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Below are listed some of the more Frequently Asked Questions on how to use this Website. However, if you have any other queries, feel free to Contact Us.

Please note that the mobile phone version of our website is NOT a full version of our site, so to login as a Member, you need to switch through to the full version of the website first.

Therefore, when using a mobile phone, please:
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There are a number of key changes and improvements at this new website over our previous one, including the use of passwords, as follows: 
1. User accounts are only required when a user has a Membership to our $1 trial, subscription newsletter or 'MetaStock Made Simple' vodcasts. 
2. Free Club members are not issued with a password or required to log in. They access the free downloads emailed to them every week by following a link in the email; nothing more. No password, no username. 
3. The old system required that everyone had a password, whether they were paying or not. The new system doesn’t. Any Free Club member imported from the old system has a customer account, but new signups do not. 
4. The new system doesn’t require that people log in to make a purchase (except for memberships), which makes life much simpler for all. 
5. User Accounts are created at the time of purchase, automatically, if  required (see 1. above). This will generate a password for them, and send them an email with their login information.

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Please mail your cheque or money  order to: 
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Please also include your name, postal address, phone number, e-mail address, and details of the items you wish to purchase. Your order cannot be processed without this information.

To ensure you enclose all necessary information, we recommend you fill in an online order form (where applicable), print it out and send it with your payment.

If you have any queries, please Contact Us.

We don't have access to your Password. We're not able to look it up for you, only to reset it, so if you forget your password, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Forgot your password?" just above 'Contact Us' on the main menu
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  3. We'll send you instructions and a link to confirm your request - so check your inbox and spam filter.
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Later, if you prefer to change your automated Password to your own choice of Password, then:

  • Login and click  'Update My Details’ (in the top right of the website),
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Please note: Passwords at this site are case sensitive. This means that if your Password contains a mixture of Capitals and lower case characters, you will need to enter them in precisely the same format in order to login. 

If you still have a challenge after following this process, please Contact Us.

Our system allows you to edit your membership profile and keep your email and other details up-to-date. 

1) To Edit Your Contact Details

Log in to the website if you haven't done so already, then click "Edit My Details" just above "Contact Us" on the main menu. Make any changes you need to, then click "Save" to continue.

2) To Edit Your Credit Card Details

Our secure server will automatically debit your credit card for monthly newsletter subscriptions and product instalments, as applicable.

Our Secure Gateway Provider, eWay, stores your credit card (we don't have access to your credit card details directly).

To add a credit card for billing or update the card used:
i) Log in first at www.ShareTradingEducation.com
ii) Click "My Account" just below where you logged in, then 
iii) Follow the instructions at the bottom of your account summary page - under 'Add a new Billing Credit Card '.
iv) When done, please check that the radio button is ticked next to your new card

Thank you!


You may unsubscribe at any time and for any reason from the services we provide, as follows:

 a) Monthly Membership of the 'Investing & Online Trading' Report

  1. Log in to the website as normal
  2. Once logged in, click "My Account" at the top of the screen
  3. While viewing your account, select Report and click "Cancel membership".
  4. We will ask you a brief question and upon confirmation, your  future rebilling of your credit card will be cancelled. 
  5. If you joined after 31 Jan 2012, your access will remain until the end of your current billing period.

b) Signals Membership

  1. As above for the Report, except select the appropriate Signals Service(s) you wish to cancel


c) Ultimate $1 Trial of  the Newsletter

Click on the Unsubscribe Link at the top or bottom of any of our $1 Trial Emails. If you are subscribed to the Ultimate $1 Trial, a special prompt will appear at the top of the unsubscribe page - "Cancel my trial membership". Click this button, then we will ask you a brief question and your access will be cancelled immediately.

d) Free Traders Club and All Future Emails:

Click on the Unsubscribe Link at the top or bottom of any of our Emails. On the screen presented, choose which options you want to unsubscribe from.

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.




 i) Please login at the site in the top right at www.ShareTradingEducation.com

(remember to tick the Ts and Cs box)
ii) Click on ‘My Account’ which will appear just below where you logged in
iii) You will then be taken to your own Members page
iv) In the top section ‘Contact Details’ , click on the orange button titled ‘ View Invoices’
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