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What You Must Do to Win


Essential Steps to
Become A Profitable Trader


 DVD (80 mins)


From Catherine Taylor , Your #1 Traders’ Coach for
Lasting, Tangible & Measurable Success



Dear Friend,

"To win the outer game you must
first win the inner game."

It's a fact: Two traders  can trade the same Plan, yet end up with 2 completely different results in their profitability.

As that’s definitely the case, have you ever wondered what YOU can do to put yourself in the winners’ circle? …………. What can YOU do to ‘up the ante’ in your own trading results?

Coaching traders and investors has been one of my specialties for over 20 years. In that time I have and still do work with traders with portfolios worth from 10,000 to literally millions of dollars.

I have seen some of those traders consistently pull profits that outperform the market - regardless of market conditions.

Before we teamed up together, some of these very same traders:

Ø Had been losing money. They knew they should have sat out of the market and used their time wisely to improve their performance & mindset - but they didn't know how to start or where to go for help, or what to do ……..

Ø Even though some were incredibly level headed and analytical traders with really sound trading systems and knowledge –they were living lives of quiet desperation …… frustrated because they knew they could create better results ………..but didn't know how ………

Ø Other Traders who would reel with excitement when they had won big …… only to promptly self destruct and lose not only their profits ……… but also part of their trading capital too as they could not handle their psychology of winning.

Ø And yet other Traders who, before they started with me, were in a completely shattered and despondent state - as they:

o Had given far too much money back to the market

o Were suffering serious financial implications

o Knew fear was causing them to be reluctant and so

o Were missing out on taking advantage of the opportunities that the market so often gives.

Importantly, all of these Traders have discovered a common key ………that your ongoing ability to successfully take consistent profits out of the market is not just dependent on your trading systems. ……………

………. Why? Because market knowledge, systems and tools are only the mechanical aspect of your trading business.

They understand that the market is arguably for those who can exercise great control, both mentally and emotionally. ……….i.e. It’s all about how YOU operate in the market.

Lasting, Tangible & Measurable Success

I must warn you upfront. You will either love my work or hate it.

Why? Because unlike some coaches I do not pussyfoot around and give you ‘feel good’ information that gets you nowhere.

I understand that what you need right now is straight talk – ‘meaty’ substance to help you understand how you operate, someone who will ask you the tough questions to help you get from where you are right now ........ to wherever you want to go.

That’s why you may find some of what I will share with you to be challenging, maybe even confronting – as it may need you to make some changes. (If you’re resistant to change, then this is where the ‘hate’ will kick in!)

Keep in mind though that my sincere intent is for you to become a better and more profitable trader you can be - so you can create a financial future that is richer and to experience the personal satisfaction and enjoyment of being a great trader.

If you don’t invest the time, money and energy into creating that future, you’ll end up operating off old beliefs and behaviors that don't support you in where you want to go, or at the speed you want to get there.

Too often I see people turn themselves inside out by not acknowledging and focusing on the things they can control.

Get clear on the things you can’t control - namely the market and market makers - and focus on what you CAN control.

You can’t control the Market but you can ‘control’ YOU.

20 plus years of educating and coaching traders to superior profitability proves that the key to your success or failure in the market always comes down to YOU, i.e.: 

1. How you behave

2. What actions you take (or not)

3. YOU are the only one that can generate a profitable long-term income stream for you and your family

That’s why real success in the market depends on:

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com What you know, and how well you apply it

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com The presence of mind and emotional maturity to take what you know and to apply it

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com The skills to first create your Trading Plan, then the mindset to execute that Plan, so you can realize your goal of greater profitability

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com Your ability to be honest with yourself and

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com Your ability to correct any deviations and behaviors that literally steal your profits.

In reality, YOU are the one responsible for making money and creating wealth. You are also the one responsible for the number of opportunities you miss ……. and how much you lose. 

Bottom-line, the better shape you are in mentally and emotionally, the greater your level of success, period.

Regardless of your current level of success or failure - or the time you’ve been trading - I can guarantee you there’s always something to learn about yourself and how you function as a trader.

So, it is my genuine desire to help you:

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com Raise your personal confidence as a trader

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com Improve your abilities and hence performance, and – as a direct result

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.com Increase your overall profitability.

Here's What You Will Discover

I’m going to tell you something that could totally change your whole financial future.

All that’s needed for you to begin to tap into your real wealth making potential is some straight forward education – so you can implement what you learn, make a few key shifts and set yourself on the path to increased prosperity.

This exclusive ‘What YOU Must Do To Win’ DVD comprises 2 of my ‘live’ presentations.

They were recorded at Jim Berg’s weekend Boot Camp, for traders and investors from around the world:

SESSION 1: Market Psychology (26 Minutes)

Although this session was originally planned for complete beginners, in fact more than half the room was filled with experienced traders looking for nuggets!

Now it’s your opportunity to discover more about:

§ Trading Psychology 101

§ Your Emotions and how they affect your results

§ The herd mentality – and what the professionals do

§ The holy grail for traders

§ False prophets to be aware of

§ Gambling 

§ The Characteristics of successful traders

SESSION 2 : Live Coaching Workshop (54 Minutes)

This session is where the rubber really meets the road & is based on my experience of coaching traders for more than 20 years

This ‘no holds barred’ session was attended by all traders at the Boot Camp - and now you too can discover: 

  • The one essential action you can take to substantially influence your trading performance EVERY day.
  • How to cut through the information overload that can otherwise bog you down
  • Have you ever been “frozen like a deer in the headlights” and your trading performance plummeted?
  • Discover what you can do when your emotions hold you captive.
  • Increase your ability to focus by becoming the 'policeman' of your mind, so you can direct your mind to what’s important for you ………..increased trading profits.
  • Explore what is your driving force for being a trader and use it as FUEL to raise your performance
  • If you are a trader and in a primary relationship you need to know this..Understand how money and love can so easily become enmeshed and affect your trading and
  • How your portfolio balance can dictate your self-esteem
  • How to align your style of trading with your own personality and circumstances

Get Your FREE Bonus Audio and Workbook

Order your copy of ‘What You Must Do to Win’ DVD right now and you instantly download these TWO Free Bonuses:

Bonus #1 My MP3 Audio ‘14 Steps to Trading Mastery’
(approx 1 hour)

Bonus #2 My 60 page Workbook of the audio transcripts, PLUS even more in-depth information AND 8 Tutorial exercises to help you increase your awareness and performance

In this unique Audio and Workbook package you will discover:

      • The proven and powerful strategies that I have taught to my most profitable Traders who currently are consistently pulling healthy profits from the market
      • Winning behaviours, methodologies and practices that underpin the success they use and experience along the way to Trading Mastery. 

This exclusive Audio and Workbook package is yours, Free when you order this DVD. Some of my inner circle 'You In The Market' elite traders have told me these bonuses are worth many times the amount of the DVD alone.

"A Fantastic tool....."


I really don't believe you can package Catherine Taylor into any book that can express her true worth and skill - but I must admit, the '14 Steps to Trading Mastery' workbook and audio put the essence of her teachings into a nutshell that can be opened at any time for her wisdom, guidance and direction.

It's especially useful for those like me who are unable to attend any of her live courses or groups and a fantastic tool to take you on the wonderful and challenging pursuit of trading mastery.


Meredith Sugg, Private Trader, Woodanilling , 2010
"I liked Catherine’s easy to understand way of explaining"

 “ I have read work from others on Trading Psychology, but it was mostly extremely complicated and difficult, and left me feeling worn out.

I liked Catherine’s easy to understand way of explaining a very involved and detailed topic (perhaps she talks the same language as me as she is female!) but anyway – she got across points I have heard before, but found difficult to relate to and have it explained in a way that the information can be used.

Thank you Catherine  for your dedicated efforts to assisting traders!“

Janie Haddleton, private trader in Western Australia, April 2014

How Much is Your Market Success Truly Worth?
Consider the Following ......

First, consider how much extra money you have may have already ‘donated’ to other traders when you've been on the losing side of a trade ..... but didn't exit when you knew you should.

Next, consider the potential of how much money you could save - and then make - in the future by having a winner's mindset in place to stick to your Plan and cut losses quickly and let your profits run.........

At this point, you're probably wondering what's the investment for such a program that, quite sincerely, could be your launch pad to a vastly improved financial future?

My most profitable traders tell me that this package should sell for several hundred - and some say thousands - of dollars as the content has been worth considerably more than that to them.

But I'm not going to sell it for anywhere near that much. Here's why...

I want you to be totally thrilled with the value you're getting. I know that once you experience this amazing DVD and bonus audio/workbook and get great results, then you'll probably tell your friends to visit this website and grab a copy as well. You'll be like a walking billboard for the coaching work I deliver!

And to be completely upfront with you, it’s my way of ‘win-win’ advertising …... Why? …… Because if you benefit greatly from this package and want to go even further, then you may elect to join me later in my ‘Trading Mastery’ or ‘You In The Market’ online group coaching sessions.

I firmly believe that over delivering more than expected and helping others first reach, then exceed, their goals are the true keys to long-term success (the testimonials I keep getting are proof). That's why I've decided to practically give this package away...

When you understand that I normally charge 1,000 per hour for personal one-on corporate consulting, and even more when group coaching corporate executives, you'll be very excited to hear that I'm offering ‘What You Must Do To Win –Essential Steps to Become a Profitable Trader’ on an introductory basis.

This is a very limited time offer. I plan on raising the price (which is still like a drop in the ocean compared with the results you can achieve).

Let Me Make You A Solid Guarantee

Just so we are clear, I won’t be giving you any technical analysis. I’ll leave that in the capable hands of Jim Berg, here at ShareTradingEducation.com.

What I WILL give you is really powerful information to help you substantially and measurably improve the way YOU operate in the market – so at last you can be on the road to lasting, tangible and measurable success - guaranteed.

Quite simply, you are covered by my personal 6 Months 100% Money-Back Guarantee on this package.

Order my DVD and instantly download your Free Bonus Workbook and Audio. Study them over, pull them apart, put them under the microscope and put them into practice.

If you are not completely satisfied with the contents, let me know how you have genuinely implemented this knowledge and I'll refund your money for this DVD in full. After all, if you're not happy, I don't want your money.


And, you can keep the entire pack including the bonus gifts, as my way of saying "thank you" for giving my package a try.

I invite you to journey with me to discover the essential steps to become a successful trader, so you can significantly improve your own performance and hence profitability.



Catherine Taylor
CEO, Powerhouse Coaching and Consulting 

P.S. You probably already have some good technical knowledge and may have already done some ground work into understanding Trading Psychology.

What you will NOT find in this package is pop psychology.

I won’t be sharing with you how to feel better about yourself as a trader, nor will I list a host of affirmations that ‘cover up’ or go over the top of some fundamentally flawed ways of thinking and behaving.

In this DVD and bonus Audio/Workbook package, we go much further, much deeper into the psyche of the trader ......... to help you discover  the 'Missing Link' to your success.

DVD: What You Must Do To Win - Catherine Taylor

We’ll mail out your DVD to you in the next few days. To order your copy now, simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button below. 

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