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Introducing Julio De Laffitte

and JDL Strategies 21 Apr 2012 8:15 AM

A message from Jim Berg:

"For many years we have been on the search for someone who shares our mindset and values regarding customer service. I am happy to say that we have finally found the perfect partner in Julio De Laffitte, CEO & Founder of JDL Strategies.

Established for over 16 years, his motto of "one client at a time and each client for life" really resonated with us. 

Julio and his team throughout Australia have been helping everyday Australians reach their dreams of financial independence, often well before their retirement, by implementing his Chain Reaction Strategy. 

If you are interested in a system where houses buy houses and then the houses buy everything else, including a share portfolio, then you won't want to miss this opportunity.

Julio will be in:

  • Perth on May 19th
  • Brisbane on June 16th 
  • Sydney on June 23rd  
  • Melbourne on July 7th   

to present his full day ‘Fast Track’ event where he will teach you how JDL Strategies can help you on your journey.

Julio has invited me to attend as his guest, and also allowed me the privilege of bringing up to 20 people to each location. These tickets are valued at $1,500 each but are free to the first 20 people who respond , so just click this link if you would like to confirm your space. 

What you'll learn first-hand at this full day workshop are the strategies that have created over 223 multi-millionaires in Australia. These multi-millionaires have achieved their financial success directly from using the strategies that Julio and his team developed and implemented for them. 

Please consider this event as it will no doubt offer some positive, and possibly life changing, investment possibilities. "

To discover more, go now to http://www.jdlfasttrackseminar.com/ste/

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