to analyse even a small percentage of these.
Perhaps this is why Jim Berg's 2010 edition of 'Shares to Buy & When' was so well-received, with readers claiming that it takes all the hard work out of the analysis and gets you on the road to investing in a fraction of the time!
Again for this year’s book, Jim Berg scours the experts’ tips and comes up with 111 stocks that look set for growth. He then sorts them into watch lists.
But the message in the book is clear: none of these shares is worth investing in unless its share price is in a “rising trend”.
Jim Berg says:
" I know how hard you work to make a dollar. I know how important it is that you don't lose it. That’s why I go a step further than the 'expert stock-pickers' and I teach you WHEN is a good time to buy”.
Jim Berg's previous edition, 'Shares To Buy and When 2010'
was selected as 'Money Magazine's Book of the Month' for May 2010:
"Want to get ahead in shares without doing time for insider trading?
Share investor and author Jim Berg has done all the hard work and analysis for you here .... it even tells you when to buy them.
You’ll find how to recognize trends and time the market, along with successful trading strategies.
Having a wish-list of companies set to out-perform over the next 12 months could prove fruitful.
But knowing when to get in and out is just as handy."
Richard Scott, MONEY Magazine
 In 'Shares to Buy & When 2011', Jim Berg:
            • Profiles 111 stocks to watch in 2011
            • Sorts them into watch lists
            • Includes a watch list by well-known 'Active' investor and author, Alan Hull
            • Then shows you how to find WHICH ones to buy and WHEN to purchase the shares at the best time.


"Jim, I must congratulate you for putting such a useful reference book together.

As soon as it arrived, I got right into reading it and now keep it handy as I consider which shares to add to my investment portfolio. 

 I was delighted to find you had thought to put an Index of Companies mentioned in the book after the Contents page (I missed seeing this at first). Another satisfied customer!"


Rennus Crossley, Private Trader, Australia

 " Your book was published at the ideal time for me, as I intend to use it as my list of stocks to watch 

- in conjunction with your 'weight of evidence' criteria - as the basis of my Trading Plan which I'm currently setting up. 

This book provides the missing piece I was searching for, with just enough information on the stocks I will be trading, without all the fluff!

Thank you for an excellent addition to the weekly newsletters, and thanks to the help and assistance from you guys at ShareTradingEducation.com as I'm now almost ready to get back on the horse again.


Ron Bowden, Private Trader, Australia

 " This book is a great reference - enough information to be useful, while not being overwhelming.

It is straight forward and easy to read and understand. 

It has been very interesting to get the fundamental and technical snapshots in the one place - previously we had to look at JB Premium Charts and various fundamental sources and flick back and forth. 

AND it is in print - I may sound very out of touch but I still find it hard to curl up on the couch with a computer.  So thanks for going to print!"

Bonita Croft & and Gene Zemaitis, Private Traders, Australia

Shares To Buy and When 2011 - by Jim Berg

  Jim Berg says: “ Many of the companies in this book will probably be recommended again by ‘experts’ for 2012. This book provides a valuable reference tool from which it is easy to work out the yearly return and compare returns when applying a disciplined trading strategy.”

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