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Money & Risk Query and 2 Reminders

15 Sep 2014 8:58 AM

Hi fellow trader,

In his classic book ‘Trading for a Living’, Dr Alexander Elder wrote that successful traders need to master the 3 M’s: 

1)     Mind 

 2)     Method and 

 3)     Money and Risk Management 

Dr Elder likened it to a trading stool – all 3 legs need to be strong for the stool to stand and not fall over.

If you missed your recent Free Wrap on ‘Money, Risk and Trade Management’ by Joseph Barrington Lew, (creator of the JBL Risk Manager), you can still download it now here now ==>

The most frequent question we received was; “Do I need MetaStock to use the software?”    Joseph replied; 

“JBL Risk Manager 8.6 integrates (reads) MetaStock format downloaded data but does not require the MetaStock Software to run. You will need to enter the path where your data is kept - in the program’s Settings page.  

E.g. If you use JB Premium Data, the path is C drive then Trading Data then Stocks then ASX then Equities. The program also has a CSV import function.” 


Our thanks also to Gavan Bethke, a private trader in Yass, NSW, wrote last month: 

I have been using the JBL Risk Manager (RM) for several years and recently updated to the latest version. I would not purchase a stock without entering the purchase details into the RM first. 

It is invaluable for position sizing and money management...In my opinion JBL RM is a top product that should be a mandatory tool for any trader or investor."


To help you manage your trades and control risk using the JBL Risk Manager, click here to start your fully functional 14 day trial: www.paconsulting.net.au/uploads/set-up-JA.exe




Joseph is currently offering:

1.    A Free Upgrade to those that have purchased Version 8.5 or 8.4 from us during the past 18 months – please email Joseph at joseph@paconsulting.net.au to arrange your upgrade. 

2.   A $50 $aving on his JBL Risk Manager.
(PLEASE NOTE: This offer must close midnight tomorrow, Tuesday 16th September.)

For more details on the JBL Risk Manager, Click Here Now ==>


If you have any queries, please Contact Us  

May you trade with Jim Berg’s 'Weight-of-Evidence',


The ShareTradingEducation.com team 


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