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The Stock Trading Handbook: Fundamental & Technical Analysis Combined - Jim Berg


About Jim Berg

Expert stock & share trader and Investor Jim Berg is a former broker, private trader and lecturer with over 30 years experience in the investment industry.

He has appeared on CNBC Asia and Market Wrap and presented as a guest speaker at the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE), the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA), Traders and Investor Expos, Australian Investors Association (AIA), Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) and  Metastock Conferences . 

JIm's  articles have been published in the ASX newsletter, Shares, Personal Investor, Your Trading Edge & 'Stocks and Commodities in USA.'

Jim is the co-editor of his own popular weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report at this site. 

Using the strategies shown in this book, Jim Berg won the 2002 Personal Investor competition. 

What Will YOU Learn from The Stock Trading Handbook?

This is a handbook in the true sense of the word - a guide-book. It is the result of feedback from the participants in Jim Berg’s many workshops and seminars. Combining elements of fundamental and technical analysis can help share traders to enhance both their skills and their returns.

The Stock Trading Handbook helps the inexperienced investor take the first steps to trading successfully plus helps existing traders and investors to increase their performance and profitability. The specific tools for online trading and investing are explained and grouped together in an example of a trading system.

The section on investor psychology will help readers understand how an individual’s personality and beliefs can sabotage their success.

Jim gives step-by-step examples of how to build and refine a personalised trading strategy, using some of the tools from his Trading Strategies with Metastock Home Study Course.

This guide-book combines fundamental and technical analysis for complete novices to experienced traders.

It includes:

  • How The Market Works
  • The Importance of market psychology
  • Money & Risk management
  • Fundamental Analysis explained
  • The role of Technical Analysis - indicators & patterns
  • Profitable trading strategies that really work
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Putting it All Together


24 Reasons For You To Own This Ebook

Here's what you will gain from reading this ebook:

1. How the stock market works

2. How to get started and make your first profit 

3. How to invest in the stock market

4. Short and long term trading strategies you can use with confidence

5. Better understanding of market volatility – the ups and downs of the stock market

6. How to choose profitable stocks to buy and when

7. How to time your Entry and Exit Strategies – stop buying too late and selling too soon 

8. How to choose the least number of meaningful indicators for profitable trading

9. Develop & fine tune your stock Trading and Investing Strategies 

10. How to diverse your portfolio across sectors

11. How to manage your money and risk exposure

12. Learn short term profit taking – with the Berg Profit Taker

13. How to take a profit using a trend following process 

14. How to maximise your investment and trading returns 

15. How to invest with a professional & reliable approach

16. How to trade profitably & create consistency in your stock trading results

17. How to protect your money

18. Understand Jim Berg’s Volatility Indicators - Know WHEN to buy and WHEN to sell

19. How to combine Fundamental and Technical Analysis - to put the odds in your favour

20. How to create your Trading System and write your own Trading Plan

21. Learn Low risk strategies – for managing your long term investments

22. How to build confidence in your stock trading ability

23. How to become disciplined – to pull the trigger to buy and sell 

24. How to go on to make a living out of trading stocks and shares


How to Order Your Copy

Jim's first book 'The Share Trader's Handbook' was a sell-out success & is no longer available in a book format.

It has been completely updated as this ebook 'The Stock Trading Handbook' - to order below and download immediately to your computer.

Alternatively, this ebook is included as part of Jim Berg's Home Study Courses:

1) Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts

2)  'Trading Strategies with Metastock and

3) Jim's JB Combo . Signature System package  which also includes JB Premium Charts and data 


To order your copy now, simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button below.

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"If you are after a no-nonsense book to help you get started trading the markets, then this is the book for you."


Louise Bedford, author of 'Trading Secrets' & 'Secrets of Candlestick Charting', Melbourne (review of original book 2002)
"Jim, congratulations on your ebook 'The Stock Trading Handbook'. This 190 page production is the most succinct and all-encompassing treatise on trading that I have ever read.

Your book is written in logical/progressive sequence, and in terms that are easy to understand. This information will enable traders (novice to experienced) to arm themselves with a 'complete' Trading Strategy - vitally essential for trading with confidence and financial success. Exceptional value for money!"

Raymond Spree, private trader, East Malvern, (1st Edition review) 2006
"I am now a full time trader and live by my trading alone, thanks to Jim."

In 2002 I began my trading life with Jim Berg. I bought his book,'The Share Trader's Handbook' (signed and now a collector's item!) and enrolled in his course with Metastock.

The following year I did another course with him. Over subsequent years I have followed him to the Traders Expos and confirmed my beliefs in him and his trading teachings. His presentations at the ATAA here in Melbourne have given me added assurance that I am on the right track.

His teaching ability is outstanding, clear, concise, and consistent. These characteristics were confirmed at the weekend.

Over the years, two of my children have done basic courses with Jim and now my daughter in law Stephanie has joined our family "Jim Berg Fan Club". She too learned much from the weekend and I look forward to comparing notes with her.

I am now a full time trader and live by my trading alone thanks to Jim. He has taught me several cardinal rules:

  • Stop loss discipline
  • Let your profits run
  • Develop a Trading Plan (write it down) and back test it with paper trades to a point where you have confidence in you plan so you are able to implement your trade when under stress of falling prices.

Now 75 years old, my most grateful thanks go to Jim and his team for all you have given me and my family over the years. Best wishes to all traders. Stick to the Rules.


Jan C. Private Trader, Point Lonsdale, May 2011
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