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A former District Court Judge & Order of Australia Member writes:

" Jim, delighted to see you featuring in the latest ASX newsletter. Very well written if you don't mind me saying so and as usual it is of great use to me in trying to work out where we are at the moment.
The information I get from your weekly reports and yearly training sessions provides the basic rules for me in everything I have done in the stock market for many years now.
I had been with a number of educators before finding you and John, but in every case, much of what they taught simply did not ring true and was sometimes even illogical.
From the moment I came across you and your methods, everything clicked into place. I couldn't survive without your help. It is invaluable.
I greatly admire the way you fine tune the system as the market shifts ground and constantly bless the day I found you. I would have given up ages ago if it was not for your guidance. My profound thanks to you both"
Kingsley Newman AM, Private Investor, Adelaide, June 2016