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Attention all new (and not so new) traders and investors wanting to protect their hard earned capital and profits: 

John Atkinson's videos: 

 How to Start Trading & Investing

and Money & Risk Management
in the Stock Market

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Dear trader/investor, 

Maybe you are looking to get started wisely in the market but you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed as to where to begin? 

Or perhaps you’ve been trading for a while; have heard from other traders that Money and Risk Management are key to your long term survival and profitability in the market; but have yet to learn how to apply them to your own trading or investing? 

If so, read on as these two videos will allow you to sit in the comfort of your home and learn the basics of what you’re looking for and help put you on the right track.

 Why Listen to John Atkinson?

John has been through the school of hard knocks in the stock market and believes in telling it the way it really is -- unlike some other educators who will spruik about how much money you can make ……. but fail to tell you how much more you can easily LOSE ……..  

John Atkinson achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Civil Engineering at Surrey University (UK) in 1975 and spent the next 35 years as a Civil and Geotechnical Engineer in England , South Africa and Australia . During that time he wrote and managed over $1 Billion worth of contracts. 

First Big Mistake: In 1999 John incorrectly assumed he could simply transfer his analytical and project management skills to the stock market. 

Second Big Mistake: John and I thought if we had a medical problem we would go to a doctor; a dental challenge to a dentist; a legal issue to a lawyer etc. …. so being novices in the stock market without any prior knowledge or experience it made sense to invest my inheritance with a stock broker. 

Third Big Mistake: After doubling our money on paper in 6 months, we listened to our broker’s poor advice to hang on to falling margined stocks in the tech stock crash of 2000 ….. and lost our Sydney Harbour waterfront home as a result. 

Having gone from riches to almost rags, John and I decided to start again – only this time we went looking for the education we wish we’d sought before trusting our funds with someone else. 

John scoured the world to find some of the best information possible from experienced traders who trade for a living - - to teach us what we needed to learn to start the huge climb back. 

John invested in various stock trading courses and spent countless hours attending workshops and learning from internationally renowned traders such as Jim Berg, Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull, Dr Alexander Elder, Dr Brett Steenbarger and Dr Van Tharp. 

In 2004 John and I launched ShareTradingEducation.com with just one product – John’s first ebook ‘The Atkinson-Guppy Articles’ – to republish a series of articles he had written for Daryl Guppy’s newsletter ‘Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis’. 

In 2005 Jim Berg, author of ‘Shares to Buy and When’ and ‘The Stock Trading Handbook’ joined the team, here at ShareTradingEducation.com. 

Through our weekly ‘Investing & Online Trading’ mentoring-style Newsletter, Jim and John now provide a unique ‘good cop-bad cop’ education whereby Jim teaches his common sense ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ Trading System and John teaches traders how to avoid the pitfalls of the stock market.

E.g. In early December 2007, John Atkinson warned our Newsletter Members of the potential for a Double Top Key Reversal pattern in world markets, BEFORE the GFC. 

" I apologise for being brutally honest "

John Atkinson, co-author of ‘How to Write Your Own Trading Plan’,
’10 Secrets to Online Trading & Investing’ and ‘The Stock Market Wizards of Aus’, says:

“ The sad but real fact of trading is that most unprepared novices fail. Some sources quote as many as 95% do not make it. My wife and I were part of those statistics back in 2000. 

Beginner (and some more experienced) traders either: 

i) Do not take the time to educate themselves thoroughly – so they go into the snake pit of the market totally blind and try to trade with some of the best minds in the world. 

ii) Get Into the pit and have beginner’s luck, make lots of money but then do not have a Money Management Plan in place to protect their trading capital and profits - so the market takes back what they previously gained (and often much more). 

Without a structured Plan, sooner or later you may change from being a conservative investor to trying to ‘overplay’ the fast track of speculative or leveraged trading …….. or may be overexposed in one sector…… or be holding too many positions …….. or too large a position ……and the market suddenly turns or, worse still, crashes.  

Or maybe you will ignore your stop losses (if you’ve set them in the first place) and go into the BHP approach (Buy, Hope and Pray). 

Or maybe you will listen, as we did at the start of the tech stock crash in 2000, to a licensed broker at a large Institution who advised us: 

o “It’s not a loss unless you sell it” and 

o “If it’s broken today, it’s fixed tomorrow” (meaning wait for prices to “come back”) and 

o “Sell anything that’s even money or better” - which means you end up selling your best performing stocks and holding on to your losers! 

I apologize for being brutally honest, but my reason is to help save you from yourself. Believe me it can happen. It did happen to us …… and we learnt the hard way… 

Thanks to Angela, my loving wife of nearly 40 years, we survived to tell the tale. 

Our aim in creating these 2  valuable videos is that now you can learn from our mistakes without hopefully having to reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes yourself. 

Angela and I do not want you to experience a fraction of the financial destruction - not to mention the terrifying emotional turmoil and stress which we went through. “ 

These two videos were filmed by Alex Novotni at Jim Berg’s and John’s weekend Boot Camp in 2016, attended by the full spectrum of knowledge and trading / investing skills - from complete beginners through to full time traders with many years of experience. 

After these presentations all attendees completed feedback forms. When we tallied their responses, 98% rated John's presentations as "Very Good" or "Excellent!"

Video #1: ‘Introduction to Trading

 & Investing in the Stock Market’

While John Atkinson trades in Australia , the principles covered in this video may be applied in markets around the world. 

This session was presented to novice traders as a general introduction to the market, trading psychology and to Jim Berg's trading & investing approach. 

{Please Note: More specific details of Jim's trading system are presented by Jim on his own DVD 'How to Trade & Invest in the Stock Market - An Evening with Jim Berg', filmed in Sydney in March 2014 )  

Here’s just some of what you will learn from this 110 minute video by John Atkinson :

  •  The basics of Indices, Sectors, Industry Groups and Stock Codes
  • The influences which make the market move
  •  How to use Fundamental Analysis without getting bogged down
  •  What successful trading really is – and what it is not
  • How shares are traded in Australia
  • How to understand Depth of Market when placing a trade
  •  Introduction to Market Psychology, including characteristics of successful traders
  • How to get Started in the Market
  • The basics of what's in a chart? 
  • How to use ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ to increase the probability of success

  • How to choose whether to use intraday, daily or weekly charts?
  • How to Protect Your Capital and Profits
  • The Power of Compounding
  • 4 Steps to Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses
  • And more essential steps to help beginners become aware before they get started in the market.

See below for details on how to order your copy separately, as part of a package.


Video #2: ‘Introduction to Money and Risk Management in the Stock Market’


This video is suitable for both beginners and for those more experienced traders / investors who have yet to implement Money and Risk Management into their portfolios. 

 Hint: Do not “.. reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes yourself ”

 John Atkinson, author, Co-Editor and private trader says:

“ These 2 videos contain an overview of the valuable education my wife Angela and I have discovered over the past 11 years - since we lost our Sydney Harbour waterfront home as complete novices without any stock or share trading education. 

In fact, a fellow trader recently commented that he would say ' .....these videos cost us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in real losses to produce……..' 

This is why it is with the utmost conviction that we now urge all beginners contemplating starting in the market - and those more experienced who do not know how to manage their Money and Risk - to educate yourself thoroughly BEFORE you put another dollar into the market. 

Take the time to sit down in the comfort of your own home, take copious notes, replay the videos over and over, then actively implement whatever you consider is important to you and your financial independence. They could save you countless dollars of losses, irrespective of increased potential profits. 

As I said above - ‘Our aim in creating these 2  valuable videos is that now you can learn from our mistakes without hopefully having to reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes yourself'. “

Your Full 'No Questions Asked' 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

When John and I go to a seminar we are happy to take away just one idea or strategy we can use.

These 2 Videos contain not one, but many ideas and strategies to help you:

1) Get started in the market wisely and

2) Manage your Money and Risk.

You have a full 90 days to review these videos. If you're not completely satisfied, we’ll immediately refund 100% of your money.

That is our Guarantee to you! No strings, no questions. Simply contact us within 90 days of purchase, with a copy of your receipt and we’ll give you a 100% money-back refund, guaranteed.

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May you trade profitably and confidently with Jim Berg's 'Weight-of-Evidence'.

Angela Atkinson

Founder and CEO, ShareTradingEducation.com


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