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Attention all new and experienced share market participants:

 “My Aim is for You to Become a Confident Stock Investor or Trader
in the Next 12 Weeks with my Profitable Strategies & User-friendly Mentoring Program ”


Hi, Jim Berg here,

Thank you for taking the next step! You’re now one step closer to
potentially being a profitable trader and / or investor…..

Why? Because I’m about to share a few of my secrets to help you get there - and fast.

What’s more, my aim is to help get you up to speed in the next 12 weeks so you can enjoy those successes soon, not some time in the fuzzy future.

I probably relate to your story…….

Everyone’s situation is different, but the results are usually the same ……..

You either :

  1. BUY too late – just before prices turn and head down ....
  2. Or you SELL too late ( or not at all?) ….and watch your small loss become a BIG LOSS ?

Be assured - you’re not alone.....

I’m going to show you how to get over this common problem.


"What if YOU could learn how to trade & invest with a set of proven steps?"

First I’ve got a quick question for you……

  • Have you ever wanted an alternative to the 9 to 5 grind…. so you can work from home?
  • Own your own business?


You know you want that lifestyle … the one everyone talks about …where you can wake up when you finish sleeping .....work from home in your casual gear…..and have the time every week to do what you want, when you want  and with whom you want? 


Or maybe you’re happy with your profession / job / business and your aim right now is to find a credible way to add some extra dollars to your bottom line - so you can treat yourself and family to some of the better things in life? 

A good friend of mine loves to take a few months off every year to travel the world. He says  " We're here for such a short time, so cover the earth before the earth covers you".....


Or are you fed up with your Fund Manager's performance and you’ve decided to take responsibility for your own money - so you can be in the driver's seat of your financial future?


Let me ask you - why hasn’t this happened for you yet?

Come on …. admit it 

This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for a proven way to trade or invest in the market ….. is it?

When is it your turn?


What if YOU could learn how to trade and invest safely and wisely in the market - with a set of proven steps - so you'd confidently know exactly:

  1. WHICH to stocks to buy?
  2. WHEN to Buy? 
  3. And, more importantly, when to SELL?

" .... when everyone starts out they don’t know what they’re doing.."

I started my early career as a School Teacher in the 70’s. I taught for a year in USA, 2 years in Australia, 2 years in Athens Greece and finally 3 years in Saudi Arabia.

On a school teacher’s income, we were ‘comfortable’, but there was never a lot left over at the end of the month for any extravagances.

So while we were in Saudi Arabia we started looking at different ways to make extra money ….. and that’s when trading came along.

Trading attracted me as a legitimate and practical way we could keep our jobs by day then, in our own time, break the time barrier and make extra dollars to help us kick some extra goals in life.

My first trade was silver bullion. Back in the 80’s there was a well-known wealthy family from Texas called the Hunt Brothers and one of them, Bunker Hunt, tried to corner the silver market – and he ran silver from around $1 to about $50…

I got involved in silver for a small amount and it was pretty exciting and a lot of fun as a complete novice.

The problem was I didn’t know what I was doing – and when everyone starts out they don’t know what they’re doing either. 


Jumping ahead over 20 years, I met John Atkinson and his wife Angela at one of my seminars and they revealed their horror story…...

As background, John was a Project Manager with a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering but had no stock market experience, so they trusted Angela’s total inheritance with a stock broker in what we now know as the dot.com boom days of 1999-2000.

On paper, the broker doubled it in 6 months using leveraged instruments (which we recommend our Members stay away from).

Then in February 2000,  John warned their broker they had read warnings of a potential crash and suggested they should liquidate everything …..

the broker said his Company’s analysts were saying everything was ‘okay’, there was NOT going to be a crash and convinced them to stay holding…. so not knowing any better they heeded his advice when prices started to fall ……..…… just 1 month later the dot.com bubble burst ….

John recalls:

‘I crawled out from under my desk, almost hitting my head as I grabbed the phone to my broker…..

“GET ME OUT OF THOSE #@%#>$@ TRADES!” I yelled.

“ The market’s dropped more today ..... You can’t sell now….….. Hold on - it’s only a loss if you sell it” he muttered…..

Confused, I asked him what on earth he was talking about? In my mind I was thinking a loss is a loss …….with no guarantees it will ever recover…

Time in the market is more important than timing. ” the broker responded.

I replied “ If you’re in a high rise elevator that’s headed down ….maybe all the way to the ground floor…  isn’t it better to get out at the next floor –…and get back into another one that’s headed up?”

Then he stunned me with “ Maybe sell anything that’s break even or above”

“What?” I think “ Now he wants me to sell my good trades and hang on to the losing ones ! “

The broker added “ Price have dropped so they’re better value now - why not buy more and lower your average price?”

Amazed, I explained even with my limited experience, I’d heard that averaging down is a loser’s game?…..If I followed his advice to buy more and prices continued to fall, I would be custom fitting concrete boots to make sure I  sunk to the bottom even faster…..

I was in a gut wrenching turmoil…… My broker was supposed to be my expert advisor - yet all I was getting when it really mattered most was the wrong advice!

That was the day I had my Rocky moment ….“I ain't goin' down no more!"

I repeated our SELL instructions from the month before and hung up the phone……..

It was then an incredible wave of panic come over all of me ……as I realized I now had to explain to my wife Angela that through my naïve (cowboy?) approach to the market - coupled with heeding completely WRONG ‘professional’ advice...........

....in just a few months we had just lost our Sydney Harbour waterfront home -- a dream of ours that had taken us over 25 years of really hard work and sacrifices along the way to achieve ….…. we were completely devastated…..emotionally as well as financially……………

Years later, we went searching for credible education we could trust to help us develop our skills - so we could take control of our own finances and never have to rely on anyone else again…. and that’s how we found Jim Berg.

I strongly remember Jim imparted a vital key for survival which jumped out at us …..and that is you must decide where you will get out of a trade if it goes against you -- BEFORE you get in!

Angela and I can now only begin to imagine the difference in our lives if we had met Jim, plugged into the education he provides and followed his lead earlier -  BEFORE we considered risking a single dollar in the market with that broker…..”. 

None of our Members need EVER have to experience this

Years later, John and Angela created this website, initially to warn traders and investors of the pitfalls in the market ...

I subsequently decided to team up with them to add my profitable strategies -  and we now work together to provide our Members with a unique 'good cop-bad cop' learning environment. 

From their experience in the 'school of hard knocks'  and what I have learnt over the last 30+ years in the market, the first thing we now teach our Members is:

1.  How to avoid the common mistakes many other traders and investors make in the market and 

2. How to manage your money & risk and minimise your losses

so that none of our Members need EVER have to experience a fraction of what John and Angela went through…..


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"And that’s where I had my big “Ah-ha” moment"

Returning to my own story – which, thankfully, was a far more rewarding and pleasurable experience in my early days…….

Trading absolutely fascinated me so later I switched careers, got into a broking firm and became a professional Advisor for the next 18 years.

During that time I watched and paid attention to people who were successful.

And that’s where I had my big “Ah-ha” moment.

It was obvious they had a Trading Plan and I realised if you’re going to be successful you need to have a Trading Plan.

It made sense to me.

I just had no idea how to get one – and my new colleagues were certainly not rushing to show me their secrets either!

That’s where I needed to make a change. I needed to create my own Trading Plan.

First, I started looking at charts…charts …. and more charts… literally thousands of charts…..

The trouble was the charting program I used had about 100 indicators on it at that time – well I started going through every single indicator and put them on a chart - one at a time - to work out what it would do and what it would help me with……… it took me MONTHS!

  • First I tried this indicator…..  That didn’t work at all……
  • Then I tried that indicator….. and it was a little better
  • Day after day, week after week till ‘analysis paralysis’ began to set in ….

Then, months later, I finally tried:

  1. Removing ALL but 2 of the other usual indicators and

  2. ADDING the first version of my own JB Volatility Indicators,

          and guess what?


 This time it worked…..  

"You DON'T have to wear the pain...."

 # The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. Please seek  independent financial advice before you decide if this is appropriate for you.


And that’s when I realized it wasn’t my fault!

It’s because the cards were stacked against me right from the start. As independent traders and investors we are very small fish in a big sea of money that’s moving around the world every day.

I realized if I followed everyone else then I was just a sheep – and sheep get slaughtered…… so no wonder I was struggling!

For years they’d been telling me:

  1.  ” Any time frame less than 5 years is speculating / gambling  and  
  2. Time in the Market is more important than timing”

And when I figured out it wasn’t true, I was finally able to break out of their chains and get the results I deserved.

The real problem is the advice given by so many Financial Planners, analysts and brokers I came across.  

They were the ones keeping me from moving forward with their myths – like - “Buy and Hold for the Long Term” …and telling their clients to “Wear the pain” when markets go down.

I don’t believe that – in fact I’ll tell you right now:

You DON’T have to wear the pain!

There are bear markets which average about one every 5 or 6 years – and we don't want to be caught in a bear market.  

“ If you get out now, where are you going to get back in?"

 A lot of Fund Managers can’t get out – they don’t have the same versatility we do as private traders or investors. 

Financial Advisors can be a problem because most don’t understand technical analysis.

That’s why so many tell their clients; 
“ If you get out now, where are you going to get back in?

I now combine fundamental criteria and technical criteria to help me choose WHICH shares to buy and WHEN – then use charts to tell me when to get out AND when to get back in......

I don’t predict what the price will do.

I work on the balance of probability so we can time the market a little better than most – or we should be able to.

When the market is going down and there is an Exit Signal, we want to GET OUT as we won’t want to be in the market anymore. 

At such times, we want to lock away and protect our capital and profits rather than hold on to losing shares in a falling trend – and watch our wealth wilt away. ....

"Many of those 'Buy & Hold' investors ........ couldn't afford to retire..."

 # The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. Please seek  independent financial advice before you decide if this is appropriate for you.


For example, in December 2007 I warned our Members of the potential for a bear market or crash, then closed our notional portfolios in early January 2008 - ahead of what became the Global Financial Crisis.

I then kept those portfolios closed until the market gave a re-entry signal in June 2009. Those Members who followed my lead did NOT lose millions of dollars between them.

In comparison, over those 18 months, many markets, Funds and individuals’ portfolios around the world fell over 50%. 

The cruelty of the market is that when a portfolio or stock falls 50%, it needs 100% (NOT 50%) to recover. 

That's why many of those ‘Buy and Hold’ investors - who held on to their stocks through the GFC - couldn’t afford to retire...... 

They were forced to keep working way beyond the dates they planned, while they desperately tried to rebuild their wealth.... 

FLAG THIS very important difference

While markets fall I keep my funds protected in CA$H.

I then wait patiently for the market to give me a confirmed re-entry signal into the next rising trend.

At that time: 

1.    ’Buy and Hold’ investors have to try to claw back their losses using LESS capital than they originally had, whereas 

2.    Those Members who follow my lead to lock away and protect their money earlier can take advantage of the next rising trend to ADD to their larger capital bases 

Do the math yourself.

Compare the likely outcomes between my ‘Switch to Ca$h’ model when markets start to roll over vs. a ‘Buy and Hold’ investor who holds on their stocks as they go down…-

Now imagine repeating that over a few bear markets …

Who do YOU think will be in front overall in the end – and probably by a long way?

That’s why today, with such a large potential difference in overall results at stake, some Members choose to follow me simply to get my ‘Big Picture’ view of the market  - i.e. whether to be in the market or in CA$H……. 


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" They tell you to buy ‘Value’ ........... we don't want to do that..."

We all need to have a Plan.

We need to trade with the wind. We need to identify the trend because

 “ Trends, like sail boats in a strong wind, are easier to ride in the direction they’re going.”


I want to do trade and invest in stocks the Experts do but I only want to do it when the market is RISING because most ‘Experts’ are mainly Fundamental Analysts.

They tell you to buy ‘Value’ but value usually means the stock is going DOWN in value and that’s when they buy – so they’re often buying in a falling market.

We don’t want to do that.

We want to wait till the trend is RISING....

That means we need to check the stock is in a rising trend BEFORE we get in.


That’s why, as a Member of our weekly Report, another of the first steps you will learn are 3 specific criteria I developed - as part of my ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ Trading Plan - to check if a stock is in a falling trend or a rising trend?

Each week I put 2 ‘Experts Picks’ in my mentoring-style Report that the ‘Experts’ recommend to buy.

Members use our user-friendly ‘Stock Selection Tool’ to analyse the trends – then compare their results with mine the following week.

The Experts may give a long spiel as to why they’re such good shares to buy, yet all you’ve got to do is look at a weekly chart and you can see that many are in a downtrend – so we don’t want them.

So tattoo this to your eyelids: We want to wait till we have a RISING trend - see below... 

".... that’s when I started to get traction really FAST…. "

The last ‘real’ job I had was with a large broking Company and everyday across my desk came a lot of fundamental information.

There were 65 brokers at that time and 64 of them followed fundamental analysis only- they never looked at a chart....

Originally I grabbed the fundamental information and threw it in the bin!

Then one day I had a ‘light bulb moment’ and started to think....

Well, the people who are putting out that fundamental information were reasonably smart” and I figured “ If fundamentals could tie in with technical analysis then I might have something….”

It made total sense to me.


Once I realized I needed to come up with my own trading and investing system -  that’s when I started to get traction really FAST…. 

Here’s what happened next ......

After months and months of  back-testing the market I decided to:

  1. Only trade or invest in RISING TRENDS - so that made sure I didnt get caught in any falling trends

  2. Combine Fundamentals AND Technicals -  
    to help me choose WHICH stocks to buy, then...

  3. Use my own JB Volatility Indicators to help me decide exactly WHEN to buy AND, more importanly, when to SELL

Now I was really on to something!

From there I developed a set of structured 'Rules' to filter WHICH stocks to buy and to time PRECISELY when to enter and exit a position in the market.

then tested those Rules over and over - historically then 'live' in real time (and continue to test today)

I'd cracked the code ... ....it all came together ....... I had finally developed my own 'Weight-of-Evidence' Trading and Investing Plan!

With that Plan I could now take any stock or share - from any market around the world  - and  test if it ticks all my boxes...... before I even consider buying it. ..

If the stock doesn't tick ANY of my 'Weight-of-Evidence' Rules, I drop it and quickly move on to the next one on my Watch List - till I find one that passes ALL my Rules. 

"...... I NEVER get out of bed and stress what must I do that day..."


We’ve been writing about how I trade and invest in our mentoring-style weekly Report since 2005.

That means over the past 12 years we’ve looked at literally hundreds of potential and notional USA and Australian trades in the Report - as well as more in my Signals Services .

So if I get an idea and want to change something, I can go back over all those trades and see if it makes a difference …….and test if it works better or didn’t work as well.

One of the things I’ve found over those 12 years is that if I combine fundamentals and technicals –even in short term trading – then the results are often better.


That’s how I created my ‘Weight-of-Evidence’. It means a whole lot of things have to line up before I take a position. No single indicator is more important than the other. 

To have ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ basically means I have these 3 things in my favour:

1.    A Rising Trend : I’m going to trade shares that are going up in value – NOT down 

2.    An Alert Signal: Very importantly it’s an ALERT only. I then wait for 

3.    My JB Volatility Blue Bar Entry signal


Also, after sitting in front of a screen for 18 years as a professional broker, the last thing I needed was to be glued to a screen all day at home too.....

That’s why my strategies are deliberately designed for people with 'real jobs' or lives to lead elsewhere during the day, so you can make all your decisions when the market is closed. 


Since I created my ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ approach I NEVER get out of bed and stress over what should I do that day in the market? 

It’s all black and white (red and blue actually) so it now takes me only a few minutes each night - when the market is closed - to decide do I have an Entry or Exit signal or not by my Rules? 

If not, the next day I do nothing and go off to enjoy my life with my wife Liz, our family and friends .

" The easiest way to learn HOW to trade & invest"

No doubt you can see I created my JB Volatility Indicators and 'Weight-of-Evidence' trading and investing system the HARD WAY – it took me countless months of time consuming trial and error - and frustration

After that I continued to regularly review, fine-tune, then test and measure the ‘tweaks’ for many years after.

In comparison, the easiest way to learn HOW to trade & invest and to create your own Trading & Investing Plan is to get it from someone else.

Find a mentor. Find someone who you trust. Find someone whose strategy they’re using you think makes common sense ……. then you borrow (or steal!) theirs….

What you end up with are all the important points – their ‘Rules’.

For instance, take a look at what my JB Volatility Indicators and common sense ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ system have done for others: 

"With no doubt at all I would have lost a lot of money if I wasn't following your system"

"The reason I am now expressing my thanks is because with no doubt at all I would have lost a lot of money if I wasn't following your system.

Without your Stock Market Report & your team helping as a mentor we may have lost more than 50% of our capital in less than 3 months, instead of earning interest on cash.

Once again Jim, John and all the team; thank you so much for sharing your education at so little cost."

Troy Stone, private trader, Portland, August 2011
"...some spectacular failures on my own by NOT using Jim's system."

 "I would just like to say that Jim's "Weight Of Evidence" trading strategy is brilliant and I don't know why I haven't pursued this in the past (I was a former member). I guess I just wanted to do it my way.

I have had some good successes and also some spectacular failures on my own by NOT using Jim's system. I am still standing, however and propose to trade with Jim's "Weight Of Evidence"  for quite some time to come.

Apart from knowing precisely when to enter and exit a trade another very important factor for me is knowing when not to enter a trade. I have for far too long been chasing trades near the top of a trading range and suffered from poor results as a consequence.

Jim's "Weight Of Evidence" perfectly suits my style and it is very robust yet very simple."

Alex Africh, private trader, Sydney, NSW, February 2014
"I HALF followed Jim Berg's advice ...thus saving me the loss of most of my capital "

" I've recently come back to Jim and John's Report, after a long absence. I do thank them for Jim's warning regarding the potential for a market crash in late 2007/ early 2008.
I HALF followed Jim Berg's advice and liquidated the shares in my portfolio that were purchased with borrowed money, thus saving me the loss of most of my capital.....
... but not saving me the anguish of watching the rest of my savings deplete day by day - to an open loss of about 40% overall at the lowest point, about 8 years ago.
I wish I would have followed Jim Berg's advice TOTALLY as only now has my portfolio returned to profit.
Steve A. Private Trader, Sydney, July 2017

" ... my Indicators and strategies can be used across stock markets worldwide."

In the early 2000’s the USA magazine ‘Stocks and Commodities’ published an article on my unique ‘JB Volatility Indicators’.

Since then about 20 Companies have added my Indicators into their charting programs – including Amibroker, Bullcharts, MarketAnalyst, Stock Doctor and more recently Metastockone of the most popular charting programs in the world.

Many beginner and experienced traders and investors started asking me about my Indicators and how they could use them too?

To help them with user-friendly step-by-step education, John and I teamed up in July 2005 to launch our weekly mentoring-style ‘Investing and Online Trading' stock market Report. 

With over 55 years combined experience between us, our Members now enjoy our unique ‘good cop – bad cop’ format as we help them to:

  1.  First, learn how to AVOID the PITFALLS of the market and to manage their money & risk 
  2. Next, to learn HOW to TRADE and INVEST safely and wisely - using my proven JB Volatility Indicators and ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ profitable strategies

The principles on how to use charts apply regardless of the market, so my Indicators and strategies can be used across stock markets worldwide.

That's why our Members come from USA & South America to Europe, on to Asia and through to Australia and New Zealand.

We show examples of Australian shares and USA stocks In our mentoring-style Report each week -  you’ll find there’s nothing held back.

The education we provide took me years to develop and thoroughly test - as well as thousands of dollars along the way. But it was totally worth the effort.

What used to take me countless hours – our Trading Members can now do in a few minutes a night or – for our Investing Members, over their breakfast on a Sunday morning.


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" ....real life examples so you'll learn step-by-step how to...."

# The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. Please seek  independent financial advice before you decide if this is appropriate for you.


Each week, in our mentoring-style Report you'll receive 'real life' current and recent examples from Australia and USA to help you learn step-by-step how to: 

  1. Filter stocks to find only the ones in rising trends – so you can eliminate ‘experts picks’ in falling trends and know WHICH stocks & shares to buy
  2. Learn how to use my ‘Weight of Evidence’ approach and JB Volatility Entry Signal - so you can time precisely WHEN to buy
  3.  And, more importantly, learn how to use my other JB Volatility Indicators - so you can time exactly when to SELL
  4. AND use my latest watch lists for the USA and Australian markets  – so you can concentrate on those and save your time 


But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying:

"...an invaluable tool..."

" Many thanks, your weekly ' Investing & Online Trading'  Stock Market Report has been a great influence on and an invaluable tool in the development of my trading system and style, something I now wish I had done when I first discovered your work back in 2006.

Nice to have a bit of integrity in an industry renowned for the opposite."

H Gregson, Private Trader, Sydney NSW. July 2015
"...continues to give me consistently profitable trading results"

I have been a subscriber to the 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report  for a long time and truly believe the Berg method is one of the best around.

It is a rule based method, with the philosophy to restrict losses and let profits run, which continues to give me consistently profitable trading results.

The report is an excellent publication and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the share market, especially newcomers.” 

Bill Langford, Private Trader,Kenmore, QLD Feb 2017

The past performance of ShareTradingEducation.com ("STE") products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE's service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance. Please seek  independent financial advice before you decide if this is appropriate for you. Refer also to the full Customer Caution Notice in our Terms and Conditions 

"...some of the things you'll experience..."


Before you get started, let me ask you a question…. 

Would you like to get access to my own Trading & Investing Plan and my latest Watch Lists every week? 

For far less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can get access to everything inside our Members Only Library. 

Now while it would be impossible to show you ALL the benefits of being a Member, I want to show you some of the things you’ll experience as soon as you’re on the inside: 

  1.  Latest updates on my ‘View of the Market’ – including when I consider being in the market …..or in Ca$h …..those Members who followed my lead in the GFC considered this to be priceless information alone….
  2. My hands-on 'Learn by doing" exercises for you to carry out ‘on paper’, then compare your results with mine the following week
  3. Step-by-step details on how to use my unique JB Volatility Indicators – to save you from getting ‘analysis paralysis’ from trying all the other indicators out there
  4.  My ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ Rules to help you create your own Trading and Investing Plan – so you won’t have to waste countless years and dollars trying to reinvent the wheel yourself
  5.  My latest ‘JB Alert’ Watch lists which I have filtered out from the USA stock and Australian share markets.

    These useful lists contain the latest stocks & shares which pass MOST of my rules –  so you can save your time and track their progress in the coming week and watch for a confirmed FINAL Entry Signal.
  6. Sample notional portfolios for the Australian share and USA stock markets when in rising trends – for you to watch & learn more on how I select and manage a trade from start to finish. 

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" My one aim is that in the next 12 weeks you will ......"

I want to protect your interests at a different level. 

I know how hard you work to make a dollar. I know how important it is that you don't lose it.

I know how critical your trading capital and retirement funds are to you. 

That's why your financial independence is at the heart of everything we teach in our weekly 'Investing & Online Trading' mentoring-style Report. 


No matter whether you are a: 

  1.  Complete beginner - looking for reliable steps on how to get started safely and wisely…… or an
  2. Experienced trader or investor - looking for a way to improve your performance……..


My one aim is that in the next 12 weeks you will receive all the education you need to learn HOW to choose WHICH shares to buy, WHEN to Buy and when to SELL –  with confidence.

" For those who are joining....."


For those who are joining,  this is what’s going to happen next….

After you enter your details, you’ll be taken to a secure ‘Members Library’ - where you can download:

  1. This week’s latest report
  2. My latest Watch  Lists for USA and Australia and
  3. Your Bonus ‘Welcome Package'

    to help you get started, even it’s 2:00 am!

Are you wondering “Shall I sign up?” 

If so,  ask yourself; 

 “ Where else am I going to find a Mentor who has profitable strategies that really work – and is prepared to show me what he does ... for only $50 a month?” 

You see we’ll continue to publish the Report to help our Members improve their trading and investing … whether you join or not. 

However, without our help, you’ll ALWAYS be working harder than you really need to. 

I know it sounds kind of harsh, but I think you’ll agree that it’s true, isn’t it? 


As a Member of our weekly mentoring-style ‘Investing & Online Trading’ Report
I’ll guide you in detail every step of the way. 

Like hundreds and hundreds of others I have taught, you can enjoy an accelerated path to trading and investing with my proven JB Volatility Indicators and my profitable ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ strategies. 

Remember, when you join below today, your membership also includes instant access to your Bonus Welcome Package ($396 value): 

  1.  Trading Plan Guide (usually $198 alone)

    AND your

  2. Stock Selection Tool (also $198 on this website)


When you postpone or procrastinate, those habits take away your power as a person and as an effective entrepreneur. 

The way to sustain an ever-increasing growth curve is to treat each day like it matters. 

That’s why H. Jackson Brown, Jr. wrote “ You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life.”

So let’s team up together today with me as your Mentor to help you become a profitable trader and investor. 

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" ....you’ll also instantly receive this Bonus Welcome package..."


Plus, to really help kick start your growth, join us today and you’ll also instantly receive this Bonus Welcome package ($396 value):

Your Bonus #1:  'How to Write Your Own Trading Plan' Guide (usually $198)

This comprehensive Guide:

1.    Sets out the Rules on how I trade and invest in the market and 

2.    Also includes a template of 50 questions - to help you create your own Plan to suit your lifestyle, personality and circumstances


Your Bonus #2:  Your  'Stock Selection Tool' (also $198 on this website). 

This handy tool will help you quickly apply my 'Weight-of-Evidence' rules to filter  'Experts Picks' - and any other lists - of recommended stocks  - so you can  discover which ones (if any) pass all my Rules.


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Since we first started my annual weekend Workshops on the Gold Coast in 2006 we’ve received overwhelming rave reviews every year about the quality and value of the content we deliver. 

In fact many attendees have returned year after year (I think the record is 7 times!) Some have even brought back their family and friends with them too ….. 

At these ‘live’ Workshops, it takes us 2.5 days to get across all this information …… and the investment - excluding travel and hotel expenses - is usually over $2,500 …. 

As a Member of our weekly ‘Investing & Online Trading Report’ you don’t have to travel across the country or the world to attend

…… and you WON'T have to try to get up to speed & absorb it all in 2.5 days ...... or risk being left alone to sink or swim afterwards……..

as you will: 

  1. Receive my Trading & Investing Plan and other tools as soon as you join
  2. For the next 12 weeks, be progressively ‘drip fed ‘ every week with the education you need to trade and invest   - all in the comfort of your own home, then
  3. Have the ongoing benefit of being able to look over my shoulder each week - so you can continue to build your knowledge, understanding and skills in the current market
  4. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you’ll also be able to email us your queries.

    (BTW: We also publish some of these Q&A in the “Solving Your Trading Problems’ in our Report - for the added benefit of our Members). 

Your iron clad "No nonsense Guarantee" from me

The total value of all the education you will receive is over $2,500 as I mentioned above. 

Let’s set aside the aspiration you may have of being able to pull it off  later so you can trade from home, “buy back your time” and live the life of your dreams ……. 

Let's think today, here and now ....and: 

  1. If all this did was give you the ability to minimise your losses and supplement what you earn right now, would it be worth it?
  2. If all this did was give you the peace of mind and confidence to be able to make your own financial decisions.... would it be worth it?


I’m not going to charge you $2,500.

You can join us as a Member of our weekly mentoring-style Report for only $49.95 a month.

As I promised, that's much less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee .......

Obviously I trust you will stay with me and benefit greatly from the knowledge and skills you will gain. 

However, if, for any reason, you decide our Report is not for you, I’m also going to give you my personal iron clad Jim Berg’s No Nonsense Guarantee : 

  1. Simply email me within your first 30 days and I’ll refund your 1st month’s subscription 
  2. There’s no lock-in contract, so you can simply cancel at any time.

And you can keep your Bonus Welcome package (worth a genuine $396) as my way of saying “Thank you”. 


But you must act now because moving forward toward your vision in progressively improving increments will take you much further than waiting for the perfect moment to start trying. 

As Mark Twain wrote ” Progressive improvement beats delayed perfection”. 

Just imagine what life will be like when you have developed the skills and mastered how to trade and invest….. 

Seriously, imagine - what would it mean to you? 

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Jim Berg's Report: 2 months for the price of 1

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Jim Berg's unique mentoring-style 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market Report: 

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comIs for beginners, through to experienced traders and investors in Australia, USA and other stock & share markets 

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comAims to help you become a better trader and investor in the next 12 weeks - with Jim Berg's expert hands on unique 'learn-by-doing' education

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comIs published online weekly, with 


Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comMonthly membership subscription of only AU$49.95 / month   

Investing and Online Trading Stock Market Newsletter @ ShareTradingEducation.comNo lock-in contract, so you can easily cancel online at any time if it's not for you


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Implementation is the key. 

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Jim's focus is to help you implement and get it done....... step-by-step with his unique hands-on 'Weight-of-Evidence'  approach

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