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Listed below are listed some of the more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Jim Berg's new Trading and Investing Signals Services.

Please click on the questions below and the Signals Updates for more info and  if you have any other queries, feel free to Contact Us. 

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We  offer 5 sets of 'Done-For-You' *Signals Services  for the Australian share market - Jim Berg's: 

  • JB Trading Signals  and News-based Trading Signals for short to medium term trading 
  • JB Weekly Investing Signals for longer term investing, e.g. for existing Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

  • 'Super 10 ETF Portfolio' Signals for Medium and Long Term ETF Investing- click here for ETF Signals FAQ

Intraday Trading Signals are NOT provided.

These Signals Services are designed for both new and experienced investors as educational tools - to enable you to find and actively manage your potential ASX  trades / investments in your existing trading account / Super Fund / Retirement Fund and to minimise your losses. 

They are NOT ‘set and forget’ or buy / sell recommendations. 

These Signals are purely an extension of the education provided in Jim Berg's 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report, so they should also be supplemented with Money and Risk Management and other principles which you will learn from that Report.

(* This is not an automated Managed Discretionary Account Service. )

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 The main differences are shown in the following Table:


JB Stock Market

Trading Signals

       Jim Berg’s

       Investing Signals

Entry Signals updated (where applicable)



Stop Losses updated (where applicable)



Exit Signals updated (where applicable)



 * And daily if price closes below 'Emergency Stop'


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Not necessarily.  

The notional Portfolio in the 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report is purely educational to help subscribers learn Jim Berg’s trading strategy, step by step. The companies included are examples. There are often restrictions in that Report on what can be added, such as market cap, liquidity, ranges, industry groups, current profit (> 4%), funds available, etc. 

It was never intended to include every one of Jim’s signals in the Report every week, so the new Signals Services will expand on the Report's notional Portfolio, as each trader/investor could be starting at a different point in time.

As a result: 

1. Some Trading Signals may match those shown in the Notional Portfolio of the 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report 

2. Some may appear in the Report's Portfolio, but not in either of the Signals (due to, for example, liquidity reasons) 

3. Others may appear in the Signals but not in the Report's Portfolio (see above) 

4. Some may appear in the Trading Signals but not in the Weekly Investing Signals (because of fundamental analysis criteria).  

5. Others may appear in both the Trading Signals AND in the Weekly Investing Signals. 
(Those which do will have the same Entry conditions. Their subsequent Exit criteria will usually vary, as they will be ‘managed’ using daily and weekly charts respectively).




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Our aim is:

1. For the Medium Term Investing Signals

‘Cut losses short and let profits run’, primarily  using weekly charts and weekly Stops


2. For the Shorter Term Trading Signals:


To keep Stops tighter and to use some of Jim Berg’ other short term trading exit signals for the (using daily charts).


Therefore, this may result in some Weekly Investing Exit Signals being generated at a different price than the Trading Signals Exits.


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You do not need to have a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) to use the Weekly Investing Signals. These Signals will also be useful to teach  those investors aiming to ‘let profits run’ in a normal trading/investing account, e.g. for diversification in a separate Portfolio outside of Super.  

The upside of the Weekly Investing Signals is that shares in rising trends will be selected using Jim Berg's Technical Analysis criteria, then monitored using weekly charts and weekly exit signals (usually*), instead of taking short term trading profits. 
The downside of weekly charts is that one usually has to wait 2 weeks of closes below a weekly trailing stop before an exit is generated*. 
* Jim Berg will therefore also use an ‘Emergency’ Daily Stop in case markets crash so we recommend Members check the Exit Logs daily.

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This will depend on the market.

1) In strong bullish market conditions, we may issue say, 1 to 3 Entry Signals a night.

2) In weaker market conditions, there will be less Signals generated (e.g 0 to 3 Signals a week).
However, to quote veteran trader Max Lewis; “If there is nothing to buy, there is nothing to buy”. 

3) At other times eg. during periods of caution due to extremely volatile markets or bear markets we may decide:

a)  For any open positions:  To continue to monitor them until  individual Stops are triggered or to close ALL open positions

b) Not to  issue any new Entry Signals for weeks or months - in which case we will notify this on the Signals Sales pages.

c)  For Trading Signals Members' interest only: To continue to post a list of shares which we rejected - and why


Before joining as a new Signals Member, please ensure you CHECK the ‘CURRENT STATUS UPDATE’ - as shown at the top and bottom of the respective Signals web pages  - as to whether our FULL Signals Service of:

 1.   Adding new Entry Signals (as and when they occur), then

2.  Monitoring each one until it gives an Exit Signal (i.e. individually or by an overall market exit signal) --  is OPEN or CLOSED. 

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Both Signals Services  cover selected stocks from the Australian Market -  mainly from the ASX100 and ASX200 - with some shares from the ASX300, provided there is sufficient liquidity.  

We are aware that some more experienced traders use CFDs with Jim Berg’s strategies, but these are leveraged products which can result in leveraged losses (as well as profits), so we will reference only the physical shares.

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Individual open 'long' positions in the notional ‘sample’ portfolios will be closed.

Jim Berg may then switch to looking for suitable ETFs with the aim of making money in falling markets without the need for using leveraged products. 

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Ongoing updated tables of performance will be provided in the Signals Members Only areas and reported from time to time in our weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' Report. 

Please note that no representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. 

The past performance of this product is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. This service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance.  Results reflect absolute trading stop loss discipline. 



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 If you are happy with your current broker/trading platform then there is no requirement to switch. 

You simply need to choose the Signals Service (s) that you require i.e. Trading Signals, Investing Signals , Super 10 ETF Portfolio Signals or all combined.

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Your subscription period runs for a month at a time, with automatic monthly payments.

There is no lock-in contract, so you may cancel at any time.

To maintain your access: 

  • Please ensure available funds remain available on your card and that you keep your card details current at our secure server, through our website.  For more details refer to our FAQ on Using This Website.

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For commercial and copyright reasons, all brokers, advisors, media and any other entities involved in the financial industry will be strictly prohibited from using these Signals in any way, without prior approval from ShareTradingEducation.com Pty Ltd.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT a requirement for you to first become a Member of our 'Investing & Online Trading' Report in order to become a Member of  our Signals Service - though you will receive additional education if you later choose to join.

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