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Jim Berg's Video: "How to Trade & Invest in the Share Market"

Expert Trader & Investor Jim Berg details how he trades his own trading account & invests his own SMSF retirement funds - using his  unique ‘Weight - of - Evidence’ strategies & JB Volatility Indicators in rising trends .... then switches to cash 


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"This has been an epiphany for me, even after 12 years as a trader and investor"

" This DVD has laid out for me Jim's approaches and plans in the clearest manner possible.

There is no ambiguity about time frames , pivot points, entries or exits.

The rationale is obvious as are the results. There are no extravagant claims and the fact that trading /Investing can have losses is not concealed. We are shown how to minimise losses for they are inescapable.

Jim is happy to disclose formulae for his special indicators , his system really puts the "black-box" operators out of anybody's consideration.

What is patently clear is that this easy-to-follow method will improve every trader’s results.

As a news-letter subscriber the DVD has brought home to me facts that eluded me in the written word. No longer am I hesitant about when an uptrend commences, how Pivot Points confirm the trend, and how important and effective Jim's use of Volatility is.

Every person with a SMSF should use this DVD and review it regularly. Nor can they afford to be without the monthly news-letter. Traders must have it to be successful.

I have previously been using another software package with a unique indicator for intra-day and forex trading. I think I'll now stop intra-day and currency trading, which is only very occasional but very demanding, for a much simpler life!

This has been an epiphany for me, even after 12 years as a trader and investor. And I have never managed to produce as successful a system in spite of using some wonderful tools. Many thanks!"


Donald Swain, Private Investor, Balwyn, (previous DVD in Sept 2010)

In this video, Jim Berg will show you, step-by-step, how he uses his  unique 'Weight-of-Evidence' and JB Volatility Indicators , developed over 30 years -  to help you learn:

1) How to get started safely and wisely or

2) How to improve your current performance 

in the stock or share market. 


Dear investor/trader, 

Are you tired of listening to misguided, uninformed financial planners and analysts who told you to "Buy and Hold for the long term" - while the share market vaporised and destroyed many investors' wealth by over 50% during the Global Financial Crisis and since?

You're not alone. Countless investors and traders fell for their dangerous Myth 'Time in the market is more important then Timing' - and were left holding an empty bucket as a direct result.

Ask yourself seriously:

DVD - Profitable Stock Trading & Investing Strategies @ ShareTradingEducation.comWould you like to learn how you can take control of your own finances - and never have to leave it to so-called professional'experts' to manage your money ever again?

DVD - Profitable Stock Trading & Investing Strategies @ ShareTradingEducation.comAre you looking for credible information now on how best to put the odds in your favour to grow or rebuild your wealth? 

DVD - Profitable Stock Trading & Investing Strategies @ ShareTradingEducation.comAre you ready to leave financial mediocrity behind you?

If so, the most important question to ask yourself right now is… 

"... How much money do you need to retire, quit working and be financially secure for the rest of your life?"  

"Why listen to Jim Berg?"


                          Jim Berg on Sky Business TV Interview 'Your Money, Your Call'

Why listen to Jim Berg? Here are just a few reasons:

Jim Berg is an Expert Stock & Share Trader and Investor.... he has successfully traded for over 30 years, originally as a professional broker and now from home ........ Jim has taught thousands of traders and investors around the world since 1996......In the middle of the Bear Market of 2000-2003 Jim won the 'Personal Investor' magazine trading game competition .............. 

...... In Brisbane, October 2007 he was billed at the ATAA 'Pathways to Trading Excellence' Conference as one of ".... 10 of the most respected Trading Professionals in the world"..... 

Jim Berg invests in the market when it is going up ....... and switches to cash when it is going down. .... 

.... Jim's exclusive December 2007 Special Report 'Crash vs Bear Market' detailed his technical analysis of the warning signals and showed when and why he was closing his newsletter's notional portfolio .... weeks AHEAD of the savage 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis free-falls!

Those Members who followed Jim’s lead and switched to cash for 1.5 years saved themselves from NOT losing Millions of Dollars as a result.  

Then, in 2012-2013, Jim showed his Members of his weekly 'Investing & Online Trading Report' how to achieve an 81% success rate with 17 Profitable Trades From 21.


"Jim Berg has used sound logic and applies “been-around-for-a-long-time” indicators to capture a visual representation of that logic.”

“ ShareTradingEducation.com helps keep me focused on what really matters – sticking to my plan. Great strategies or plans should be simple - the simpler, the better.

It takes someone with a keen intellect to understand that simple strategies have a much greater chance of still remaining valid as the market changes over time.

Jim Berg has used sound logic and applies “been-around-for-a-long-time” indicators to capture a visual representation of that logic.”

Phillip McGregor, Private trader, Sydney: extract from 'Your Trading Edge' Magazine,2007.

Jim Berg's Evening Seminar: 
'How to Trade & Invest in the Share Market'


In this presentation of about 1.5 hours, Jim Berg reveals what many traders have described as a ‘mini weekend Boot Camp’ - full of information on how he trades and invests in the stock and share market.  

Recorded in Sydney in March 2014, you now have the opportunity to play and replay this video online in your own home -  so you can better understand Jim’s common sense ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ strategies that really work.

When you watch this video 'How toTrade & Invest in the Share Market'  you will benefit from Jim Berg’s more than 30 years trading experience and expertise - as he takes you through the precise steps he takes to successfully trade & invest the stock & share market, including: 

DVD - Profitable Stock Trading & Investing Strategies @ ShareTradingEducation.comFind out the historical patterns which Jim revealed to warn his newsletter Members in December 2007, so you are better prepared to know what to look out for next time. 

Stock & Share Trading Seminar @ ShareTradingEducation.comDiscover the exact 'Big Picture' signals Jim Berg uses to time  WHEN to 'switch to cash' - and when to re-enter the stock market. 

DVD - Profitable Stock Trading & Investing Strategies @ ShareTradingEducation.comDiscover the signals Jim uses to confirm when the market has bottomed and a new uptrend is in place - so you can take advantage of 'First Move' recoveries. 

DVD - Profitable Stock Trading & Investing Strategies @ ShareTradingEducation.com4 key reasons you need to know why SuperFunds underperform and what YOU can do - that the Fund Managers can’t - to improve your overall returns.

Stock & Share Trading Seminar @ ShareTradingEducation.com Understand how Jim trades with 'Weight-of-Evidence' to help put the odds in his favour - for both short term trading and longer term investing 

Stock & Share Trading Seminar @ ShareTradingEducation.com Hear first hand how Jim combines fundamental and technical analysis to manage his Self Managed Super retirement Fund (SMSF).

 DVD - Profitable Stock Trading & Investing Strategies @ ShareTradingEducation.com The ‘big picture’ yet still very simple entry/exit timing rules you can use for long term investing that outperform many fund managers' performance. 

Stock & Share Trading Seminar @ ShareTradingEducation.comLearn the details of the techniques Jim Berg uses to filter Experts' recommendations to create Watch lists to find WHICH stocks / shares to buy. 

Stock & Share Trading Seminar @ ShareTradingEducation.comHow  Jim Berg uses his world famous JB Volatility Indicators - to know PRECISELY WHEN TO BUY stocks/shares and, more importantly, exactly WHEN TO SELL.

Stock & Share Trading Seminar @ ShareTradingEducation.comand more on Jim Berg's common sense yet powerful stock & share trading and investing strategies. 


Stock & share market Expert Author / Trader/ Investor/ Educator Jim Berg says: 

" My trading is mechanical. I put a lot of thought into creating and testing my system. In the middle of a trade I don’t think about what I am doing, I react to price movements by following the rules." 

The principles and the profitable trading and investing strategies Jim Berg details here can be applied in most markets across the world.

You don’t have to go it alone.

This online video  'How to Trade & Invest in the Share Market' is YOUR opportunity to discover first hand  how Expert Trader and Investor Jim Berg:

1) Trades his own trading account using  daily charts AND how he

2) Manages his Self Managed Superannuation retirement Fund (SMSF) using weekly charts.

" Most of us don't crave wealth for wealth's sake, we only seek a comfortable lifestyle for us and our families"

".... Both my daughter and myself enjoyed, for me once again, listening to Jim articulate his professional style and expert knowledge of investing.

.... One thing that stands out regarding ShareTradingEducation is the projected honesty for educating people to be self sufficient in investing for their future through quality education.....

..... Jim is totally on the mark when he says that the average person hurts more than the likes of the Warren Buffetts of the world when we go through such a wealth destroying period of our lives.

Most of us don't crave wealth for wealth's sake, we only seek a comfortable lifestyle for us and our families, unencumbered by those who wish to maintain the master servant relationship, and it is this goal that I hope to achieve by learning from you Jim and your associates.


With thanks,

Craig Harris, Private Trader, Luddenham, March 2009

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DVD 'How to Trade & Invest in the Share Market'

DVD 'How to Trade & Invest in the Share Market'
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May you trade with Jim's 'Weight-of-Evidence'. 

Angela Atkinson

Founder, ShareTradingEducation.com

P.S. What are you waiting for? As Karen Lamb once said:" A year from now you may wish you had started today."

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