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What should I do?

15 Nov 2011 1:53 PM

 Yesterday we received an email from a new visitor to our website, asking; 

XXX  says sell - what should I do ?”

We replied that we do not offer specific, i.e. personal advice. Each individual must make his/her own Financial decisions and be responsible and accountable for such decisions, based on what they learn and thoroughly back-test and from what they may be advised by their own financial advisor, accountant etc.

What we do provide is the education on how to trade or invest in the market using Jim Berg’s common sense approach, so you can see how Jim trades and invests. In fact, since we started this newsletter in July 2005, Jim has not had one major loss of greater than 20% in any notional portfolio trade, with nearly every notional loss contained to less than 10% and many of them less than 5%.

Jim has also provided warnings and closed the notional portfolio ahead of every significant downtrend since 2005 (including the GFC in 2008/9) and saved those Members who followed his lead from not losing millions of dollars between them.

 The education we provide in this Newsletter includes:

  • Jim Berg’s series of caution articles, starting in March this year, through closure of the newsletter portfolio in July through to his current updates each  
  • Jim’s documented trading rules for short term trading and longer term investing, using daily and weekly charts respectively. 
  • Two exercises each week to help you comprehend and use Jim’s Rules, with the results of Jim’s own analysis provided the following week:

1.     Tutorial 1: How to Filter a Watch List using Jim’s weight of evidence

2.     Tutorial 2: How to Analyse Trends (including Pivot Points), Entries and Exits and how to manage short term trades ((incl Initial, Trailing and 16 Day Stops)

We encourage you to take the time to go through these weekly exercises as we know you will gain so much more from this Newsletter as a result  

  • Jim’s analysis of Alerts for the ASX and USA markets - currently for shorts. These Alerts will be replaced for trading long when Jim shows an overall market re-entry signal has been given in his weekly market update
  • Daryl Guppy’s weekly View of the Market and contributions from other well-known traders/educators

Jim and I believe that those who take the time out to ‘sharpen their axe’ in the current market by educating themselves now will be in the best position to take maximum advantage of the first moves in the next rising (bull) market, once an overall market re-entry has been confirmed.

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