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 Learn How to Trade and Invest with Confidence
in the Stock & Share Market in 12 Weeks
 with Jim Berg's Profitable ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ Approach

Do you ever wonder why so many investors and traders struggle to:

1. Find WHICH stocks to Buy?  

2. Know WHEN to buy and, more importantly, 

3. When to SELL


The reason why they’re so frustrated is they do not have a structured Investing or Trading Plan in place for them to follow.  

Their results? Many end up buying high and selling low - instead of the other way round.

Others follow the stock market Myth " Buy and hold for the long term " ………so when markets fall they put their losing stocks in their ‘bottom drawer’ ……..and have to pray their shares will recover one day.

In comparison, Jim Berg closed his Report's portfolio in Jan. 2008. I.e. before the GFC and 'switched to ca$h' for 18 months, until June 2009.

In March 2020, global stock markets plummeted on news of the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19.

Again, Jim Berg had already closed his Signals Services in Feb. 2020 so he saved Members who followed his lead from the pain of huge losses in the  March 2020 crash too.

Hi Jim and the team at STE,

Your knowledge and ability to get us out at the appropriate times is uncanny.

Because of  your weekly 'hands-on' Investing & Online Trading Report I did go to cash with most of my money. So a huge thanks!

Going solo is a necessity to hone and develop ones skills, but staying within a community of like-minded professionals allows one to utilize their knowledge and enhance your learning to become a better trader and investor. 

Many thanks!

Adrian Tench,
Private Investor, Rivervale, WA , March 2020

" Many Clients Come to Us in Emotional and Financial Pain...."


Some of the big questions on our clients’ minds are:

  • “I'm confused - what do I do now?".....
  • "How do I handle today’s volatile market?"..... 
  • "What stocks to Buy and When?"

Many clients come to us in emotional and financial pain, hurting from their losses they’ve experienced previously by:

1. Trying to go it alone in the stock market  - or by

2. Following advisors who told them which shares to buy ……  yet did NOT tell them when to Sell…..


Jim Berg, ASX speaker, author of “Shares to Buy and When’, educator and private investor, has over 40 years stock market experience - 18 years as a professional advisor.

Jim’s famous JB Volatility Indicators are now on many charting programs, including MetaStock, one of the most popular in the world.

Since 2005, here at, Jim Berg has taught his proven ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ end-of-day and end-of week approach at his seminars & workshops and to Members of our ‘Investing & Online Trading’ Report and stock market Home Study Courses:

All decisions are made at end-of-day or end-of week when the market is closed --  so you can live your life without having to be in front of a trading screen all day 

  • Each stock must ‘tick all the boxes’ before Jim will enter a new position
  • Jim decides where he will exit BEFORE he enters any new position
  • From his 40 years experience, Jim has a “Rule for everything” – so he never has to wonder whether to Buy, Hold or Sell  - he just follows his Rules



 " Here's What You You're Going to Get in Your Special
 12 Week Master Class Stock & Share Market Package...."




Now is the perfect time for you to join Jim Berg's Master Class and learn how to confidently trade & invest  in 12 weeks - with Jim Berg's profitable  'Weight-of-Evidence' strategies and Expert help


 so you'll be ready to take advantage of  rising trend opportunities in the Australian, USA and other markets.


Here's what you get in your special 12 Week Master Class stock & share market package:


1.  Your access to Jim Berg’s 12 E-Classes:  One a week for the next 12 weeks (usually $808 ) so you can learn WHICH stocks to Buy, WHEN to Buy and more importantly,  when to SELL

2.  Latest 2 months archive of our mentoring-style  'Investing & Online Trading Report' ($100 value) so you can quickly get up to speed and review our most recent featured suggestions on how to handle today's market.

3. Next 3 months* of our weekly hands-on 'Investing & Online Trading Report' ( usually $150 ) including:

  • Jim Berg's, Daryl Guppy's and Dr Shane Oliver's latest views of the market
  • Our special 'Where to From Here?' segment on What to Buy and When, 
  • Jim's potential Alert Signals,
  • Our 'Game-Changer' Tutorial examples  for you to carry out and compare your results with Jim's analysis
  • How to use Jim Berg's proven 'Weight-of-Evidence' 
  • And much more

4.  Jim Berg's Stock Selection Tool and Game-Changer Templates (usually $398)        

5.  Guide: 'How to Write Your Own Trading Plan‘  (usually $198)     

6.  JB Premium Charts (including Jim’s world famous JB Volatility Indicators) and 6 months Premium Stock Market Data*  (usually $399)
 (NOTE Contact Us if this is not required)

7.  Video #1:  'Introduction to the Market & Jim Berg's approach' (usually $147 )

8.  Video #2:  'Money & Risk Management' (usually $147)

9. Video #3: ' An Evening with Jim Berg - How to Trade & Invest  (usually $125

10.  Email Support direct from Jim Berg and  his Co-Editor John Atkinson for 12 weeks (priceless)

That's a total value of well over $2,500*     

Your financial independence is at the heart of everything we teach, so feel free to Contact Us if you have any queries.

 Whether you’re 18 or 80,  a complete Beginner getting started - or a seasoned investor or trader looking to improve your skills and results - now is the perfect time.


This is NOT “dump a bunch of info on you and wish you all the best”. We have intentionally designed this learning experience for you - to help you shortcut the process.

When you apply the strategies we outline in the program, you’ll have more breathing room in your life, less stress and a lot more time for the people and things that matter.

If you’re ready to learn how to confidently trade and invest in 12 weeks with Jim Berg’s Expert Help, then simply click the 'Add to Cart' button below now to order your Masterclass package with your choice of 1 or 3 easy payments and $ave $1,500 + ( over 60%)                                    



* Please Note:

1.  At the end of your 12 week  MasterClass program,  your Membership to Jim Berg's hands-on mentoring-style 'Investing & Online Trading' weekly stock market Report will renew at $49.95/m. Importantly, there is no lock-in contract, so you can easily cancel at any time .

2.  ASX Stock Price Data is provided by default. If you prefer to have USA Data + US History Data instead, please add a note in your order template to request USA Data.


3.  Your data will not be automatically renewed, so our supplier will send you a courtesy email in 6 months' time to invite you to renew (currently $396 pa for your next 12 months Australian data).

MasterClass Package

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P.S Information on its own will NOT change your life

You can Google any topic you like and often find some fairly reliable information. To make a difference,

Implementation is the key. 

It's what YOU DO with what you learn which makes expert Jim Berg’s stock & share trading and investing education so VALUABLE.

Jim's focus is to help you implement and get it done....... step-by-step with his unique hands-on 'Weight-of-Evidence'  approach

so to start your journey with Jim Berg today, simply click the 'Add to Cart' button above now.



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