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You And Your Goals


Introducing the step by step, “paint by numbers’ system of “Blueprint For Trading Success – You and Your Goals”:


Master the Secrets
to A
chieve Your Trading and Life Goals


Your chance to let me help you reach your goals - as I have done for countless Successful Traders and individuals.


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From the desk of Catherine Taylor,
CEO Powerhouse Coaching and Consulting

Thursday 4.30 pm

Dear friend,

I know how difficult it can be to go out there and achieve success.

Since 1987, I have trained thousands of people on achieving their goals, from seasoned traders and investors to business owners and entrepreneurs and people who simply wanted to start living the life they knew they could have. I’ve delivered over 32,000 hours of workshops and coaching over the years with clients in Australia, the U.S., China, Russia, N.Z. and Canada.


"Catherine, you and your work have changed my world in ways I could not have imagined. I now generate 120% more than what I did when I was working like a dog and constantly travelling. I share my home with my girlfriend of 3 years and we will marry next year. I have purchased an additional 3 investment properties and I drive my BMW dream car. I can confidently say that I have an incredibly fulfilling and balanced life.

I have achieved what I class as my lifetime goals in just 4 years. Thank you!"


David Finau, Brisbane, 2008

Note: These testimonials represent exceptional results. Your results will vary.

I have worked with countless people like you who have had goals that they want to achieve.

You can probably achieve your goals on your own - however how much more quickly could you achieve them if you had an effective step by step process laid out in front of you? It makes it SO much easier!

"Since working with Catherine I have developed my long and short term goals and planned those actions I need to put in place to achieve these goals.

As a consequence I have become more disciplined in my trading, more concerned about capital protection , more professional in my trading activity and increasingly aware of where I need to further develop my skills."

Greer Furmage, Sunshine Coast, 2009

Over those years, I have witnessed so many traders going through the motions, yet they often produce mediocre results.

The pain of watching this motivated me to put together my cost effective step-by-step process to help you achieve your goals – in trading and in other areas of your life. I’ve used this same process over many years and it continues to produce great results.

I understand that trading is an incredibly important area of your life and I know that so often when you get focused on one area, others go by the wayside and suddenly your standing there looking at your overall performance and asking yourself “What happened?”

The stock traders I have coached in that time have had portfolios ranging from a few thousand to literally five million dollars. Their starting point is not what’s important – what’s important right now is establishing YOUR own starting point and your goals today ....... and helping you get to where you want to go.

Whether you’ve experienced great trading success before or it’s just something that you yearn for, in just a few moments you’re about to discover exactly how to fast-track your results and say ‘good-bye’ to regret.

Let’s be honest with each other -- based on all your trading and life experiences and all the knowledge you’ve accumulated so far .……….:

  • How long will you have to keep working before you can retire comfortably?
  • How long have you been yearning for more from your life?
  • How much more do you want to give to your partner, children, community or charities?
  • Exactly what is it you deserve to have in your life?

Enough is enough; let's look at the most important question of all...

    • How long are YOU going to continue doing things in your life the same way while still expecting a totally different outcome?

Would you sleep better at night and how much happier would your today be if you knew how to focus on, then go about achieving what you REALLY, really want in your life?

Do you ever wonder how those who seem to ‘have it all’ do it?

If you’re anything like so many I have worked with then:

  • Maybe you’ve tried but have fallen short of the goals you have set, or
  • You made some progress but your heart’s not in tune with the results you’ve achieved, or
  • Maybe you’ve WASTED precious time and energy thinking about what you want to achieve, or
  • You’ve never been shown The Right Way - how to set Your Goals, or
  • You want to succeed but maybe you doubt you’ve got what it takes


Bottom line, if you can relate to any of the above frustrations, then this is going to be the single most important letter you will ever read!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” - Benjamin Franklin

Imagine that you have the opportunity to start afresh. Right now is the perfect time to assess where you are in your life and either get back on track and to set goals for your future……..

But how many times have you set goals only to find yourself 1/2 or even 3/4 of the way through the year with little or no progress toward those goals? Well, I can help!


Blueprint for Success - You and Your Goals

Tomorrow is like a blank canvass and you hold the painters brush. Blueprint is the artist guidebook that will guide you in knowing what it is that you want to paint, what brush to use and how to best go about using it to creating the painting of your dream.

In “Blueprint for Success – You and Your Goals” I give you that same material that others have paid literally thousands of dollars to help them achieve their dreams......

  • ...Dreams of a better life filled with freedom, abundance and fulfillment...
  • ...Dreams of a healthy, vigorous body that's overflowing with energy...
  • ...Dreams of achieving everything they ever wanted in the shortest time possible...
  • ...And dreams of becoming a leading authority in their area of expertise, creating a legacy that will last for decades.

You will strengthen your vision of your goals, clarify your plans and lay out step by step all the necessary steps that you must take to achieve your goals.

“Blueprint for Success – You and Your Goals” is jam packed with incredible information, powerful strategies and action steps and assignments that you can use to achieve your goals.

Goal setting still remains one of the best and most tried and tested ways to manage your time and plan out your future, so you can REALLY succeed.

Master goal setting and you’ll quickly discover that not only your trading but also your life in general will improve in leaps and bounds!

This MP3 Audio and Workbook package can be the key to escaping the frustration and confusion you've been experiencing -- and unlocking the doorway to a much happier, more prosperous tomorrow.

… In just a few short weeks I was able to see clearly what the issues were in terms of my mindset and my habits and pro-actively worked on those areas to turn things around. Just weeks after completing that course.

I had created a high four figure passive income stream that runs practically on auto-pilot. 

I was creating cash with ease and actually enjoying ... no … LOVING what I was doing in business. Since that time, my business has gone from strength to strength, and even with the increased revenue there has NOT been an increase in stress or work levels… 

Alan Furlong 2013, Founder ‘The Business Renovators’, Pottsville NSW www.BizRenovators.com

In ‘Blueprint For Success – You and Your Goals’, my own goal is to:

  • Provide you with the knowledge, tools and processes to gain clarity of what it is that you want
  • Help you get your head and heart in the right place to go for what you want
  • Give you a powerful ‘Goal Setting Blueprint’ as an extra bonus to assist you create your goals, get into action, monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments and reward yourself as you move toward your goals.

In short, everything you need right now to start creating, set and accomplishing your goals from today.


Here's What You Will Get

In “Blueprint for Success – You and Your Goals” you will receive:

    1. - An MP3 Audio of over an hour, recorded from my exclusive full-on Goal Setting E-Workshop.
    2. - A comprehensive Workbook designed to help you set your goals then how to go about achieving them as simply and as quickly as possible

I know the power of this content as I have seen the results that so many students and clients have created over the years - by implementing the knowledge that they have gained.

The 54-page workbook will provide you with easy step-by-step instructions to:

- Help you create a blue-print for a life time of success, prosperity and achievement.

- Write your own clear, specific, measurable trading goals

- Make more money - by first deciding exactly what you really want

- Set deadlines, sub-deadlines and schedules

- Recognize the key obstacles holding you back

- Establish the additional knowledge and skills you will require

- Construct a detailed Plan of Action

- Successfully visualize your goals in advance

- Increase your self-confidence - the key to success in all areas of life

- Create the determination you need to succeed

- Practice higher levels of self-discipline and self-control in your trading

- Accomplish more of your goals, faster than you ever have before

How Much Would All This
Be Worth To You?

Back in 1987 when I first began coaching, if someone had offered me this step-by-step complete program for setting goals, I would have been willing to pay 500 - 1,000 even 2,000 to get a ready made system I could immediately apply to set my own goals and turn my life around.

I would have gladly paid that much instead of going through 21 painful years of trial and error.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English, which means it's easy to read and understand. And it's logically laid out.

As nothing will be shipped to you, it saves a lot of time and money on printing manuals, duplicating CD’s and shipping.

We've packaged it up into a few easy to download files - which means no waiting for shipping, no waiting for days, even a couple of weeks to get started... YOU can have it NOW!

Which is why "Blueprint for Success – You and Your Goals’ is such a bargain right now for the amazingly low investment.

That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth or what it cost me to research.

I look forward to hearing your feedback as to how this package has helped improve your own trading and reshaped your destiny.


Order Your Copy Of
'Blueprint for Success
– You and Your Goals’

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Special Bonus Package:

Bonus #1: 

In this Bonus "Setting Yourself Up for Trading Success"

MP3 Audio and workbook package from another of my Teleseminars - you will discover how to:

  • Set your personal trading targets
  • Identify and tap into the power of knowing what you want and why
  • Become really clear on how to create the best set-ups to bring your optimum performance into being for this year, plus
  • How to stay on track

yours FREE today

Bonus # 2: 'Your Goal Setting Blueprint'

My second FREE Bonus to you is your Personal Step-by step Goal Setting template for trading the market and in life.

First Listen to the MP3 Audio from the Goal Setting package and immerse yourself in the Workbook to gain a full understanding on the importance of and how to set your trading and life goals.
Then find a quiet tree to sit under ………. pull out this 'Goal Setting Template…….. fill out each question ……….. and design the rest of your life.
Now you can finally level the playing field, plan your goals and monitor your progress the way many other successful traders do!

FREE To You Today!

Let Me Make You A Solid Guarantee

Quite simply, you are covered by my unconditional 6 Months no questions asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Order my Goal Setting Workbook and Audio. Study them over, pull them apart, and put them under the microscope. 

If you are not completely satisfied with the contents, I'll refund your money in full. After all, if you're not happy, I don't want your money!

And, you can keep the entire pack including the bonus gifts, as my way of saying "thank you" for giving my program a try.

This really is a no-brainer. The risk in providing you this package is on me ........ not you!

Take Control of How You Can Set and Achieve Your Goals - Starting Immediately!

Many years ago I heard that we so often over-estimate what we can achieve in one year ………. yet we under-estimate what we can achieve in ten years.

Think for just a minute: What if you had access to this valuable Audio and Workbook program 12 months ago? Where would you be now?

Now, imagine where you will be if you don’t take action? You need to enroll in this program—it’s your one chance to do it now for almost nothing. 

Today is the day you turn things around and start heading in the right direction...

Today's the day you break free from the cocoon, going from being just another face in the crowd to a magnet that attracts wealth, success, and relationships...

Today's the day you'll always look back on as the turning point, when you took that all-important first step that changed everything...

And you'll smile.

It truly is a wonderful life. And I want you to experience it with me.

Can I count on you?

If I can leave you with just one thought, it is this;
Make tomorrow build on today - You owe it to yourself!




Catherine Taylor
CEO, Powerhouse Coaching and Consulting


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P.S. Let's face facts: hindsight is a wonderful tool. How many times in your life have you looked back and said to yourself, "I should have bought those stocks"; "I should have bought that house", "I should have grabbed that opportunity" …....STOP! ...Stop "shoulding" all over yourself and take action! ....

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You And Your Goals - Catherine Taylor

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