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Rising Trend Signal!

24 Apr 2012 9:48 AM

Last Friday, the 20th April, was a very significant day that we’ve all been waiting for. First, as background: 

In December 2007, Jim Berg warned Members of our ‘Investing & Online Trading mentoring style Newsletter of the potential for a Bear Market or crash and closed the Newsletter’s Portfolio 2 weeks later in January 2008, i.e. BEFORE the GFC.

Jim re-entered the market 18 months later in June 2009, issued his next caution in March 2011 and closed the portfolio again in July 2011, i.e. BEFORE the large falls of August to November 2011.

Those Members who followed Jim’s lead in the past 4 years did NOT lose millions of dollars between them.

Since July 2011, the portfolio has remained closed and our on-going series of articles on Top ASX100 and ASX200 Falls has shown several examples of the value in using Stops to exit the market prior to August 2011.

In January 2012, the DOW and the Nasdaq in the USA switched from falling to rising trends by Jim’s criteria.

After consolidating for several months, the ASX 200 in Australia (XJO) broke above 4300 resistance in March 2012. On Page 6 of this week’s Newsletter, Jim shows that the XJO has also switched to a rising trend by his criteria. Jim is now therefore looking for shares to progressively re-open this Newsletter’s notional Portfolio.

With this in mind, on Page 21 Jim also presents his latest list of ASX300 shares which are in rising trends and have given a JB Alert signal. Jim will now use this list as a Watch List to see which ones give a complete JB Volatility entry signal by his Trading Rules in coming days – as a basis for selecting the first shares to place in this portfolio. 

Starting next week, Newsletter Members will be able to follow Jim Berg step-by-step as he shows, through his notional Newsletter Portfolio: 

  •  How he finds WHICH shares to buy
  •  How he decides WHEN to buy, using his common sense ‘Weight-of-  Evidence’ approach and unique JB Volatility Indicators
  •  How he manages each notional trade, week by week
  •  His Trading Rules on precisely WHEN he sells
  •  The notional results for each notional trade

To continue reading,  download Jim's latest article on 'Exit Strategies'simply click on the pdf link below and login or register now.  

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