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Trading The Spi - Brent Penfold

"Here's a book that teaches you not only how to plan your trade ... but more importantly how to trade your plan..." Larry Williams

"Brent has written the most insightful and practical book on SPI trading ... his discussion on risk-of-ruin, money management, expectancy and opportunities alone reveal the market's only real secrets. This book is a must read for every serious trader." Richard Melki (Chief Trader, RTM Capital)

"This book is possibly the most comprehensive and well researched volume on the SPI and it is essential reading for any would-be traders. In particular, the money management techniques disclosed in the book are worth their weight in gold, and can be applied not only to trading the SPI, but on any market for that matter." Andrew Kaleel (Highland Capital Management)


'Trading The SPI' is a book dedicated firstly to the Australian index futures contract - the SPI (Share Price Index) and secondly, to active trading.

If your interest is the SPI then Trading The SPI should be the next addition to your trading library.

If you're an active trader (of any security) and your interest is to stem your losses and join the 10% Winners Circle then 'Trading The SPI' should be a mandatory addition to your trading library. Part Two of the book will reveal where you're going wrong and how to fix it.

If you're considering subscribing to IndexALERT™ or purchasing one of my mechanical models then Trading The SPI will give you a good insight into how I think, design and develop my ideas. Knowing who is behind the service or product will give you further confidence in helping you make your decision.

In 'Trading The SPI' I provide an insight into how I view the markets and how I approach trading. I firmly believe it will help all new and existing SPI traders. Now although the book has the SPI as its primary focus I do believe all active traders will benefit from reading it. Regardless of what we all trade - whether it be the SPI, global indices, futures, bonds, CFDs, margin FX, shares, options, warrants or commodities etc trading is trading. Full Stop.

What instrument or market we choose is secondary to the process of good trading - which Trading The SPI explores in depth and what I believe every active trader will benefit from reading.

Regardless of your trading experience I believe there is something for everyone in the book. The book is divided into three parts:

Part One
For the new trader Part One provides a thorough introduction to the SPI, futures, the Sydney Futures Exchange, initial and variation margins, how to select a broker, client adviser, open an account and how to place orders.

Part Two

Part Two can be thought of as Trader School. It outlines the 6 essential steps I believe all successful active traders must navigate before they place their first order. In my opinion I believe Part Two is the most valuable section in the whole book as it outlines the importance of being process-orientated in trading (regardless of whether one has a preference for discretionary or mechanical trading). Part Two takes the reader through the nut and bolts of practical trading covering key concepts such Risk-of-Ruin, (my) Holy Grail, Expectancy, Opportunities, Validation, T.E.S.T, Money Management, Methodology and Psychology.

The chapter on Money Management alone is worth the price of the book. Once you learn where I place the importance of Money Management you'll understand why it's the largest chapter. In my opinion I don't believe you'll find another book so accessible to the average reader (who isn't armed with a PhD in mathematics) that has such a breath of examination and depth of practical investigation into various money management strategies.

Part Three
In Part Three I share a few ideas on how to approach the SPI. For discretionary traders the chapters on Statistics, Support and Resistance and Triple Reversal Point will be of interest. Mechanical traders will enjoy the chapter on Mechanical Pattern Trading where I fully disclose two simple yet effective patterns.

Good reading.

Brent Penfold.

"Finally a book that demystifies the SPI. The simple, straightforward language and easy reading style make it a necessity for all intending futures traders." Tony Makowiak (Client Adviser, BrokerOne)

"Brent and I have fought the same battles, traded the same markets, been educated and have educated together. He has a genuine passion and knowledge of the markets." JR (John Robertson - Client Adviser, I-Deal Financial Group)

"This book is a must read for any person currently trading the SPI or anyone seriously contemplating it. It caters for all levels of trading ability and is written by a trader who has experienced the highs and lows of trading this contract. Brent's style of writing is such that the most difficult orders are explained in the simplest form, thus allowing all standards of traders a better understanding of order placement, which is imperative to trading." Matthew Andronicus (Client Adviser, BrokerOne)

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