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Author and private trader & investor Jim Berg invites you to become a Member of his weekly Report & gain from his 30+ years experience - so you can learn how to trade & invest from home. 

Jim's aim is for you to become a confident trader / investor in 12 weeks with his Expert Help.

You will receive all the details of his common sense 'Weight-of-Evidence' approach, including:

How Jim finds & filters his watch lists of stocks - to find WHICH shares pass his Entry Rules.

 Live examples to show you precisely WHEN Jim Berg:

  1. Buys
  2. Holds and, very importantly
  3. SELLS. 

 Educational exercises you can practice on paper, then compare with Jim's own results. 

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"...an invaluable tool..."

" Many thanks, your weekly ' Investing & Online Trading'  Stock Market Report has been a great influence on and an invaluable tool in the development of my trading system and style, something I now wish I had done when I first discovered your work back in 2006.

Nice to have a bit of integrity in an industry renowned for the opposite."

H Gregson, Private Trader, Sydney NSW. July 2015
" Better Than Anything Else Out There! "

Over the last 10 years I have tried many other stock market educators and publications.

Some of them you have to pay 6 or 12 months in advance, whereas yours is monthly - so it’s far more accessible to trial initially.

I’ve found that your weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' Report' gives you the knowledge and reinforcement better than anything else out there and I think your new segment ‘Now it's Your Turn!’ is just brilliant!

I fill in the exercise templates myself, then check with Jim’s detailed analysis the week later.If there’s a difference, I love reading up on why Jim has done something I may have missed.

The education you provide has definitely helped me improve my skills and profitability in the market.

Thanks for your help over the years. May we all create the lifestyles we deserve.

Richard Clisby, Private Investor & Trader, Greenwith, SA. May 2018
" I finished up in the top 15% and all but one of my last 13 trades were in the money "

"...The 'Now it's Your Turn' Game Changer Tutorial is really useful and thank you for including it in the weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' Report. 

It is certainly helping me to:

1. Better understand the rules and decision points from beginning to end

2. Reinforce my learning and actual practice of trading and investing

I recently went into the last ASX Sharemarket 'game' *.

 Let’s say, my stock selections in the first month were poor (largely made WITHOUT any training & system/rules etc.) 

However, as I progressed through the program and applied the rules, the outcomes achieved were substantially better. 

I finished up in the top 15% and all but one of my last 13 trades were in the money. 

This has certainly given me a lot of confidence in what I have learnt so far and also about the effectiveness of the Jim Berg 'Weight-of-Evidence' approach and rules etc. 

The early stock select failures were a real blessing in disguise because I could go back and see the nature of the errors (system/rule breaches) I’d made at the outset..... "

(* The ASX Sharemarket game uses simulated money, so no actual funds were expended or acquired.)

Terry Hodges, Private Trader & Investor, Gisborne, Victoria, June 2018

Your 3 Fast Action Bonuses

Become a Member today and you also receive these 3 step-by-step Game Changer Templates:

TEMPLATE #1:  Jim Berg's Stock Selection Template

"WHICH Stocks to Buy?"  - 
This is one of the most common problems faced by traders. 

Use this user-friendly Stock Selection Tool to quickly check if stocks on your Watch List  pass Jim Berg's 'Weight-of-Evidence' Entry Rules.

If not, save your time and move on to the next share on your List. 

TEMPLATE #2:  'Now It's Your Turn' Investing Template

For longer term Investing in stocks and shares:

Fill in the data, step-by-step for the Set up, Entry Plan, Actual Entry, Trade & Portfolio Risk, Entry, Stop Management through to Exits

TEMPLATE #3: 'Now It's Your Turn' Trading Template'

Similar to Template 2 but for shorter term trading, including Jim Berg's profit taking strategies.

These 3 Gamechanger Templates (  usually $398 ) will help you plan and manage your investing & trading - from start to finish - using Jim Berg’s proven 'Weight-of-Evidence' approach.

Become a Member today (with no lock-in contract) and you receive these 3 'Now it's Your Turn' Templates as a complimentary Bonus - as part of your New Member Welcome Package.

Investing & Online Trading Report membership

Jim Berg's unique mentoring-style 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report: 

 Is for beginners, through to experienced traders and investors in Australia, USA and other stock & share markets 


 Aims to help you become a better trader and investor - with Jim Berg's expert hands on unique 'learn-by-doing' education


 Is Published online weekly, with 


 Monthly membership subscription of only $49.95 / month 

(less 10% GST for overseas members) 

 No lock-in contract, so you can easily cancel online at any time if  you decide it's not for you


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 P.S Information on its own will NOT change your life

You can Google any topic you like and often find some fairly reliable information. To make a difference,

Implementation is the key. 

It's what YOU DO with what you learn 
which makes expert Jim Berg’s stock & share trading and investing education so VALUABLE.

Jim's focus is to help you implement and get it done....... step-by-step with his unique hands-on 'Weight-of-Evidence'  approach

so to start your journey with Jim Berg today, simply click the 'Add to Cart' button above now.

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