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"I was one of 46% of the 17,991 participants in profit after its completion last Wednesday and ranked in the top 38% with some awesome trades - despite giving others 2.5 months start.....".

29 Jun 2017 8:15 AM

Our congratulations and thanks to Phillip Kellaway for sending us this review this month:


' Recently I participated in the ASX Sharemarket Game which had already started 2.5 months before, in February 2017.

I had previously read about 20 books on Charting, candlesticks from Louise Bedford and Chris Tate's books from your recommendations etc and from looking at your site in October 2016.

I started with Jim Berg's complete JB Combo Signature System in late March 2017.

I joined the ASX Sharemarket game on the 3rd April.

I was one of 46% of the 17,991 participants in profit after its completion last Wednesday and ranked in the top 38% with some awesome trades, despite  giving others 2.5 months start*.

One of my notional trades achieved $1,328 sheer profit in close to 4 weeks* and was just one of many trades....

Simply put the Jim Berg's charting and training has allowed me to maximise my  paper trading in the ASX Game and I am very confident as I move forward in trading quality Stock investments.

All based on Jim's  Alerts, volume, volatility, daily share notices and knowing when to get in and out. 

ShareTradingEducation.com has given me new-found abilities with Jim's 'Weight-of -Evidence' approach that I can be 95% confident of assessing any Stocks  - either here on the ASX. or using USA Charts.

Jim's vital JB Volatility Indicators are significant guideposts for planning entry and exit strategies on any position.

They have given me that edge in my trading that I have never had before.

I do hope this explains my "amazing" new found knowledge

Thanks to your Team training. I greatly appreciate your assistance!

Phil Kellaway, private trader, Pambula Beach, NSW June 2017

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