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New! USA Stock of the Week

Starts next week 30 Jun 2014 8:20 AM

 "Jim's ‘Stock of the Week’ analysis really ‘hit home’ to me"

"I am finding that the more I dig deeper into the detail of Jim Berg’s strategy/methods the more it makes sense to me, and thus is working in my trading. 

Jim's new ‘Stock of the Week’ analysis really ‘hit home’ to me the application of strategy; how to really apply it, and to see it working consistently, and is now assisting me with back testing I am doing.  It is exciting and challenging.

Thank you for your dedicated efforts to assisting traders!"
Janie Haddleton, private trader, WA, April 2014

Our thanks again to Janie and to others Members who have provided their positive feedback on our Australian ‘Stock of the Week’ since we introduced this segment in March 2014. 

Jim Berg is currently waiting for the conditions described on Page 17 of this week’s Report to confirm future market direction - before he reopens the Portfolio or launches his upcoming Signals Services

When we launch those Signals, we plan to include not only Australian shares, but also USA stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - for both short term trading and longer term weekly investing.

This will allow us to: 

i)    Have a wider range of shares for potential Signals at anytime

ii)  Add the scope of having stocks in one country to look at while a ‘Caution’ notice is in place in another market

iii)   Optimise any potential Liquidity issues

iv)  Increase the number of instruments available to trade in falling markets, for those who prefer not to go to cash”

In preparation for this, today we are very pleased to announce the introduction of our new ‘USA Stock of the Week, commencing next week

This initiative will be in a similar form to that currently shown in our Australian Stock of The Week. 

It is designed to teach you how Jim’s proven strategies can be applied to USA Markets and thereby help you further develop your trading and investing skills across the world. 

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any queries and

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