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Jim Berg, ASX speaker, author & educator with 35+ years experience, closed the Portfolio  in his weekly hands-on 'Investing & Online Trading Report' in Jan. 2008. I.e.  BEFORE the GFC.

Members who followed Jim's lead avoided the pain of large losses during the GFC.

Again, Jim closed his Signals Services in Feb 2020 and helped Members avoid the pain of more losses in the March 2020 falls too.  

Are you a BEGINNER, looking to get started, OR EXPERIENCED , looking to improve your skills and results? 

Our aim is to help you learn how to confidently trade & invest in 12 weeks  - with Jim Berg's Expert Help.

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Hi Jim and the team at STE,

Your knowledge and ability to get us out at the appropriate times is uncanny.

Because of your newsletter, I did go to cash with most of my money. So a huge thanks!

Going solo is a necessity to hone and develop ones skills, but staying within a community of like-minded professionals allows one to utilize their knowledge and enhance your learning to become a better trader and investor. 

Many thanks

Adrian Tench, Private Investor, Rivervale, WA , March 2020