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Below are listed some of the more Frequently Asked Questions on our Education. However, if you have any other queries, feel free to Contact Us.

Nowhere else will you benefit from the unique, low cost, high value stock and share trading education you will access here.  Here are just 10 reasons why:

 1. In October 2007 Jim Berg was billed at the ATAA 'Pathways to Trading Excellence' Conference in Brisbane as one of  ".... 10 of the most respected Trading Professionals in the world".

2.  From over 40 years of trading experience (18 as a professional broker), Jim Berg has created his own unique JB Volatility Indicators (now in over 20 charting programs globally). 

3. Jim uses these Indicators and his 'Weight-of-Evidence' common sense approach to combine fundamental & technical analysis to filter out WHICH stocks to buy and WHEN, i.e. A Stock/Index/ETF must pass every Entry Rule before he buys. 

4. Jim has spent literally thousands of hours to back test and live test his unique JB Volatility Indicators and profitable Trading System - so you don't have to!  

5. Jim has ONE well tested Trading Plan...... he actually trades what he teaches ......and he publishes the results every week in our mentoring-style 'Investing & Online Trading' Newsletter.

6.  Jim Berg has NOT had 1 major loss in our newsletter portfolio since we started in 2005.

7.  Jim closed our Newsletter Portfolio in January 2008 before the GFC .... and AGAIN before the savage stock market falls in August & September 2011. Those Members who followed his lead did NOT lose Millions of dollars between them.

8. In contrast, as complete novices, John & Angela Atkinson  experienced first hand the cruelty of the market. They listened to a stock broker’s advice to hang on to falling stocks in the tech stock crash of 2000. They lost their Sydney Harbour waterfront home and were set back over 20 years financially as a resuIt.  With over 60 years of combined experience, Jim and John now provide their unique ‘good cop-bad cop’ mentoring-style education, so you’ll discover not only how to make money from Jim Berg, but also how to avoid the pitfalls of the stock market. 

9. Since 1996 Jim Berg has taught thousands of traders and investors like you how to successfully trade markets around the world - including USA, Australia, across Europe and Asia.

10. Low cost, High Value stock & share trading & investing education: Look closely at many other educators and here's what you'll find: 

A) Many will try to charge you in the order of $10,000 to $15,000 - we do NOT believe you need to pay anything like that!

B) Most will show you all sorts of indicators, patterns, time frames, & trading instruments -- to baffle you with science ... 

C) … BUT in the end most of them LEAVE IT TO YOU to sort out which ones to use - then you're left on your own to try & develop a trading system that actually works 

D) The reality is - you'll find very, very few other educators are prepared to put their head on the block and show you EXACTLY what they do .......... 

E) … And even fewer demonstrate a proven system 'live' week by week in a published portfolio - so you can see it working profitably, real time....... 

In contrast, here you’ll benefit from our low cost, high value education -  in our Investing and Online Trading’ stock market Report  and Jim and John’s other resources at this site. 

You will also gain access to all the exact Trading Rules Jim Berg has developed over 30 years and now uses for his own common sense stock Trading and Investing  Plan. 

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If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.

Jim Berg says: 

“ In a nutshell, here is my common sense approach: 

1) I invest in stocks when the market is rising and the stocks meet my entry rules....... and switch to cash when my exit conditions have been triggered - for example, from January 2008 to June 2009 and again in July 2011.

2) I put a lot of thought into creating and testing my System. My trading is mechanical and thoroughly back-tested - to ensure it works and is profitable. In the middle of a trade I don’t think about what I need to be doing. 

3) I react to price movements by simply following my proven & written-down Rules -- so I know:

o    How to filter WHICH Stocks to Buy &

o    When to BUY &

o    When to Hold .... & very importantly

o    Precisely WHEN to SELL. 

4) My short term trades often last a few days to a few weeks. My longer term trades (e.g. in my own SMSF Retirement Fund) typically last a few weeks to several months in a rising market. I switch to cash and do not invest when the market is falling. 

5) I monitor my short term trades after the market has closed using end-of-day charts. My longer term investments I manage using weekly charts once a week. 

This approach frees up my time. It will also allow you the freedom to live your life - without having to sit in front of a screen all day ...... 

As part of our mentoring-style newsletter each week, I detail exactly: 

i) How I analyse and filter a list of 5 stocks, as recommended by so-called 'experts', to determine which (if any) pass my own Trading/Investing Rules. 

ii) How I manage a notional portfolio 'real time'- to show you WHEN I Buy, Hold and Sell.” 

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You'll find the easiest way is to have someone take you, step by step, through a series of their trades. 

That way you'll learn their complete trading strategy, including their entry, stops, exits, risk management and why and how they act/react to price moves. 

There are hundreds of ways to trade the market, some much better than others. That’s why it’s important to: 

  1. Find yourself a successful mentor who is willing to show you exactly what they do
  2.  Make sure their approach suits your personality, lifestyle and circumstances
  3. Educate yourself thoroughly in their Trading System, Money and Risk Management, BEFORE you invest a single dollar into the stock or share market 
  4. Back-test their system thoroughly on historic charts then in real time to ensure you can trade profitably and safely on paper  - before you begin trading live 

To get started with us, we suggest: 

i)             First, become a Member of our low cost, high value mentoring-style 'Investing & Online Trading Newsletter'

ii)            If you like what you read and decide to follow Jim Berg’s common sense approach, then you will need a stock charting program which includes Jim’s world famous JB Volatility Indicators e.g. JB Premium Charts

iii)           If you want more education, then we suggest Jim Berg’s 'Trading Strategies' Home Study Course, available in 2 formats - for users of JB Premium Charts or  for MetaStock users.

iv)  If you want the complete package of JB Premium Charts & Data, Jim's Home Study Course, DVDs of Jim ‘live’ AND email support from Jim, check out Jim Berg's  Ultimate Step-by-Step JB Combo 

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.

Our current Members range from complete novices through to some very advanced traders and investors, with decades of experience. 

Our mentoring-style Newsletter will save you time, money and aggravation.

You learn in your own home at your own pace, with weekly real life examples to accelerate your learning and get you trading or investing at the level you've dreamed of ... much quicker than re-inventing the wheel yourself. You learn in your own home at your own pace, with weekly real life examples to accelerate your learning and get you trading or investing at the level you've dreamed of ... much quicker than re-inventing the wheel yourself.  

 Each week we include:

i) Jim’s latest JB Alerts Watch Lists of those Australian shares and USA stocks from the Nasdaq and S&P500 which have passed most of his Entry Rules – for Members to watch for potential Entry Signals

ii) Case Studies of how Jim analyses and filters his Watch Lists to determine which (if any) pass his own Trading/Investing Rules – then how he manages them from Entry to Exit.

iii) Latest Market View from Jim Berg, Daryl Guppy, Dr Shane Oliver ( AMP Head of Investment Strategy & Chief Economist)  and others.  

If there's anything you do not understand, simply email us your questions. Many of our  responses are also published in our 'Solving Your Trading Problems' section of the newsletter - for the benefit of all our Members. 

If you are looking for help on how to improve your skills to better handle today's volatile market,  Click Here

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If you have decided to follow Jim Berg’s common sense approach to trading and investing in the market, click on the following links: 

A) Complete Package: 

We suggest Jim Berg’s complete 'Ultimate Step-By-Step JB Combo' package which includes: 

o    Jim’s Home Study Course 'Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts'

o    DVDs of Jim ‘live’

o    JB Premium Charts, including Jim’s JB Volatility Indicators

o    12 months data and historical data for USA or ASX

o    Email support from Jim

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B)  For MetaStock Users

i)     Jim Berg’s Home Study Course ‘Trading Strategies for MetaStock’

ii)    MetaStock Made Simple

iii)   Also available  JB Premium Data 


C) For Users of JB Premium Charts & Other Charting Programs 

 which include Jim Berg's Volatility Indicators e.g. Amibroker, Bullcharts, IC Investor, Market Analyst, Stockdoctor etc. 

i) Jim Berg’s Home Study Course  'Trading Strategies for JB Premium Charts’ 

ii)  Also available  JB Premium Data 

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.



Jim Berg presents at various venues throughout the year, including the ASX, Traders and Investment Expos, AIA, ASA, Sunday Traders Club and the ATAA. 

If you would like Jim Berg to speak at your next event, please Contact Us with a brief outline. 

To order a video of one of Jim's Evening Seminars, Click Here 

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.

The following DVDs of Jim Berg and Catherine Taylor were recorded and edited by Alex Novotni, a recording professional who has filmed many high quality reports for TV and several large corporations: 

  • DVDs of Jim Berg’s weekend seminars are included as part of his 'Trading Strategies with JB Premium Charts/MetaStockHome Study Courses  

In addition, our DVD & Audio Section at this website also contains DVDs of internationally renowned Daryl Guppy.

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At this website we have:

1)    Posted a number of stock trading ebooks by John Atkinson, Jim Berg, Daryl Guppy and others Click Here

2)     Selected a range of books by various well known authors including Louise Bedford, Jim Berg, Nicholas Darvas, Dr Alexander Elder, Alan Hull, Daryl Guppy, Dr Brett Steenbarger, Christopher Tate, Frank Watkins, Dr Van Tharp and others in our online Book Store.

If you require any other books, please Contact Us.

At this website we suggest: 

i) John Atkinson's  DVD 'How to Manage Money & Risk in the Stock Market'

ii)  Money and Risk Management Tools:

o    John Atkinson’s Portfolio Planner and Trade Optimizer

o    JBL Risk Manager

iii)  2 Books:

To discover more Click Here

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.


At this website we have: 

i)             In our online Bookstore, books by Dr Brett Steenbarger, and Mark Douglas

ii)            Trading Coach Catherine Taylor’s series of Audio and Workbook packages

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.


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